Furkies Purrkies: Anthology of Inspirational Rhyme

Just another dang old Audio Book about wisdom and growing up.

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Of Computer Servers And Potatoes
#942: Of Computer Servers And Potatoes
Created Wednesday, September 28th 2022, 9:33:07 pm

I uploaded 5 gigabytes, of which 4.5 were supposed to be already there. The 50GB disk, ran out of space. I didn't try to seriously delete, what maybe over 100,000 little files. I just canceled the hosting, and re-created it. In the process losing my already, hokey coupon. I also got an automatic $30 refund, so I am good for 3 months of hosting here. But, the software, is awful. I'll host with someone else, and just use a bare bone Linux. Debian, my Raspberry PI uses Debain too. I just uploaded a tar...

On Windows Into Computer Programs
#941: On Windows Into Computer Programs
Created Tuesday, September 27th 2022, 6:04:33 pm

I spent the afternoon writing a tiny HTTP server, that can route requests from multiple domain names pointed at it. It is just 25 lines of code, and maybe another 50 in reusable functions. It has good code readability, but not because I took extra time to clean it, which I did. But because it is a program, that just does one thing well. This is often quoted, as the UNIX way. It is a strange thing to talk about, and a strange revelation. But large programs simply cannot be readable, unless they are built...

Choose The Right Music For Your Workout
#940: Choose The Right Music For Your Workout
Created Monday, September 26th 2022, 11:22:21 pm

A workout is a battle, where you are not supposed to fight anything, there no time here to flex into some meditative state. You get on the floor, dumbbells in hand, your feet already hurt from the workout a day before. If it is October, and you are feeling like trouble, you already got your tail on for Halloween. And the only thing you can add... the only thing there is time left for. If pushing the play button, on your current playlist. Your feet should be already off the ground, before the intro...

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Reimagining Socrates
#939: Reimagining Socrates
Created Sunday, September 25th 2022, 10:12:05 pm

Enhanced cognition is not a promise of a microchip, as you can’t make an untrained brain better, by adding even more empty space. Just like we won’t become more useful or fetching, with an extra arm or two. We won’t become smarter, if we add more brain. In fact we have plenty of room, close your eyes and try to navigate the walls of your apartment. So as long as it is connected, you’ll recall all the meaningful details. If you added pencil drawing to recalling details of those walls, you’d even refine...

Growing Up In Safety Of Wisdom
#938: Growing Up In Safety Of Wisdom
Created Saturday, September 24th 2022, 11:00:18 pm

It is not true that wisdom can only come with age, or that living life is the most powerful source. Wisdom, is the very thing that thinkers, aim to transport or deliver in books. A paper book is like a hard drive, paper is used for storage of information. Reading a book is not the best way, and for many it is difficult. The best way to get at the wisdom in a book, is to hear it, as it is voiced by the author. When we combine the wisdom in books, with authors that record it. We end up with a near...

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The Shiny People
#937: The Shiny People
Created Friday, September 23rd 2022, 11:13:11 pm

Everybody seems to always write about them, and they have many names, legends, songs. They live life in such a way, that each new day adds to the coherent whole they already lived. That means each day makes them more, as they are traveling through life of wisdom. Were wisdom, can only beget more wisdom, and they are proper adults, and perfectly Human. Jane Loevinger in her stages of ego development, describes people who can improve themselves, mend their shortcomings. In the quest for self...

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The Easy Peasy Workout; Or, Workout Advice For The Rest Of Us
#936: The Easy Peasy Workout; Or, Workout Advice For The Rest Of Us
Created Thursday, September 22nd 2022, 11:13:28 pm

Please know that if you are heavy, that means you have a lot of muscle. It means you have been wearing a weight west, all the bodybuilders start out this way. But know that obesity is dangerous, if you don’t see a doctor often, get a blood pressure measuring machine, and begin tracking your return to health. Before you jog, learn to slowly do a walking-dance-like workout, where you go few steps back and forth with light dumbbells in your hand. This will get your body used to movement, and break in your...

How To Become A Trainer
#935: How To Become A Trainer
Created Wednesday, September 21st 2022, 11:08:16 pm

To give you all you need to know in the first paragraph, stick cheap LCD interval timer on your customer(s). There are interval timer applications for phones, but the simpler the better, let the phone play music. Always remind them, to keep increasing their activity period, and shortening their rest, until they don’t have to rest anymore. For bigger muscles, slowly increase dumbbell weight, for more fat burning find faster songs to work out to, and remind them to hit every beat. Set the concepts of...

Easy Peasy Muscle; Or, How To Get Your Beefcupcake On
#934: Easy Peasy Muscle; Or, How To Get Your Beefcupcake On
Created Tuesday, September 20th 2022, 11:18:07 pm

Exercise is easy and there are things that we can learn on our own, for example jogging will give a person larger leg muscles. In a way all the world’s joggers are running a massive experiment for you, results of which you can see with our own eyes. Rather than listening to a trainer that says, oh lift this way, that will quickly fill up your shoulder muscles. Who may have no idea what he is talking about, or how long it would take, and how long the exercise must last. Listen or look at athletes, that...

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A Brand New Intergalactic Cruiser At The Spacedock For Each And Every Adventure
#933: A Brand New Intergalactic Cruiser At The Spacedock For Each And Every Adventure
Created Monday, September 19th 2022, 11:11:25 pm

I am nearing the completion of my latest program, it generates a simple website based on folders with text files. I had a lot of fun writing it, there are many little programming gems that can make code fascinating. They are all too strange to describe, but they are like little creatures, each from a different galaxy. They are called libraries, and when you plug them into your program, you inherit the functionality within. There is also this cute little programming style, where you just write everything...

The Students Know
#932: The Students Know
Created Sunday, September 18th 2022, 10:50:28 pm

In computer programming we get shame-free instant feedback, whatever is not understood, will soon reveal it self, and guide the student. This is a form of testing, but more than that it is instant feedback, without shame. Unlike tests there are no threats of being held back here, of needing to repeat the class, or being punished in some other way. Teachers often say that tests and grades are a form of motivation, and that does make sense in ineffective or fake schools. Ineffective education is...

What The Doodle Is A Tutorial Anyway?
#931: What The Doodle Is A Tutorial Anyway?
Created Saturday, September 17th 2022, 10:34:49 pm

A tutorial is long step by step adventure, that explains a valuable talent, process, and technique. It can be said that a tutorial, is the finest personal learning experience. On the high end, of the spectrum... When you refine a tutorial, what you get is a series of 12 steps. That go by the nam e of: lectures, so a tutorial taken to a proper maximum. Makes a real Professor, and the resulting lectures, extremely valuable. The college mimicry, is precisely as old as fraud. Once you convert lectures, to...

Helpful Diagrams
#930: Helpful Diagrams
Created Friday, September 16th 2022, 10:57:49 pm

I’ve been diagramming since 6th grade, my first real program diagram was about a lottery simulation. The bullies saw me pacing up and down the corridor, and laughed when I got a low graded. (For being accused of cheating, ...of copying my program from elsewhere.) But, I navigated the heck out of that thing, I later bought a Simon's BASIC book with my little savings. Diagrams, ere my entry into the world of programming, My next round of Programmatic Modeling, by means of Geometry Nodes in the Free and...

Web Design Is Super Fine
#929: Web Design Is Super Fine
Created Thursday, September 15th 2022, 10:33:26 pm

I’ve been making web pages, for ages. I have learned so much, just by creating buttons and such. I just started a looking at code, and I learned a boat load. Learning was never too bad, and I even just used notepad. At first I learned HTML and ASP, but then Perl worked hard on the server for me. It was a beautiful adventure in code as I jumped to PHP, ActionScript, Java, and now node. It was all so fascinating, that I never stopped creating. If you make programming your aim, know that it is like a fun...

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Art Of Knowledge; Or, School Assesses Your Memorization Because It Cannot Create Comprehension
#928: Art Of Knowledge; Or, School Assesses Your Memorization Because It Cannot Create Comprehension
Created Wednesday, September 14th 2022, 1:43:09 pm

Comprehension requires correct materials, which is to say materials structured around easy on-ramps. We are not mechanical robots, we are poets and dreamers, we need captivating access to a subject. Learning for real requires individualized instruction, which is respectful of sequence that agrees with the student. And moves at the correct pace that isn't overwhelming, at a pace that the student is comfortable with. Teaching and Learning both belong to the same form of art, it is the Art Of Knowledge. Up...

To Learn For Real
#927: To Learn For Real
Created Tuesday, September 13th 2022, 10:19:26 pm

Your interests, curiosities and talents, are the core of self education. Whatever interests you, will keep getting more interesting. As all the little pieces are assembling, you will discover that they never run out. One of the more interesting adventures, is trying all the different combinations. Once you make your first step into a subject, one that you like. It will always ask you to return, and most often you return with something new. Something that is rare, or unexplored, or never tried before. It...

How To Figure Out Life; Or, It Is Never Too Soon To Start Listening To Books
#926: How To Figure Out Life; Or, It Is Never Too Soon To Start Listening To Books
Created Monday, September 12th 2022, 11:09:03 pm

Real education is just adventure, just marching around and doing things you like. But it is inconvenient, because how many computers do you need? How many museums do you need to visit, and why don’t you just wait until you are old enough to drive. But real education is so important, that you should never feel bad about it. You must keep learning new things, and take care of all your talents. You have to revisit them often, and each time you will learn more. Narrated books from the library, are...

A Simple Way To Become A Powerful Programmer; Or Learning Programming The Right Way
#925: A Simple Way To Become A Powerful Programmer; Or Learning Programming The Right Way
Created Sunday, September 11th 2022, 10:24:39 pm

Let me tell you in the first paragraph, use a slow computer. Slow computers are almost always single board computers (SBC), little over the size of a credit card. They should come in a kit an cost less than $200 dollars, buy from the company that makes the kit, as others may be artificially inflating prices. You should do your own research, but the computer that comes to my mind, is called the Raspberry PI. More specifically, "CanaKit Raspberry Pi 4 8GB EXTREME Kit". This is priced at $169.95, I think...

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Self Education And Applied Philosophy
#924: Self Education And Applied Philosophy
Created Saturday, September 10th 2022, 10:11:00 pm

In art we tent to rise by making each new work, better than the previous one. The only way to wisely and properly fix things with an eye on the future, is for young people to receive a real and life changing education. Real education, is the most beautiful, and charming, and pleasant experience of our lives. In just months, you begin laughing at yourself... For trying to run in multiple directions at once for all the lovely things you’ve learned. Digital Art and Design, Web Design, 3D Modeling, 3D...

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May The World Grow
#923: May The World Grow
Created Friday, September 9th 2022, 10:00:46 pm

Culture should not be used to hold people back, everyone deserves to bloom in full to match rest of Humanity. Staying behind to protect the old ways, is not fair to the younger generations. Growing is what cultures do, they are always evolving. Rather than expecting cultural shifts, we have to improve education. Keeping things the same does not do a culture justice, leaving behind bad ideas and growing with the rest of the world, does. The trouble with holding entire nations back, is that it makes it...

Your GPA Does Not Define You
#922: Your GPA Does Not Define You
Created Thursday, September 8th 2022, 10:54:57 pm

Grades are a game, where everyone pretends they are real, if you memorize you get a good one, but if you are too good you will be graded down. Humanity has lots of strange games, that everyone is hoping to make real Poverty can be easily put to an end with international universal income, but we pretend that is not good, and yet money is our invention. Every religion is full of atheists towards all the other religions, and we pretend that which ever one we happened to be born into, is real We...

Zero Is A Number: The JavaScript For Loop And A Fence Post Problem
#921: Zero Is A Number: The JavaScript For Loop And A Fence Post Problem
Created Wednesday, September 7th 2022, 8:55:17 pm

I must admit I welcome the Fence Post problem, and I think of zero as a proper number we should all embrace. It is like a hug, from the world of programming. The fence post problem, is a curse to all other programmers. When you have three apples, in the computer world. The size of the list that holds your apples, will be three, as it holds three elements. But to address your apples, you start at zero, not at one. To refer to the first apple in your list, you say apple zero. This is still manageable, but...

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Don’t Let Teachers Scare Or Trick You Into Memorization
#920: Don’t Let Teachers Scare Or Trick You Into Memorization
Created Tuesday, September 6th 2022, 9:40:04 pm

Let me be very clear about this, while it is not a conspiracy, you didn't choose cramming, you were manipulated into it. Let me show you what you are up against, and how impossible it seems, the notion of pre-requisite classes is mostly about getting you to brainlessly memorize. No one sat down to invent it this way, it is just that over time teachers settled into it, because it worked out well for them. The way you see the truth in this, is by asking yourself, what the heck is a school anyway - you have...

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Questions Of Nature And Nurture Are A Fool's Errand, If Not Down Right An Insult To Your Intelligence
#919: Questions Of Nature And Nurture Are A Fool's Errand, If Not Down Right An Insult To Your Intelligence
Created Monday, September 5th 2022, 2:54:41 pm

Human nature is about safety, and growing up. Within a culture of wisdom and reason, growing up becomes about growing all the way up until a person becomes a great being. Nurture, there is no nurture, not yet - not at home, not in the school or neighborhood, or the greater world. War, broken schools, broken politics and chaining ourselves with poverty is all the proof you need, to grasp that Humanity is too young; to have developed enough - to be capable of nurture. Keeping generations after...

Importance Of Context In Education
#918: Importance Of Context In Education
Created Sunday, September 4th 2022, 10:16:56 pm

When learning a new language, context is everything. Context supports meanings, and supposed meanings. It is the fabric of a conversation, and along with facial expression and body language... You may sometimes wonder, if perhaps it isn’t so hard to lean a language even without textbooks. As important as context in a new language you are trying to learn is, it is a magnitude more important in more complex things. For example, it is the difference between taking a programming class, and actually becoming...

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A Tiny Little Call Of The Wild
#917: A Tiny Little Call Of The Wild
Created Saturday, September 3rd 2022, 11:02:47 pm

Some years ago, Mother Nature, along with her woodland nomenclature... On a very pretty day - Asked me if I wanted to stay. No - said I - re-reading Crusoe, No, Mother I don’t think so. It was my last few days in my little wilderness, and I nether felt regret nor sweet bitterness. I read and re-read all my books, and wanted to return, to work on my good looks. On my way back, whilst crunching on my last snack. I did pause half-way, But, I don’t really think about that day. I figured it was not an...

Is Computer Programming Fun; Or, Should I Learn Programming?
#916: Is Computer Programming Fun; Or, Should I Learn Programming?
Created Friday, September 2nd 2022, 10:15:25 pm

It is, it is really fun, it is a form of tool making, and in a way, it is somewhat similar to board games. You have to take the time to look at the rules, before you sit down to play. A couple of times, I felt that I need to be able to put a thing on the monitor. One time, on a Commodore 64, it was a pixel, and then a line. And later on in Windows 95, I wanted an empty window, followed by a Rolodex program. I just thought, it would be really neat. The empty window/Rolodex in VisualBasic took me to...

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Easy Peasy Education
#915: Easy Peasy Education
Created Thursday, September 1st 2022, 7:57:23 pm

Schools can't teach, you can't learn at a pace that does not match you, and you can't learn if you go in a sequence other than your own. You can't learn if it in not interesting, and you can't learn if it is not one of your curiosities. When you graduate you will face an interview, and an interview that is worthy of you, requires that you have real and functional knowledge. Not just some combination of neatly arranged facts, but a body of functioning knowledge that combines to give you exceptional...

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Cultural Divisions Are Imaginary
#914: Cultural Divisions Are Imaginary
Created Wednesday, August 31st 2022, 10:07:12 pm

No child belongs to cult or nation, we are each a stellar creation. Humanity may need to invent a better culture, one that aims to inspire and nurture. All human beings are extremely smart, and the building of our culture is art. Not only do we need to architect, but take create care to protect. No one should be manipulated only wisdom can be advocated. The world has now had its fill of creepy and ghoul, culture is neither a tether nor a mind warping tool. To be tricked by a view, that what we are born...

Nature And Nurture And Unity Of The World
#913: Nature And Nurture And Unity Of The World
Created Tuesday, August 30th 2022, 9:45:58 pm

We are not born cruel, we are all beautiful. And a broken culture, is not nurture. But a compromise, that destroys the wise. Freedom is our right, the world must unite. The culture that is worthy, sets the world free. All must grow knowing, that Humanity is growing. We are all one kind, leave bad ideas behind. Do not lie to the younger, out of fear of hunger... Say, poverty is an error, that can only cause terror. That war cannot lead to peace, just a cease-fire on a lease. That the world needs a...

Independent Inventions; Or, Care And Maintenance Of Mighty Ideas
#912: Independent Inventions; Or, Care And Maintenance Of Mighty Ideas
Created Monday, August 29th 2022, 3:51:07 pm

Allow me to explain what an idea is, how it differs from a curiosity, and why it is important. A curiosity, is like buying a 3D printer to learn how to use it, recognizing the fact that not all futuristic inventions are simple. An idea, is something that jumps out of curiosity for you, my best printed wallet design, is mostly two layers thick. You join multiple such layers together to form a wallet, thin layers of plastic means, it prints really fast. But also, that you can assemble multi pocket...

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The First Master Of Art
#911: The First Master Of Art
Created Sunday, August 28th 2022, 6:19:16 pm

The ancient myth goes that a young lady from an ancient city, had a kitten so beautiful, that she decided to master art. She went to the village known for art, and asked the wisest person there haw to become a master. He said, you must meditate, to answer your own question. “When you are ready, come and see me” She patiently invented sight size, with little more than a stick, and return to tell the wise man. The wise man said, that a true artist does not need a stick, and that she should meditate...

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Art Self Education: A Super Tiny Little Step Towards Freehand Drawing
#910: Art Self Education: A Super Tiny Little Step Towards Freehand Drawing
Created Saturday, August 27th 2022, 9:31:02 pm

Using references directly for perfect layout (hatefully called tracing), will teach you how to become an artist very quickly. Plus, there is too much to learn from building on top of your references, to ignore using reference images directly. If you don’t know where to start in art, get a $50 pen and tablet and install the free and open source Krita. There, you will discover the reference images tool, instantly become an artist, and begin learning to build your own style. Your style is a combination of...

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Making The World Beautiful; Or, The Idea To Unite The World Will Never Get Old
#909: Making The World Beautiful; Or, The Idea To Unite The World Will Never Get Old
Created Friday, August 26th 2022, 7:56:08 pm

We got used to some ideas that got reversed, and now have to design out world top-down first. We can't fight the ghouls and vultures, as what we need; is to unite all cultures. That requires that a person grows, that we all rise from the lows. Although peace is found in education, we must above all fix global poverty and starvation. We can't learn when we are scared, as our creativity becomes impaired. So to get everyone real education, we must end poverty in every nation. See, the credit card is...

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Easy Peasy Practice, And Mastery Of Art
#908: Easy Peasy Practice, And Mastery Of Art
Created Thursday, August 25th 2022, 10:35:11 pm

Applying your reference image directly to your canvas, will help you create a perfect replica of your reference image. Becoming a powerful Hyper-realist, is the first step in mastering art. And it doubles as proof, that we are very capable artists. The second step is just as welcoming an lovely, once you have completed your hyper-realist work. You now have a plateau, or a launchpad, that you are intricately familiar with. The Hyper-realist creation doubles as a powerful study, of you model or...

How To Draw And Paint
#907: How To Draw And Paint
Created Wednesday, August 24th 2022, 7:21:45 pm

The reason why you are asking is because realistic and beautiful art is in all of us, you just can’t draw the same way you couldn't write letters or ride a bicycle. You need those lines that helped you practice letters, or that stick or extra wheels that prevented you from falling on the bicycle. You just need to spend time, writing your letters, riding your bicycle, and in art that means you need an art tool that will keep you drawing within the lines. The art tool is as simple as making your won...

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Digital Art, Is Evolution Of Art
#906: Digital Art, Is Evolution Of Art
Created Tuesday, August 23rd 2022, 7:55:23 pm

If artists, especially those who act like mentors were more honest, they would allow new comers to art to create hyper-realistic works. Instead they send the new students on a round about journey, because deep down, they don’t want newcomers to be as good as they are. Considering the state that the world is in today, we must use art to practice zero tolerance for manipulation, self-delusion, and lies. We are all natural born artists, my message to those who still want to use art to make themselves look...

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Capturing Portraits; Or, A Person's Appearance Is Sacred
#905: Capturing Portraits; Or, A Person's Appearance Is Sacred
Created Monday, August 22nd 2022, 9:46:55 pm

We all noticed how we appear differently, in different photos. Unless you send in a video, or model in person. The artist won't know which photo, most closely resembles your general appearance. If someone uses a photo that seems really weird, then they will basically fail to capture your portrait. The angle is complex, it is not just left and right, but up and down, and lighting. The way to do this fast, without in-person appearances, is to ask the model for a photo... That she feels, most closely...

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Don’t Let Crazy Make You Crazy; Or, Health Advice For Nutjobs
#904: Don’t Let Crazy Make You Crazy; Or, Health Advice For Nutjobs
Created Sunday, August 21st 2022, 1:32:23 pm

When people are tricked out of real education, one persons joy, can quickly become the torture of another. This is somewhat captured in the old adage, “Road to hell is paved with good intentions”. The first lesson you must learn in this zone of Human Condition, is that you never directly look into the pain. If you start listing things, the crazy and stupid wins. There is a similar phenomenon in art, no matter how good you are, if you paint misery, you fail. The second lesson, is that whatever is...

Beginning Art
#903: Beginning Art
Created Saturday, August 20th 2022, 8:31:21 pm

It is easy to create general styles of art, abstraction, hyper-realism, upgraded reproductions, composites, lowbrow silliness. And because the world got stuck in poverty, we can talk about it. There is no such thing as magic, there is a simple explanation for how artists create great art. The easiest way to get there is to follow Drew Struzan's observation, the first version of your painting will tell you about all the details you have to take care of to create the final. More than that, by applying...

The Case Of The Cat In A Suit
#902: The Case Of The Cat In A Suit
Created Friday, August 19th 2022, 10:17:29 pm

Your paintings must speak, and there is no way in heck, that they should ever speak of misery. When we talk about changing lives, we always talk about changing lives for the better. A painting, can speak about just a few things. Since most of the easy things to say have already been painted, that mostly leaves us with inspiration and sillies. I think that one of the most inspirational formats, is a painting with text in it. It can be an inscription above some magical place, a large stone wall with a...

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The Instant Keepsakes Of Lowbrow Art
#901: The Instant Keepsakes Of Lowbrow Art
Created Thursday, August 18th 2022, 11:01:34 pm

There are three popular ways, to get going in art. The Quasimodo that they teach in school, where everything is slightly crooked, and the schools turn out to be a diploma mill. Thankfully, due to recent mass refunds, a lot of courageous art teachers are now asking themselves: “What exactly is the difference between my art class, and a diploma mill art class”. As they are always on the lookout, to make their art instruction, more revolutionary. The Digital Art way where, you have access to advanced...

To Paint Freehand, Just Memorize By Simple Repetition
#900: To Paint Freehand, Just Memorize By Simple Repetition
Created Wednesday, August 17th 2022, 9:49:39 pm

This is not a technique for all, if a technique at all, I think most artists may find it terribly boring. It is a primitive, but sure technique, that will never get you stuck, and have you painting - faster and faster - a new portrait every day. Find a classic, paint a classic, or get a reference photo, and paint is as a classic. The way to memorize features of a painted face, is repetition, similar to how you learn a poem. “How do you repeat the painting of a face, if you don’t know how to paint...

Notes About Real Education And Small But Healthy Career Paths
#899: Notes About Real Education And Small But Healthy Career Paths
Created Tuesday, August 16th 2022, 4:29:39 pm

Real education is about exploring the topics, that both interest you and you feel you are ready for. If you are interested in Programming, but feel like doing art, do Art. DO the things that your curiosity, is calling you too - do Art. Usually you are being called, because you found something... That will help you deeper, into the subject. We are learners, genetically, artistically, and philosophically. A healthy career is like a healthy diet, it will keep you young, happy, you will prosper and live...

You Are Not A C Student
#898: You Are Not A C Student
Created Monday, August 15th 2022, 5:37:37 pm

...Or a B students, and A's are pretty much worthless too. It is not what you remember for the test, it is about the things that make you brilliant and great in life. Everyone involved in your education, has just brainlessly conspired to make you feel stupid. Mostly because it is easy money, but also to make themselves feel special. How do they get paid, for making you feel stupid? By tricking you into thinking that you are just not that smart, they don’t have to do anything to teach you anything. And...

Do Better: A Friendly Reminder For Busy Parents, Teachers, Politicians, And All The Rascals
#897: Do Better: A Friendly Reminder For Busy Parents, Teachers, Politicians, And All The Rascals
Created Sunday, August 14th 2022, 5:15:13 pm

I know it is hard to keep track of things, especially as people age. So this is a quick reminder, the children remember each and every time you lie to them. The way you used to remember, and try to understand why. Except, somehow, the children born to a more connected world, become smarter, they are a lot, smarter than you. Even with all the lies, greed and rockets. The kids are making, fun of you, all of you even the bad asses, they called you out, long ago. And they laugh, like only a child...

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The Filaments, The Core, And Great Many Great Roads; Or, The Definition Of Good Art
#896: The Filaments, The Core, And Great Many Great Roads; Or, The Definition Of Good Art
Created Saturday, August 13th 2022, 9:14:55 pm

People struggle with the definition of good art, and “know it when I see it” is not it. Good art, is art that changes lives. No matter how far Humanity strays, the liars will never have the Truth. The truths, are the untouchable mountain peaks. And they mark the context, to good art. But to have something to say, you have to travel, great many great roads. They fill the content of your character with... Knowledge, Wisdom, and Greatness. Greatness being out right, no matter how insignificant it makes us...

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From College To Wilderness
#895: From College To Wilderness
Created Friday, August 12th 2022, 8:52:56 pm

I went to College and it was awful, I was really excited about Philosophy. I wanted the teacher, to help me understand Slavoj Žižek. I spent countless hours, listening to his nose issue, and I don't get anything. And I needed help separating Ayn Rand the Philosopher, from Ayn Rand the Politician. Even though Ms. Rand would probably say, it is impossible, I think her mind was too good for Politics. The Philosophy teacher only talked about Descartes, and some trivial Boolean inference. Right before finals...

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There Is An Easy On-Ramp For Every Talent
#894: There Is An Easy On-Ramp For Every Talent
Created Thursday, August 11th 2022, 9:13:42 pm

If you have to study hard, then you are doing it wrong. I am sorry, but this is probably the truth. Tests are hard to give meaning, to somewhat pointless lectures. Made difficult to cram-in as many kids, as needed to make money. These lectures won’t ever move in a sequence, that you can actually learn from. They are painfully slow, to get everyone to perform - knowledge be damned. You represent income, retirement, trimmed hedges, and hopeful hedge funds. On a poverty world, everything will...

Color In Moderation
#893: Color In Moderation
Created Wednesday, August 10th 2022, 10:09:24 pm

The reason why coloring a face is difficult, is because there is no one single color. Wherever you look, the hue is slightly different. Same applies, to special effects. When painting a face red for example, you must constantly shift hue. You must avoid, using the same color twice. Rules that make the nose red, and lower face shift to blue, are too simple. They are for highly controlled portraits, shot in a clean-room with precise lighting. If you are just learning, use the color pick. But, you will...

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Towards The Mastery Of Art, And A More Beautiful World: The One, Two, Three, Method
#892: Towards The Mastery Of Art, And A More Beautiful World: The One, Two, Three, Method
Created Tuesday, August 9th 2022, 7:38:17 pm

This is a really neat method, with which you can begin learning art without the need for a teacher. You can eventually master art by creating countless works, this method reliably helps you to create many works and thus practice your skills to no end. I share it with you because the world needs real schools, that will help all the students get a real and meaningful education. Real schools can be built by subtle analogy to art, where no one is judged, or told what to paint, when to paint it, and when to...

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A Quick Look At The Art Grid
#891: A Quick Look At The Art Grid
Created Monday, August 8th 2022, 8:10:18 pm

I thought I'd mention a video on how to set up grids under Krita, as some artists seem to enjoy that. The grid is a method of capturing correct proportions, there is no debate about it. Those who have tendencies to push artists away from art, stir things up from time to time. They don't matter as they are just full of hate and jealous, and cannot be reasoned with. There are some neat tricks related to the grid, grid scaling, helps you enrage your source image. And using apps that make the...

Beyond Art
#890: Beyond Art
Created Sunday, August 7th 2022, 3:27:58 pm

Beyond art you discover a fusion of subjects, that uniquely define you in the universe. There is nothing here that you can control, not anymore than you can control a coronal ejection of the sun. The filaments are not directly connected to you, they emerge out of the things that you do. The filaments will surround you, they are your machinery, but they are rooted in the artistic and organic. There isn't one tipping point, wouldn't it be fun, if all it took was a snowflake. It is tipping points all the...

Use The Airbrush; Or, Sketch, Spray, And Emerge All The Magic From The Shadows
#889: Use The Airbrush; Or, Sketch, Spray, And Emerge All The Magic From The Shadows
Created Saturday, August 6th 2022, 8:57:46 pm

The airbrush is lyke the first drawing tool, you get erasers and boom, the airbrush. It is special because the opacity or transparency, is pressure sensitive. So if you press your pen lightly, you will make a barely visible line. While you are at it, don’t just draw as if with a pencil. Think, turning a circle to a sphere, in a singe swipe. It is good to rough out, or set up, the shadows on a face. But yes, you will need to set it thin, at first, to create your sketch. You probably wan to go crayon...

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No Small Beings
#888: No Small Beings
Created Friday, August 5th 2022, 8:05:56 pm

There are cultures, that trick people. Standardized schooling, Tolerance of poverty, are large examples. On a more visible scale, school grades, do a pretty good number on us. We end up measuring our worth, with our GPA. Standardized education, along with its grades, cannot work. When we are told what and when to learn, under a threat of punishment... Be it grades, GPA, being held back, or not getting in somewhere. We lose the ability to learn for real, and memorize, cram and pretend. We can verify...

Art Is The Universal Language: And The World Wants To Hear You
#887: Art Is The Universal Language: And The World Wants To Hear You
Created Thursday, August 4th 2022, 6:39:08 pm

Thus far we discovered the Image Reference Tool in Krita, Krita is a free and powerful Digital Art program. If you prearrange your entire scene in a singe image, in a Photo Editing program like GIMP or just take a solid photo. And then stretch the reference image over your entire canvas in Krita, your color picker will only ever pick colors from your reference image. Never from what is on your canvas, but always from your per-arranged scene. When you are painting, you can just hold down CONTROL...

Lemur Limericks - Can Bush Babies Save The World?
#886: Lemur Limericks - Can Bush Babies Save The World?
Created Wednesday, August 3rd 2022, 6:25:09 pm

When it comes to a Bush Baby, the answer is never maybe. They are as audacious, as their world is spacious. And they are really smart, as they encourage us to art. They know you will try to paint one, and become an artist before you are done. And that in turn, teaches you how to really learn. Real education, is important to every nation. And if your schools are gone, art teaches you to learn on your own. Bush babies are what the world needs, because they really help the kids. School teaches we are...

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To Build A Universe
#885: To Build A Universe
Created Tuesday, August 2nd 2022, 7:38:31 pm

Carl Sagan says that to bake an apple pie, you will need to invent the universe. But in some cases, to build a universe, you just need some apples. Universe is not as colorful as we see in the photos, nor is Mars red. Astrophotography is complicated, telescopes see below and beyond visible light. To represent that information in a friendly way, new colors are added to photographs. Moreover still photographs can indicate motion, objects that are red like a dim red flashlight are moving...

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A Painting Can Totally Bite You; Or, The Science Of Painting Kittens
#884: A Painting Can Totally Bite You; Or, The Science Of Painting Kittens
Created Monday, August 1st 2022, 10:41:31 pm

You have to be really careful with art ideas, and be good to yourself. When you sit down to learn or test something, don’t expect a painting to come out of it, not even a maybe. Only when you sit down to create a complete painting, will you get a complete painting. There is a charming exception from time to time, but it probably won’t fit anywhere, because it came out of nowhere. You will need, image references. Image references, are more than just about shape, they also have the color theme. There is a...

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Batteries Not Included
#883: Batteries Not Included
Created Sunday, July 31st 2022, 10:13:14 am

Humans are special, but also built out of ancient technology. as our machinery needs batteries, called knowledge. Advertisers are trying to shove electric scooters and sugary drinks, in the battery compartment betwix our ears. The politicians want to polarize you with a hot issue, so hot, that you will get enraged and vote on them. Battery aside, what we really need, is to see, in the long term. They have you bickering at the hot issues, where they are supposed to prevent those situations from ever...

Dream To Learn; Or, Launching Servers And Brushing Up On My Hair
#882: Dream To Learn; Or, Launching Servers And Brushing Up On My Hair
Created Saturday, July 30th 2022, 6:03:45 pm

In the world of painting, I have finished thee large lessons, on the subject of painting realistic hair. In the jewelry world, I must slowly become accustomed to re-meshing, which is rebuilding complex 3D shapes polygon by polygon. In the computer world, the audio files have outgrown free services, and I am no longer able to upload old poem recordings. In the music world I spent a few moments multiplexing my voice today, I sang a song and applied different filters to make an interesting singing...

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The True Teachers Of Art: Cats, Squirrels, Bush Babies, Lemurs, and Meerkats!
#881: The True Teachers Of Art: Cats, Squirrels, Bush Babies, Lemurs, and Meerkats!
Created Friday, July 29th 2022, 6:45:44 pm

When learning hair, painting hair alone, can be disorienting. And painting a portrait to go along with it, will certainly be very distracting. Especially in computer world, you can paint the hair over a nice photo. It is a pleasant and exquisite way, of practicing challenging art talents. Today, the so called artists, or the crazies as I call them. Do not want you to do tracing, paint overs, color picking, or photobashing. They just want you t o believe, that they could always draw and mix color...

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Art And Rules Of The Universe
#880: Art And Rules Of The Universe
Created Thursday, July 28th 2022, 8:45:06 pm

There are rules to the universe, your art tools do not follow those rules on your canvas. You have to make them behave, you have to make the follow the rules of the universe. For example, the universe makes colors and shadows random and splotchy. Art has no room for flat color, you always need to change a tiny bit. Move a little between dark and light, adjust the hue ever so slightly. Fluctuate, and bounce, like observation and photons. When drawing something random like hair and its canyons, or...

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Joy Ahoy; Or, Art As Light In The Dark
#879: Joy Ahoy; Or, Art As Light In The Dark
Created Wednesday, July 27th 2022, 9:05:40 pm

Some call it meditation, but I call it happy education. Art is beyond fantastic, art is bombastic! Find a way, and start today. Start with a trace, as learning is not a race. You can do freehand later, for now focus on something greater. There are so many things to pick, but pick the one that will stick. Learn to paint long flowing hair, on a fat ass grizzly bear. Or practice eyes, on prairie dogs wearing ties. Maybe learn to paint clouds, raining meatballs on confused crowds. You can practice fur, on a...

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Art Is Adventure, And A Good Portrait Photo May Help You Travel To Distant Galaxies
#878: Art Is Adventure, And A Good Portrait Photo May Help You Travel To Distant Galaxies
Created Tuesday, July 26th 2022, 8:33:04 pm

A good reference photo, will help you create a good painting. Whether you are using reference images directly, or aim to create a new pose or perspective, you need a good photo. Aside from technical detail like, having shadows and light, good resolution and focus. Your photo also needs to be interesting, or funny, or even colorful. Sometimes simplicity is good too, a nice dark background and partly lit face can go a long way. I want to be clear, unless you are restoring or building a keepsake, just...

Do Not Give Up Your Creativity At Any Cost
#877: Do Not Give Up Your Creativity At Any Cost
Created Monday, July 25th 2022, 2:06:52 pm

Let me show you a couple of strange ways, with which creativity and thus mental health can be upset. One describes strangeness or elitism as the case may be, in art community, where young people are pushed away from joining, by being forced into pointless tricks. And the other is a broader example from the programmer community, where a programmer just asked about burnout and loss of creativity. The point of this text is to remind all that, that our minds need room to grow and keep healthy. And while...

The World May Stand Still; Or, The Importance Of Real Education
#876: The World May Stand Still; Or, The Importance Of Real Education
Created Sunday, July 24th 2022, 6:53:14 pm

Those who stand against, the advancement of humanity are just liars. Liars, who discovered an easy way up, that quite often requires that they lie to themselves too. A blind belief is not an honorable thing, it is a lie, a self lie, an un-examined life. To vote against goodness, progress, and Human Rights... Means to gang up, with those who hate change... Who have something to lose, if the world shifts towards goodness. Usually that is a enormous group of people, that the liars spent their life...

World Peace: Replace Politicians With Cute Cats And Computer Programs
#875: World Peace: Replace Politicians With Cute Cats And Computer Programs
Created Saturday, July 23rd 2022, 7:24:06 pm

There will be no more war, just a bunch of cats to adore. Yes. Some cats won’t get along, but we can kiss them and hug them and sing them a song. We will treat them all very good, and always gift them snacks and fancy food. In return they will purr, and sometimes cough up a little bit of fur. The computer programs will be cute too, truly a quantum breakthrough. They are chat bots with a smile, a user interface that goes the extra mile. The best program will manage money, and make every human life...

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How to Choose, Grow & Care for Ideas: A Creativists' Guide to Creativity Care and Maintenance
#874: How to Choose, Grow & Care for Ideas: A Creativists' Guide to Creativity Care and Maintenance
Created Friday, July 22nd 2022, 2:00:11 pm

An itemized list or a TODO, can only make you blue. A list is no good, it will ruin your mood. You will always sail short, and never leave port. Move slowly at your own speed, perhaps, the speed with which you read. A project needs to grow, think of it as chunky dough. Above all, be indirect, to be correct. Please! write a cook book, before you cook. There is a better way, and that is OK. Go after it, at least for a bit. So you can learn more, and get to the core. Rewrite, rewrite, rewrite, and...

School Subject Divisions
#873: School Subject Divisions
Created Thursday, July 21st 2022, 7:12:52 pm

If you ask someone, about math or physics. How it is it, that they have learned, but they don’t know it. They will not be able, to give you a very clear answer. That is exactly what you would expect, from being fooled. “I took physics”, “but I don’t know physics”, “it must be my fault”. It is not, their fault. it is just that, whatever teachers were doing... Or whatever they themselves, were tricked into doing... Was not teaching, but forcing people to perform. Most often, by means of temporary...

Philosophiae Naturalis Principia Mathematica; Or, Why In The Doodle Do I Even Need Mathematics or Physics?
#872: Philosophiae Naturalis Principia Mathematica; Or, Why In The Doodle Do I Even Need Mathematics or Physics?
Created Wednesday, July 20th 2022, 5:05:58 pm

Most people don't actually want you to know math or physics, they just want you to work and cause as little inconvenience as you can. The reason why you are being force fed mathematics and physics, is because a school will lose accreditation if enough students fail to memorize answers. If a school loses accreditation, the teachers will lose their job, this would be very inconvenient to them. Yes, there are teachers, who will tell you they are nothing like that, with tears in their eyes, they have also...

Rise And Protect Knowledge
#871: Rise And Protect Knowledge
Created Tuesday, July 19th 2022, 5:43:43 pm

You can't just learn one thing, that's impossible. Not only is everything connected, you will connect it in a unique way. People say that Newton, had this powerful learning method. But, he didn't. It looked difficult and powerful to strangers, but in his mind... He wasn't even merely following his curiosities, he was just having fun. Real education, is about having fun. In fact, jack of all trades and a master of none. Is an uneducated and jealous person's description, of someone who is spiraling...

Convergence On Wisdom And World Peace
#870: Convergence On Wisdom And World Peace
Created Monday, July 18th 2022, 9:59:15 pm

In 1804 Earth had 1 billion people, in 25 years it will have 10 billion. The only thing we can do is build real schools, that bring real education, real wisdom, and real greatness into peoples hands. These schools need to be powerful and beautiful, no punishment, no grades, no assholes, just pure love for wisdom. All these other things that good and secretly bad people talk about, are non-sense, shortsighted, infantile nonsense. Every human being is capable of Beautiful Genius, but we are all too easily...

Writing Programs
#869: Writing Programs
Created Sunday, July 17th 2022, 9:52:59 pm

I always write computer programs, I am always trying to write something neat. It has been quite a journey, long enough to observe technology change. I also learned a bunch of languages I don’t use, I use JavaScript now but it used to be slow. Back then I wrote in PHP and Perl, I liked them both. I am too busy with JavaScript to miss them, there is so much to learn here. There is this strange joke that a full stack developer can’t exist. People who do everything are either, Unicorns or Crazy. There are...

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Modern Luxury Source Code Editors; Or, Where The Heck, To Put The Darn Source Code?
#868: Modern Luxury Source Code Editors; Or, Where The Heck, To Put The Darn Source Code?
Created Saturday, July 16th 2022, 9:02:49 pm

I think the idea of a programmer will fade away, as it will be replaced by the modern teenager. I think smartphones are already too stupid, and the next big thing is a programmable phone. That is how quickly times are changing, smartphones are a relic. I recently discovered that there is something neat, that we can do to hasten this transformation. We have to race to meet the new intellectual, with self guided integrated development environments. No newcomer to programming should ever wonder, where to...

Do Not Lose Faith In Humanity
#867: Do Not Lose Faith In Humanity
Created Friday, July 15th 2022, 7:22:35 pm

This is a time of war, famine, an old nuclear threat, a time of mediocrity, betrayal, and evil men. None of the horrible things that occurred, occurred by deliberate and careful design. Almost all the bad things occurred by chance, by chaos, complexity, and accident. Evil men will certainly claim credit, but they are just making themselves look better. The evil soldiers that we hear of, are not born this way. They are manufactured, also not entirely by design. But rather by attrition, extreme poverty...

The Fanciful Event Emitter: A Super Strange Programming Poem
#866: The Fanciful Event Emitter: A Super Strange Programming Poem
Created Thursday, July 14th 2022, 7:31:32 pm

Event happens when you click a mouse, it is called the click event. The event comes with some information, and that information is just named values, like x=5, or user=alice. Emitter means that we can emit events, we can say emit alert “Hello!” A Listener must be setup, to hear events. Some Event Emitter libraries, allow you to create wildcards, so you can hear all or some events. And one time I’ve read someone was challenged to create a simple program by their potential employer. They used Event...

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Little Stories From Nordhouse Dunes
#865: Little Stories From Nordhouse Dunes
Created Wednesday, July 13th 2022, 8:05:39 pm

I was camping at a tent site some minutes into the State Park, I started my fire and made some hot dogs. And a family with two or three teenagers, started unpacking next to my site. I was wearing my leather Wolverine Jacket, listing to an ancient iPod. I think it was, Paul Strathern's Philosophers in 90 Minutes Series. I started chatting with my new neighbors, I might have given them some firewood or maybe batteries, probably bug spray. And as they took their weight off their feet, I started speaking...

The New School; Or, Building The First Imperfect School That Is Worthy Of All The Future Generations
#864: The New School; Or, Building The First Imperfect School That Is Worthy Of All The Future Generations
Created Tuesday, July 12th 2022, 1:08:23 pm

What if the new school format is right in front of us, we don't need tests that are secure and vicious, because we are not forcing anything. We are simply creating a new school full of knowledge, guidance on the left pane, the machine that must be manipulated in the right pane. And all the way down on the bottom of all instructions, a next button disabled until the machine is correctly manipulated. There is no need for security, enabling that button by force, would prevent the student from...

Schools Where Teachers Are Trained To Teach Students Who Just Want To Learn
#863: Schools Where Teachers Are Trained To Teach Students Who Just Want To Learn
Created Monday, July 11th 2022, 1:35:32 pm

If teachers, allowed students to learn what they are interested in Then they wouldn't need training, to teach students what doesn't interest them. (It is important to understand, that I use the word teach very loosely here, forcing students to temporarily memorize so that they can pass the tests is not education, nor learning, nor teaching.) Listen all of this is really important, both for people of all ages. Self education is extremely important, and the reason why it is so hard in the beginning. Is...

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Into The Fray; Or, Code Generation And The Search For Motivation To Learn Programming
#862: Into The Fray; Or, Code Generation And The Search For Motivation To Learn Programming
Created Sunday, July 10th 2022, 5:48:27 pm

It is hard to make money from programming all by yourself, because the products you compete against are made by multiple people. I suspect most times, you are up against a startup that didn’t take off, so there is four people with nothing to do. Only the huge startups that require money to stay afloat shut down, the small clever ones transform and evolve. Here, they will see that they have failed, and look at the good decisions they made, things they bought that really worked for them despite their...

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I Went To The Woods; Or, Don’t Let Broken Schools Frighten You
#861: I Went To The Woods; Or, Don’t Let Broken Schools Frighten You
Created Saturday, July 9th 2022, 9:18:26 pm

Don't give up on Knowledge and Wisdom, don't let fake schools get to you, or derail you, the cure to broken schools, is self education. This can sweetly begin with modern narrated books that are thought of as priceless, by all the world intellectuals. It is hard to talk about fixing things, because that is usually where all the fruitcakes hang out. But if your aim is self empowerment and intellectual independence, by means of powerful life-long self education, then it is OK. We can see that schools do...

What Is In A Programming Language Anyway?
#860: What Is In A Programming Language Anyway?
Created Friday, July 8th 2022, 3:43:19 pm

Variables, functions, if statements, loops, and objects to group variables and functions together into a structure that makes sense to you. For example, my if(app.user.loggedIn()){app.navigation.signOutButton.visible = true} So computer programming, is super simple. If you stick to one programming language, like latest modern JavaScript it is even simpler. Programming is just about variables that you define, which hold things that yo use, like serverAddress = “example.com”; If statements...

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The High School Cookbook
#859: The High School Cookbook
Created Thursday, July 7th 2022, 8:45:32 pm

Math without context is impossible to learn, but math, or programming, or composing, in context of breaking out of poverty seems dirty. For one Humanity should be wise enough to set all the students free from poverty. As it is not really possible to learn, and worry about safety and food at the same time. The act of learning, is an act of safety, joy of happiness. Sometimes to push all the worries away, we may need some convincing. And it may not be enough to say, that with wisdom our decision making...

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Real School And Subject Divisions
#858: Real School And Subject Divisions
Created Wednesday, July 6th 2022, 3:23:13 pm

As you probably have figured out all the subject divisions are wrong, they exist for the school not for the student. And we need a real-world, source of subjects. Both to adopt it, and expand the list by subtle analogy to existing items. YCombinator Request For Startups, is an a-OK start. It contains items such as Education, Software, Virtual and Augmented Reality, and Artificial Intelligence, Healthcare and Government 2.0. And I would add, Nature & Adventure, Art , Design, Music, and Music...

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Cats And Dogs Living Together
#857: Cats And Dogs Living Together
Created Tuesday, July 5th 2022, 4:42:10 pm

While painting, programming, composing, writing, rhyming, singing, sculpting, building and inventing, all represents real knowledge. It is not just a bag of random random goodies, because they all connect, and reinforce one another. For example, in 3D Modeling we have the concept of the vertex, edge and face, and it would be near impossible to create 3D things without it. This influences user interface design, in programming, because those three things are really hard to grasp at first. And normally when...

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GPA Is Sus
#856: GPA Is Sus
Created Monday, July 4th 2022, 9:17:31 pm

All the schools with threats of bad grades, and being held back. And the need to pay for lunch, and pay attention in classes that the students are not interested in - are super weird. And beyond where military is allowed to recruit teenagers, and colleges are allowed to steal all their money. And I mean all, because student loans, are taken out of the paychecks later in life. Tolerance of this mockery of knowledge and wisdom, is causing all kind of harm down the road. Without real education, the students...

Of Denial Of Education, And The Problem Of Sequence
#855: Of Denial Of Education, And The Problem Of Sequence
Created Sunday, July 3rd 2022, 8:51:03 am

A sequence problem, as I termed it, is when one thing prevents another. And I find that people with good intentions, often take to repairing problems in the wrong place. When I was little I struggled with understanding my bullies, and later I just couldn't imagine why criminals do the things they do. But eventually I understood that the word criminal is wrong, these are just people so stressed and pressed, that life becomes about do or die. Now, I always mention at this point, that criminals are...

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The User As A Programmer
#854: The User As A Programmer
Created Saturday, July 2nd 2022, 5:32:56 pm

In the world of programming, troubles are everywhere. And they are huge, I mean like, ridiculous. Above all code is liability, especially if you are a programmer. The less you write, the better. And if you write none, you are guaranteed success. Fixing problems, that people don’t have is the plague. The bigger the company, the more obvious that is. From crap opp languages, to datatypes in languages meant to be untyped. And only for the purpose, of annoying and distracting code popus. Everything is...

The Cure And The Humanity
#853: The Cure And The Humanity
Created Friday, July 1st 2022, 2:54:37 pm

While there is no conspiracy, there is a tendency. This multiplex, prefers we burn books. It prefers, borders, border walls, war. It prefers to destroy minds, by means of prison. And it has a preference, that we all turn our heads. While there are as many sides to it, as there are cruel people in the world. It feeds on poverty, and it perpetuates it. It is a tape worm, that would die without poverty. But also it needs, distracting and irrelevant success. To show it is not a disease, not a...

Programming Is Fun
#852: Programming Is Fun
Created Thursday, June 30th 2022, 5:39:51 pm

Svelte is a nice example, as it is simple and it comes with a neat tutorial. Vue.js has a step-by-step tutorial too, the react tutorial is a bit insane. There is no one to make you hurry, or stand over you. By learning bits of programming, you begin remembering that you are smart. Schools trick us into thinking, that we are only as good as our grades. And programming can remind us, we are just as good as aaaall the smart people. The tutorials, show what real education is like. The speed at...

Find Your Own Books: Authentic Knowledge Comes From Everywhere
#851: Find Your Own Books: Authentic Knowledge Comes From Everywhere
Created Wednesday, June 29th 2022, 8:08:14 pm

We are each unique, and that means we all learn differently. And we learn, from different places. At different speeds, in different sequence. The pace and sequence, are dictated by who we are, what we know. There cannot be, one book that teaches all. There cannot be a Standardized Education. But each book, has a few thing to offer. Just the right things, that stick with the reader. Based on their existing knowledge, based, on who they are. Based on wisdom, based on experience. Inauthentic...

Programming By Describing Actions In Plain Text
#850: Programming By Describing Actions In Plain Text
Created Tuesday, June 28th 2022, 9:05:07 pm

I think all people can write computer programs, it is just that programming languages are too simple and raw. This approach uses Flow Based programming, prefixed by an Event Listener. A really good example of flow based programming and processing is your mouse... when you move it across a web page with a Mouse Event Listener. Here, you are sending a lot of XY coordinates, to the Mouse Move Event Listener, you can process them by filtering and transforming the data in the stream. You could filter out all...

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Fancy Little Rings
#849: Fancy Little Rings
Created Monday, June 27th 2022, 7:21:50 pm

I started by learning Hard Surface Modeling in Blender, and creating a whole box of wallets and dodads that I printed. Then I jumped to Krita to brush up on my Drawing Skills, creating many portraits, I really enjoyed using the Reference Images feature and its impact on color picker. I returned to Blender to learn to sculpt, I really appreciate the huge range of sculpting tools. Then time came for Geometry Nodes, and I created a Procedural box with self generating hinges and a couple of...

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You Are Royalty, And Wisdom Is Your Treasure And Armor
#848: You Are Royalty, And Wisdom Is Your Treasure And Armor
Created Sunday, June 26th 2022, 12:25:44 pm

The overwhelming number of liars, makes it so that the world is not led. The world is moving at random, it is all gibberish. But free and open and wise narrated books, is how the world will be fixed in no time. Books held in high esteem, chapter here, chapter there... have the power to restore minds. The library children need; to alter the future, must be honest, powerful and authentic. And their classroom must be nature and adventure, not little prison like classrooms, that you yourselves, couldn't...

The Drawing Tutorial; Or, A World Tricked Out Of Learning Art
#847: The Drawing Tutorial; Or, A World Tricked Out Of Learning Art
Created Saturday, June 25th 2022, 11:15:28 am

Drawing it self is very simple, because you begin your practice by means of direct use of reference images. Be it by using graphite paper, pico or wall projector, or reference images in Krita. I highly recommend you get a cheap Pen and Tablet, and use the Open Source Krita and rely on the Reference Images feature. Just set your reference image to 50% opacity, and know that the eye dropper will pick perfect color from the reference image it self. As with everything else these days, begin learning Krita by...

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Write Right
#846: Write Right
Created Friday, June 24th 2022, 4:22:39 pm

Awash with boring topics all day long, I must rise and rise and stray strong. I don’t win every fight, but I won today, alright. See, I started writing about writing a program, already made a cool diagram. Even before I got out of bed, but tell you what, that made me sad. And I muttered in my best Cowboy accent “I ain’t writin’ ‘bout no programming again, so sirre Bob I ain’”. Because, I saw this as a test, and then promptly set off on a great quest. I set off in search of an interesting topic, and...

A Weird Poem About Visual Programming
#845: A Weird Poem About Visual Programming
Created Thursday, June 23rd 2022, 6:09:28 pm

In a way Visual programming is new, and hardly anyone has a clue. It does not come with a guarantee, that is the biggest problem I see. In the world of programming, which is a loving, and funny, and wonderfully challenging world. There is this huge question, and even a huge-er problem. The question is: "Does your program fix problems that people actually have?" And the huge-er problem, is, that everything is broken. Phone are missing functionality, operating systems keep crashing, new products need...

How Can School Be Fake? Or, How Can Mirrors Be Real If Our Eyes Aren't Real?
#844: How Can School Be Fake? Or, How Can Mirrors Be Real If Our Eyes Aren't Real?
Created Wednesday, June 22nd 2022, 6:55:15 am

When we are little we learn that the act of taking a toy apart, is also the act of destroying that toy. Subject divisions destroy education, being told what you should be "learning" at any given moment... Actually prevents learning, and forces you into memorization. Teachers are going along with it, because your education is not the primary reason why they are teachers. They are teachers, to make money, to put food on the table. Sometimes people become teaches, because they feel it tool a lot of effort...

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Learn To No End And Let The World Grow
#843: Learn To No End And Let The World Grow
Created Tuesday, June 21st 2022, 2:22:40 pm

I got a fortune cookie once, with the following text: "If you do the same things you've always done, you will get the same things you've always got" This is trivial and almost silly when applied to an individual, but it becomes something else when applied to generations. As laws of the Universe have it, all the bad things that are up in the air, will occur, unless we stand up and prevent them. If there is no one to prevent Nuclear War, there will be nothing to stop a moron from starting one. If you...

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A Tiny Music Programming Idea
#842: A Tiny Music Programming Idea
Created Monday, June 20th 2022, 5:56:40 pm

For a while now I have been noticing the delay/echo effect in songs, it was Giorgio Moroder that helped me hear it first. He actually called out for it, at one of his performances, I never used a delay effect, prior to hearing that. I was replicating it with 16th notes, but it never quite worked. Even in the beginning when he first says, "Danny, give me a click" it is a deeply complex sound. It is not a click, not; a click. If your mouse made that click, then you'd probably need earplugs. I bet...

The School Game; Or, Move Education Far And Away And From Any And All Influence Of Politics
#841: The School Game; Or, Move Education Far And Away And From Any And All Influence Of Politics
Created Sunday, June 19th 2022, 8:03:52 am

And to protect education, to make it permanently real, we must remove it from the control of any and all politicians. It may seem like they may not directly influence what is taught, at least in more developed nations - but that is false. Raising tuition, is the same, or worse, as teaching a fantasy, or opinion, over fact. Underpaying teachers and lowering standards, is the same as hiring actors that, eventually, merely pretend to teach. The politicians don't have to ask to burn, or ban, or rewrite the...

Towards Lasting World Peace; Or, Real And Meaningful Education For A Wiser Generation
#840: Towards Lasting World Peace; Or, Real And Meaningful Education For A Wiser Generation
Created Saturday, June 18th 2022, 6:02:45 pm

And such is the world as you see it today, uneducated leaders spewing propaganda to see what will stick and stay. Drifting towards a future they can't foresee, a future where our world simply cannot be free. Are we all so squeezed by poverty, that we can't see how mighty we can be? All the while, the liars and ghouls, expect us to become their tools. Be it war, or constantly asking for more-more-more, or giving up on human rights, or forcing us to climb fake heights. A generation can't face a ghoul, to...

A Super Tiny Poem About Building Your First Visual Programming Company
#839: A Super Tiny Poem About Building Your First Visual Programming Company
Created Friday, June 17th 2022, 6:50:56 pm

There is a couple of interesting visual programming libraries, of which rete looks rather fetching, not to mention the 7.6k stars on github. Visual programming can be amazing, if done correctly, and if it is user friendly, and respectful towards programmers that just want to do their own thing. This is a difficult poem to write, it is not possible to explain anything in here, as it would go on forever, I will just touch upon the most important parts and get to the end. The program must focus on...

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How To Become Smarter; Or, Why You Got Tricked Into Thinking You Are Not Smart
#838: How To Become Smarter; Or, Why You Got Tricked Into Thinking You Are Not Smart
Created Thursday, June 16th 2022, 6:03:02 pm

Money, and it is difficult for you to believe that, because all the teachers want to sell you out, no exceptions. They can’t afford to care, if they start caring about you, they will lose their jobs. If they start caring about how you feel, then they will have to face all the students that they already sold out for a paycheck. Every grade, less than an A F****G plus, was a lie, it NEVER had anything to do with your intelligence, it was always about your obedience. Because if you obey, if you...

What Is Wrong With The World; Or, Grow Do Not Follow
#837: What Is Wrong With The World; Or, Grow Do Not Follow
Created Wednesday, June 15th 2022, 7:22:15 am

When you feel that your thoughts don't add up to much, or end up in circle, or become Swiss cheese it means you need more books. After a while things begin making sense, it is still difficult to navigate, but your thoughts don't run short. You shouldn't be afraid of thinking yourself into a loop, and when you do end up in the beginning, it just means you need books. Getting at books is tough, because to read a book you need peace within. You won't be able to make peace outside, but with courage you can...

On Designing Enchanted Rings
#836: On Designing Enchanted Rings
Created Tuesday, June 14th 2022, 6:12:19 pm

An enchanted ring, is a ring that cannot be made by the human hand, and the kind of a ring that comes with a silly or strange story. It is about looking incredible, and breaking all the design rules. I recommend working with copper, brass, silver and gold, and waiting a little bit before designing rings that hold stones. There is no right way to design such a creation, using standard Blender tools may just be more reliable. Once you get into Geometry Nodes, it takes a while to figure out what not to do...

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Oh Noes Unit Circle; Or,  How I Got Attacked By The Fence Post Problem
#835: Oh Noes Unit Circle; Or, How I Got Attacked By The Fence Post Problem
Created Monday, June 13th 2022, 8:13:45 pm

Oh, boy, I don’t feel less of a programmer, I was just exploring the Unit Circle. I never had the opportunity to write screensavers, I always write mighty code, and mighty code generators, Rawr! But, I woke up early morning, as I have been trying to switch to enjoy Summer some more. My days seem extremely long now, and I enjoy that, quite a bit. And the first thing that jumped on me as soon as opened my eyes, was the ring with my Ancient Peru Froggies. I have distributed the scaled down froggies, evenly...

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The Easy Peasy World Citizenship
#834: The Easy Peasy World Citizenship
Created Sunday, June 12th 2022, 5:16:50 pm

"Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.". While not quite correct, this is one of my favorite High School movie quotes, and a reason why I skipped many a class. I just went, to look around. My favorite memory, is sitting on an old broken bench, on Brooklyn Bridge, looking at Lady Liberty. We each have about a hundred years, more than long enough for us to start forgetting our days. So it is not a short amount of time, but it is a limited amount of...

The Enchanted Ring Of The Little Froggies; Or, Hopping Around Ancient And Modern Jewelry Ideas
#833: The Enchanted Ring Of The Little Froggies; Or, Hopping Around Ancient And Modern Jewelry Ideas
Created Saturday, June 11th 2022, 8:22:58 pm

I hope it is not bad news, when I say, sculpture is more powerful than diamonds. Diamonds are everywhere, but a uniquely sculpted pendant or ring is rare. This is good news for 3D printed jewelry, as it can be shipped directly to the customer. It just needs a bit of polish, there are no stones to set, no intricate parts to detail. People who are printing or casting your ring, will take care of it. Purely geometric 3D jewelry is very interesting, but it is abstract. I highly encourage creating a scared...

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Bling: Thinking In Geometry Nodes
#832: Bling: Thinking In Geometry Nodes
Created Friday, June 10th 2022, 6:38:07 pm

Blender is a program for making 3D things, 3D game characters, and everything else. The way things are done in the 3D world, is that you start with a 3D primitive like a cube or a sphere. And then you apply modifications, for example you can extrude faces of a cube with your mouse. Or you can apply an automatic modifier, such as solidify. Which for an unknown reason, will go inside your cube, and make a little home. It will give the inside of a cube, walls, perhaps it sees the faces of a solid cube as a...

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The Far Future; And The Whole, Greater Than Its Parts
#831: The Far Future; And The Whole, Greater Than Its Parts
Created Thursday, June 9th 2022, 1:12:11 pm

It is not differences that make people disagree, it is what they know, what they internalized, what they inherited. Currently we have decided, to respect those beliefs, no matter what they are so as long as they don't cause immediate harm. But looking at immediate impact of beliefs, and waiting to deal with anomalies if any, maybe too simple at times of climate change, global health risks, and wars reemerging all too often. It maybe the perfect food for liars and manipulators, as they don't usually plan...

Unlocking The Future Of The World; Or, Stalemate Prevention
#830: Unlocking The Future Of The World; Or, Stalemate Prevention
Created Wednesday, June 8th 2022, 5:27:26 pm

Though the younger matter the most, it all matters, because we are one family, but we are also using tools that are cutting us off from making the future a happy and safe place. A lot of the troubles that we can’t solve, we can’t solve because they arrived at a locked state, or a stalemate. These are the often tragic outcomes, of having spent years of decades doing nothing. The situation reduced it self, to a state that has no solution. Some politicians call that a triumph, where it comes to mutually...

Rinkydink Doublethink
#829: Rinkydink Doublethink
Created Tuesday, June 7th 2022, 2:32:49 pm

The world is meant to be a safe and happy place, and human beings are not born evil, the worst things you read about on the news, have a very clear explanation. We are tolerating an overwhelming number of errors in our cultures and minds, and it is those error that slowly fracture or unravel otherwise brilliant minds. The biggest error we are tolerating is war, military service, and weapons manufacturing, weapons of mass destruction which are developed to destroy entire city blocks. But there are...

The Little Froggie From Peru
#828: The Little Froggie From Peru
Created Monday, June 6th 2022, 5:01:57 pm

Upon having sculpted my little Peru froggie friend, I begun pondering what more can be done with little rebuilt artifacts. I came across a really sad story from Pompeii, about A Sorceress’ Kit being found. There I noticed all the little bits had holes in them, to hang them on necklaces and such. So selling a Sorcerer’s Kit, is another thing that can be done. I pondered creating a low polygon version, which is a geometric wire frame. But this has to be designed from scratch as such, reducing...

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Fancy Little Pendants
#827: Fancy Little Pendants
Created Sunday, June 5th 2022, 9:16:04 pm

Not everything has to be complicated, the most important thing is to have fun. It is silly to try to learn with having fun, it is actually where medical malpractice comes from. Try as he might - and try not to ponder this too much, but your doctor would fail all the medical quizzes and exams if he took them today. And that's not even mentioning, High School and College Exams. So don’t be like your Doctor, and learn for real. Which is to say, have fun. Blender has a Sculpting Mode, where you are presented...

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SCHOOL.MP3; Or, The Tiniest Of Schools
#826: SCHOOL.MP3; Or, The Tiniest Of Schools
Created Saturday, June 4th 2022, 9:05:28 pm

As humanity rises, the little audio school will explain everything important about who we are and our aims. In every language, for free. As we face old mistakes and new challenges, we need a better, more reliable, and a more beautiful introduction to Knowledge. And we have it easy, this tiny school project is simple. No more difficult, than an audio book. Translation, is about as hard, as it will ever get. And people will love translating it, updating it, refining it. I guess the smallest physical...

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On Rebuilding And 3D Printing Ancient Artifacts
#825: On Rebuilding And 3D Printing Ancient Artifacts
Created Friday, June 3rd 2022, 10:05:27 pm

We should try to extend the ancient or medieval art styles, even if just to understand them better. This is a kind of look into history, and while you are designing, a Dacian Bracelet to pick a random example, learn a little bit about Dacians that used to occupy what is Romania, today. Art allows you to time travel a little bit, and poetically speaking, it is more than just imagination. By recreating an object from an ancient culture, you will be able to gently touch back in time. You are not...

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The Geometric Quest For Abstract Jewelry Goodies
#824: The Geometric Quest For Abstract Jewelry Goodies
Created Thursday, June 2nd 2022, 9:31:22 pm

Please don’t get discouraged because of strange geometry things, it is an invitation, and so is manual modeling, and even wondering if 3D is something that you actually care for. It is all supposed to be just a beginning, you are to demand an infinity to all artistic adventures you set off on. Blender’s Geometry Nodes are good to learn, they are just a tool, it is a geometry modifier, that you program - it is one of many things. Schools are not working, and standardized education will eventually...

Thoughts On Writing
#823: Thoughts On Writing
Created Wednesday, June 1st 2022, 8:25:38 pm

I think to become a writer, we have to become unafraid. So that we can write freely, openly and without critics. And that requires, that we set something up to start. A website for cat people, who talk about caution and wisdom. Or a website, with crazy recipes... ... then stir the pickles, peaches, pears, potato, and a papaya and serve frozen in an ice cube tray. And really strange and mysterious stories, about how the were passed down through the generations. And all seemingly written, by different...

Prototype Five: Superhero Jewelry Box
#822: Prototype Five: Superhero Jewelry Box
Created Tuesday, May 31st 2022, 7:12:50 pm

I compared my manually modeled work, with the procedurally generated one - and it is superior. If all you have to do is move a slider, to go from memory card holder to a jewelry box, then it is superior. When you are manually modeling, you are working on a sub millimeter scale, to account for clearances of moving parts. Bringing all that together is complex, especially since different components need different clearances. A hinge pin does not need as much clearance, as the hinge units, especially if you...

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Learning For Real Is A Big Deal
#821: Learning For Real Is A Big Deal
Created Monday, May 30th 2022, 9:03:43 pm

Lack of real education, has been behind wrong doing in every nation. Education is our most important invention, our only means of crime and war prevention. Let us set students free, form all the world’s poverty. Let us end poverty and all the charades, and force school to pay, pay, for grades. We must all aim to agree, that real education makes the world open and free. Let us eliminate poverty by paying for education, let us build a new world, by uniting every nation. Let us call it Earth and live...

Design In Blender Print On An Ender: Easy To Read Visual Programming For The Purpose Of 3D Printing
#820: Design In Blender Print On An Ender: Easy To Read Visual Programming For The Purpose Of 3D Printing
Created Sunday, May 29th 2022, 10:38:51 am

I made a series of neat discoveries, and so as long as I keep it short, I think it is OK to share my most fanciful one. Though I want to give an honorable mention to the runner up, my second best idea is to keep Math Configuration and Geometry Manipulation apart. Preferably by creating two components or groups with well defined properties, first group would contain the bit of math that is always needed to get things right. And the second group, the object or property manipulations, that influence the...

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Searching For Something Neat To Write About
#819: Searching For Something Neat To Write About
Created Saturday, May 28th 2022, 9:23:59 pm

I always have something to say, usually spend thinking about it the whole day. But sometimes when 10PM comes about, I decide to back out. I figured I’d write about programming, today, then I thought better of it, and muttered, “No Way” So it turns out today, is just that kind of day. Now, I need a new thing to write about, hopefully I can quickly figure it out. It seems like a poem is always a good start, so I think I nailed that part. And that is somewhat rhymes, makes it better oftentimes. Plus, I...

3D Cubes; Or, Programmatically Selecting Parts Of A Cube In Blender’s Geometry Nodes
#818: 3D Cubes; Or, Programmatically Selecting Parts Of A Cube In Blender’s Geometry Nodes
Created Friday, May 27th 2022, 5:24:39 pm

I just figured out how to identify locations of parts of a cube, you have to create a point cloud around the cube. A point is a really primitive idea, and it does not show up in the finished product. But it serves as a very valuable anchor, a point is just X,Y and Z, also called a vector. And Geometry Nodes, are all about vectors. Just to clarify, a point can’t help you manipulate the cube, it is just a thing that gets glued on top of the cube. It is a useful concept, for attaching things to a...

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The Never Ending Chronicle Of The Grand Human Adventure
#817: The Never Ending Chronicle Of The Grand Human Adventure
Created Thursday, May 26th 2022, 5:00:39 pm

There is a lot more to come, because the more that Humanity creates. The more room there is, for growth. It is almost the same, with what we create within ourselves. If you allow yourself, to suspend the pursuit of grades, diplomas, and other approvals. And do something that you really like, something that you often return to. You will grow in that area, and that often means that you can branch out towards new things. For example, if you starting with programming, you can start learning Linux based...

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The More That All Are Looking For
#816: The More That All Are Looking For
Created Wednesday, May 25th 2022, 6:23:13 pm

It begins within, and it leads outside of the culture you are born into. There is an ever evolving universal culture, but any question of border. Will only ever lead the world back, and the world is meant to advance. At the very least, so that it does not continue repeating its mistakes. There is no preacher out there that has the answers, nor will a philosopher ever have the time to answer all your questions. You have to answer them, you have to become the great being you once wished to speak to. It...

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A Computer Based Government
#815: A Computer Based Government
Created Tuesday, May 24th 2022, 5:23:52 pm

Times are going to change within the next hundred or two hundred years, we are just beginning to understand that there are nations that are ran by crime families. Under the stress of Climate Change and all the things that come along with it, these fantasy governments will fail. Rather than facing an uncertain future where people who caused the failure, can buy their way back into leadership. Your generation, will need to provide certainty. And that certainty can be achieved, by using voter driven...

Batman Get Out Of My Laboratory; Or, The Superhero Belt
#814: Batman Get Out Of My Laboratory; Or, The Superhero Belt
Created Monday, May 23rd 2022, 9:08:53 pm

Let me tell you something about my superhero belt, you know the little hinge that makes the belt compartments open. Yeah, I can tell my computer program, how many hinging units my hinge has. Just in case some of my superhero belt compartments, need increased durability. Not only that, but my belt compartment hinges, automatically configure themselves to my belt compartments. All I need to do is select a cube for future fabrication, and my program will insert a hole, and make a proper hinge to match. I...

Works Of Art
#813: Works Of Art
Created Sunday, May 22nd 2022, 8:12:49 pm

Humble beginnings in a fancy doodle, a smiley face, or a neighborhood poodle. And then you take to your first pen creation, and get caught by a teacher to a standing ovation. So as long as you push towards your first reference, and make copy by graphite paper your preference. Your future will be crowned by many works, as you leave behind all the lying dorks. The bright future is right ahead of you, so as long as you keep to your path true. Pay no attention to experts or moderators, as they quickly...

Procedurally Generated Superhero Belts And Superhero Belt Accessories
#812: Procedurally Generated Superhero Belts And Superhero Belt Accessories
Created Saturday, May 21st 2022, 7:15:36 pm

I just completed my first programmed wallet, and it is simple and great. Before creating the final version, I realized, I don’t really want the credit cards to have a whole millimeter clearance. Even though I should have left it alone, I set the clearance to half a millimeter. And I halved the space between the container and the credit card tray, from .6 millimeter, to .3mm. This required just a second, the entire wallet instantly re-calibrated it self for the new dimensions. But, as it turned out, in...

Five Scary For Me; Or, Getting Your 3D Modeled Jewelry Out Into The Real World
#811: Five Scary For Me; Or, Getting Your 3D Modeled Jewelry Out Into The Real World
Created Friday, May 20th 2022, 10:27:40 pm

It turned out that the printer required for printing wax, that then can be surrounded by a casting medium (plaster)... Fired in an oven to remove wax, and filled with molten metal such as Pewter or Silver, or even Gold. Costs a bit less than a regular 3D printer, such as Ender 3 v2 (which you should always get with a Bed Leveling Kit) The wax printer costs about $200 dollars, and is called Mars Elegoo This is a resin printer, breathing resin is dangerous, so you will need ventilation and a mask...

Snarkedy Snarks: A Caaaall To Literary Greatness
#810: Snarkedy Snarks: A Caaaall To Literary Greatness
Created Thursday, May 19th 2022, 1:24:28 pm

People talk about Mr. Sagan, predicting future. Others like me; want Mr. Vonnegut to return, and I want Mr. Hitchens, and Sir Robinson, Mr. Bukowski, and Miss Rand to return too... somehow. Life is too short, to be this unfair. But that is not, the right way to think. Mr. Sagan reminds us, that we too have responsibilities. In the same way that Gaia exits, where all organisms on earth can be poetically viewed as one. There also exists a voice, poetically speaking, it has been called the spirit of...

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Learn, But Learn Things That Interest You Only
#809: Learn, But Learn Things That Interest You Only
Created Wednesday, May 18th 2022, 9:14:35 pm

School is a great way to learn about corruption, lies, and what shared fantasies look like. Just like everyone used to believe in fairy tales, now everyone believes, that you can learn things that aren't interesting. Whatever you can learn this way, is too trivial to bother with right now. Whatever you just cant understand, that is because someone is forcing you to learn them without context. For example, when programming screensavers learning math is really fun, sitting in a classroom watching a big fat...

Blender Geometry Nodes: Tough, But Neat And Sweet
#808: Blender Geometry Nodes: Tough, But Neat And Sweet
Created Tuesday, May 17th 2022, 9:21:50 pm

Programming 3D objects is as important, as Digital Painting, and Music Composition, and Programming. And combined with a 3D printer, in less than gadzillion hours you get to hold your creation in your hand. And that is one hecking reward, for learning a new talent. Though I want to make it clear, don't worry about this if you don't like it, it will come on its own, later - 3D modeling must always be about having fun. After a full day in there, I still fell strongly about not doing everything via Node...

Programming Jewelry Explained
#807: Programming Jewelry Explained
Created Monday, May 16th 2022, 7:07:51 pm

You don’t start from scratch, you start by making a circle the size of the ring. And that becomes the foundation, on top of which you attach all the decorations. It is like a rail, onto which you slide ring bits. The way you start programming, on top of a circle in Blender. Is by applying a modifier to your shape, modifiers are very commonly used for many things. I always use the Boolean Modifier, to create hard surface objects like wallets. But the Geometry Nodes Modifier is special, it is like a...

The Jeweler’s Lament; Or, Why Make Food Fly?
#806: The Jeweler’s Lament; Or, Why Make Food Fly?
Created Sunday, May 15th 2022, 10:25:06 pm

I really wanted to create, something that fancy people won’t hate. But I only came up with sausage earrings, each with tiny delicate wings. Which is sooo bad... that it is good, I came up with an original idea, as I should. But why would anyone wear such strange things, after all why the heck would food need wings. I wanted to invent something unique, a piece destined to become an antique. Previously I created a pug tag, an invention that guarantees a doggy bag. I suppose that where the sausage...

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World School, First Lecture
#805: World School, First Lecture
Created Saturday, May 14th 2022, 9:24:17 pm

A dream of creating a real open and free World School, that can help humanity converge on functional and powerful wisdom. In centuries past people didn't know to learn, and today we don't know to grow all the way up. The difference between a cheerful programmer, and a person who does not understand that they are forced to work... Is culture, the family culture, the surrounding culture, they culture they were born into, the culture they are surrounded by. Some may become violent gang members, some...

Authentic Self Education; Or, Advancing Human Kind Today
#804: Authentic Self Education; Or, Advancing Human Kind Today
Created Friday, May 13th 2022, 5:25:23 pm

"The only thing you have to fear is fear it self", holds true for growing all the way up. Like the power of endurance, which just takes a couple of years. And demand that we gradually increase, the workout load and complexity. We have many superpowers, stored behind some impossible to skip things. In a word, only the worthy. In fact there are superpowers, we shouldn't just speak of in passing. Just out of respect for those, who used them to overcome human cruelty and rise above it. Helping you...

You Are A Natural Born Genius
#803: You Are A Natural Born Genius
Created Thursday, May 12th 2022, 10:04:33 pm

All the complicated things, are easy when broken all the way down. Digital painting is easy, as you stop trying to finish the painting... And instead, focus on the steps in the process. Each step can be done well or badly, doing something badly does not guarantee predictable results. But doing the steps well, will sometimes even surprise you with the result. For example, pick your reference photo... well. If you pick a blurry reference photo, you may have trouble shaping the eye. And as a result, the...

Easy Peasy Meow: Setting Up Your Code Laboratory And Running Your First Programmer Programs
#802: Easy Peasy Meow: Setting Up Your Code Laboratory And Running Your First Programmer Programs
Created Wednesday, May 11th 2022, 1:27:05 pm

You may already have a computer, but that is not good. You need a computer for learning, you can get the pre-assembled $100 Raspberry PI 400. There are some extras you can get, and you will need a cheap $70 monitor, I recommend you get two cheap monitors. Or you can get the some assembly required 8GB version, Raspberry PI 4 (not 400). Note to parents: When I was 10 or 12, I got a Commodore 64, that looked similar to the Raspberry PI 400, I wouldn't know how to assemble a Raspberry PI 4, I...

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This Poem Is Not For Students
#801: This Poem Is Not For Students
Created Tuesday, May 10th 2022, 9:42:44 pm

Truth and authenticity, are a pre-requisite for Greatness. Your children must become Great Beings, with Authenticity, Wisdom, and their Uniqueness. Public schools are a new invention, they are no longer moving towards education. They have been made into a processing plant, an institution where everyone gets paid. The who, thing, that derailed schools, is us, from students on up, inclusive. When students tolerate education they know is fake, to be obedient, to be like others, to not to question. They...

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#800: Baroque
Created Monday, May 9th 2022, 6:45:42 pm

Baroque is one our greatest inventions, but somehow it has been forgotten. Baroque means Extremely Ornamental, basically lion heads, flowers, vines and doodads everywhere. It is notable that the school explanation is so bad, that it serves as evidence that schools have become an embarrassment. But as you can imagine Baroque Decorations, are by definition very detailed and time consuming. All those little flowers, and cats, and flowing vines need a fine touch. Or as the case is today, require that you...

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Dances With Singing Seagulls
#799: Dances With Singing Seagulls
Created Sunday, May 8th 2022, 10:36:51 pm

This is all between you and me... The first time I saw the sea, I muttered "are you freaking kidding me" I didn't speak English yet, but we all have a way of saying it. I felt betrayed, that this experience was delayed. I was only about eight or so, I was pretty smart, though. At first glance I knew with certainty, that I was the, son of the sea. I remember walking the longest the peer, with a grin and not a hint of fear. Oh, and I remember the Baltic Sea; food, being extremely good. The flounders on a...

Self Education Is Probably The Only Way
#798: Self Education Is Probably The Only Way
Created Saturday, May 7th 2022, 1:11:55 pm

It is hard to catch up with everything, once High School screws you over. And it is such a scam that people will give you a loan, so as long as they are guaranteed to get it back with interest. High School and College, are not the way they should be. Curriculum designers are asking for as little as possible, and teachers are doing as little as they can. This seems hard to believe at first, that people so kind and caring as teachers could do you wrong. But that is because, you don't know what you are...

Learning For Real Is All About Going On Fancy Adventures
#797: Learning For Real Is All About Going On Fancy Adventures
Created Friday, May 6th 2022, 10:33:41 pm

Real education is about, entering the class of learning. Documentaries are great, so as long as they are built on facts. Worlds most beloved books, are better. As they are loved, for their wisdom. Narrated Books are probably better, and you can’t go wrong with; A Short History Of Nearly Everything by Bill Bryson, and Death By Black Hole by Neil DeGrasse Tyson. Demon Haunted World by Car Sagan, and The Story Of Philosophy by Will Durant are also nice. As with everything, people will come to...

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Robot Chicken Camping: A New Kind Of European Invention
#796: Robot Chicken Camping: A New Kind Of European Invention
Created Thursday, May 5th 2022, 8:22:46 pm

When they have something interesting to 3D print. a lot of former Europeans camp-out by their printer to squint. It is a kind of lovely robot love, that they don’t want to get rid of. Monitoring the new 3D printer tech, is a fun as watching a Cute Chicken peck. A 3D printer is an excellent robot friend, so 3D printing becomes a ritual they want to attend. Sometimes a print may a looong time, so many take to writing rhyme. But make to mistake they love waiting, watching a print is supremely...

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Fix Education; Or, On The Subject Of A Peaceful And Stronger World
#795: Fix Education; Or, On The Subject Of A Peaceful And Stronger World
Created Wednesday, May 4th 2022, 9:32:49 pm

Your first and foremost obstacle is the liar, also sometimes called an evil person, or hacker in the vile sense. Above all know that the lairs do what they do, out of illness; their minds have long unraveled. We may speak of how they want treasures, or how they wish to be remembered by history. But that is just our projection to account for their evil, their evil has no logic. No more logic, than a hunger for more pleasure they get from more evil and corruption. In their minds they believe they are...

A Glance At Jewelry Design: The Pug Shield Pendant
#794: A Glance At Jewelry Design: The Pug Shield Pendant
Created Tuesday, May 3rd 2022, 9:31:06 pm

You can't make a piece of jewelry, for piece of jewelry's sake. Every design, must have a story. And you can't create the story, for piece of jewelry's sake. However, not all stories, must be written out on paper. Paintings, too tell sties, for example. A piece of jewelry from a painting, by the same artist, will suffice. More than a method, for creating meaningful jewelry. This is something, that may lead you towards jewelry design. Even if you never though of it, all to seriously. The computer world...

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If You Are Yet Again Asking: What The Doodle Is Image Masking?
#793: If You Are Yet Again Asking: What The Doodle Is Image Masking?
Created Monday, May 2nd 2022, 8:14:56 pm

Personally, I hope that as I get better at art, all parts of my paintings will have their own little masks. A visor on a knight’s helmet, a hand, both shoes, are all a good mask candidates. A knights helmet benefits from several masks, one for the visor, others for any decorations and/or layers of armor. The biggest reason for masking, is the ability to spray color on a helmet visor for example... Without any of that paint, getting on the helmet. I mention knights armor, because it is textured shiny...

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Value, Color, And Composition; Or, A Photo Is A Treasure Chest Of Color
#792: Value, Color, And Composition; Or, A Photo Is A Treasure Chest Of Color
Created Sunday, May 1st 2022, 9:20:05 pm

Value or DARKENESS CONTROL, is in deed a thing, especially once you start creating multi-character scenes. You will have to make sure that all shadows, match up, that hings are not too light here, and too washed out there. Color, is a similarly sized problem, so both are formidable. Some artists build their scenes out of of three values, dark medium and light, and they stick with it like crazy. A warrior that is close to you will have dark value, the hero in the middle will have medium value, and dragon...

Rising With Art
#791: Rising With Art
Created Saturday, April 30th 2022, 9:12:52 pm

We are all artists, and powerful learners, it takes hours to paint realistic things. And it almost takes no effort, to navigate complex concepts as if they were a city. Take a selfie, or a photo of a friend. And just use a projector in traditional art, or a transparent layer in digital art. Then quickly find a Coffee Shop or a Gallery, to display you art in. And there you go, that is all the proof you need. Once you relax, you will want to paint magical things. Glowing eyes, or swords, shiny armor and...

Freehand For Fantasy, Reference For Realism; Or, On Fine Disregard For Rule
#790: Freehand For Fantasy, Reference For Realism; Or, On Fine Disregard For Rule
Created Friday, April 29th 2022, 10:16:36 pm

There are no rules in art, because rules cause harm as they box the artist in. Creating art, is like walking around a city. It is meant to be interesting, and it must not be pre-planned or on some schedule. Real Education is somewhat similar to art, in that it is about curiosities. Where the student moves from one storefront, to another, while gaining the abilities to appreciate more things. Fake education is pushing people through at a preset-speed, and in a preset sequence. At which point they abandon...

Art Smart; or, The Power Of Seeing
#789: Art Smart; or, The Power Of Seeing
Created Thursday, April 28th 2022, 8:13:20 pm

There is nothing fancier than Art, and it is never too late to start. And creating your own art, is a sure way to become super smart. And all you need to start, is your heart. If you are not sure what to create, take a picture of a fat cat that just ate. Make getting the shape right your first goal, use a transparent layer or project it on a wall. Meditate and flow with the shape, as painting can be a kind of escape. With a touch or reflection, you will become art-smart by your 50th projection. As you...

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The Shiny Pug, Or Coloring Line Art
#788: The Shiny Pug, Or Coloring Line Art
Created Wednesday, April 27th 2022, 11:06:58 pm

When drawing on the computer, or tracing a real pencil sketch... Use a very thin brush, as think as you can go. Because when coloring a circle for example, you simply use the contiguous selection tool... With a grow setting, so that the selection that is created on the inside... Cuts into your line art, as a result becomes tucked beneath the line art. If you have an intricate design, like eyes on a face. There is no good reason why there should be a large gap, when you turn off you line art. The color of...

The Great Pajama Ride, Or How To Finish Your Art
#787: The Great Pajama Ride, Or How To Finish Your Art
Created Tuesday, April 26th 2022, 6:14:13 pm

Before you know it, you’ll build a scene you will wish to photo-manipulate, sketch, illustrate, and paint. It will be something cute an funny, and extremely relaxing to work on. Photo manipulation, actually includes painted elements. Here you are painting, right on the photo. Sketching, is about capturing the lines. Or to be really precise, what lines not to capture. You create line art, that can stand on its own. But line art is also an important part, of comics and illustration. Here you are coloring...

Never Pugnacious, Always Gracious
#786: Never Pugnacious, Always Gracious
Created Monday, April 25th 2022, 1:51:20 pm

The Queen Of Queens who never Bows To Kings, and a keeper of all the doggie things. She who united squirrels, dogs and cats, and to this day encourages them to wear tiny little hats. It is a golden age of pet fashion, and all should dress with a passion. She herself is a true charmer, and rides on a little horse in golden armor. And she truly deeply adores, her silly little horse. At home she dresses in a pink sweater of wool, that makes her feel cozy and cheerful. Other than the fact that she is larger...

Of Poses And Worlds
#785: Of Poses And Worlds
Created Sunday, April 24th 2022, 5:38:13 pm

There actually is, a good use for drawing simplified models. Where you draw a face model on your source image, mark all the distances, and make all the relative measurements. And then repaint the super-simplified model again, but this time on your empty canvas. This technique also works for the body, there you will mark knees and joints and shoulders. And again repaint the model you drew over the photo, on a blank canvas. If all you have is a photo, canvas and traditional brushes. Turn your photo into...

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Lecture Two: Enhancing Your Reference Images
#784: Lecture Two: Enhancing Your Reference Images
Created Saturday, April 23rd 2022, 7:08:21 pm

The secret of good art is Laughter, make your friends and classmates laugh. Use the Warp Transform Tool in GIMP, but keep hardness and strength low. You want to make gradual changes, aim to revisit areas of the face multiple times, be gentle. With a large Move Pixels Warp Transform, move the bottom of the face up. This creates a more youthful face, with very little effort. Now slightly enrage the upper head, the effect is that the rest of the head becomes smaller. The point is not to make the forehead...

Tiny Little Art Lice: Don't Let Liars Stop You From Learning
#783: Tiny Little Art Lice: Don't Let Liars Stop You From Learning
Created Friday, April 22nd 2022, 2:05:48 pm

What comes next may sting a little, as it may include an attack from other artists. Practicing on photos, is only as step away from using GIMP's Warp Transform, to beautify your source photos, photos that you MUST now take yourself. As using that as foundation, for impossibly beautiful paintings that bring joy to the heart. You are about to enter the viral zone, where you are going to cut into other peoples' profits and subscribers. They did this to themselves, they have kept the world of digital...

A Tiny Little Introduction To Digital Paining (Recap And Lecture Practice)
#782: A Tiny Little Introduction To Digital Paining (Recap And Lecture Practice)
Created Thursday, April 21st 2022, 6:37:16 pm

Digital Painting is such a wonderful thing, that it will let you start with Hyperrealism. What an amazing gift, learning by painting perfect portraits on day one. Use Open Source Krita, and watch a few beginner tutorials. Get a $40-$70 pen and tablet, preferably with the pen tilt feature. Tilt, means that when using a virtual chisel tip marker, the tip will actually rotate as you fidget with the pen. (Please read the pen and tablet product description carefully, make sure that it ships with all...

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Hyperrealism vs. Super Realism
#781: Hyperrealism vs. Super Realism
Created Wednesday, April 20th 2022, 10:40:59 pm

You must use photo reference, at least at first, or you will get stuck, our brains use some extra processing for faces. You can’t just copy a face on a canvas, because you are not seeing the person correctly. Similar thing happens with the moon when it grows large, the moon never comes closer to earth, it is always the same size... Our brain is just doing extra processing, or not processing things at the horizon correctly, if you like. The difference between looking into distance, and looking...

What The Doodle Is A Value Study?
#780: What The Doodle Is A Value Study?
Created Tuesday, April 19th 2022, 7:15:02 pm

It is 95% of a digital painting, it is a major part of fast painting technique. The word value in art, means the darkness or brightness of a color. So shadow and light, It is a study of shadows, mid-tones, light, and highlights. Someone chose the world value, because it is short. And then it caught on, because it makes an artist sound like a pro. “Hey, bro, I got to park my car in the low values, so that the glue in my custom trim work doesn’t turn to gooooo” - true story. So, you start by painting a...

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Why Snow: Summer Will Be Delayed Until The Groundhog Gets Paid
#779: Why Snow: Summer Will Be Delayed Until The Groundhog Gets Paid
Created Monday, April 18th 2022, 4:27:07 pm

Sorry, the weather won't turn, until after, the Groundhog gets his tax return. Our Dear Groundhog Leader, may be a mind reader. All hail, the Beautiful Groundhog, the leader of all, from human to dog. Like Santa he maybe able to hear your every thought, and he probably listens a lot. The older he gets, the less he cares, the less regrets. Maybe he feels he was always too nice, so now he is bringing the ice. The ice age - that is, because control over weather seems to be his. The weather will only...

United Countries Of The World
#778: United Countries Of The World
Created Sunday, April 17th 2022, 8:37:10 pm

Please no more war, no more imaginary borders. Poverty makes it hard to see, and not everybody notices. If you were born to a different place, your religion, intelligence, and level of safety would change. All those things that change, when you are born elsewhere, or elsewhen. Are not who you are, they have been impressed upon you. Our brains love, to accept the surrounding culture. Historically, genes of the rebels, never got far. Though the road Humanity walks, was not made by followers... It was made...

The Right Angle: The Biggest Problem In Art
#777: The Right Angle: The Biggest Problem In Art
Created Saturday, April 16th 2022, 3:42:57 pm

Face recognition, sometimes photos don't capture the right angle. When we know someone personally, we recognize them based on a series of angles. In a photo, we only get one angle. And what is worse, lenses can distort the face even more. As well as software trying to be helpful, and even the scene, the focus, the colors. Sometimes, a person's expression, can alter their appearance. And the last thing you need, is your art creating a sense of distance. And not closeness, as it is...

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Your Art Journals Are Precious
#776: Your Art Journals Are Precious
Created Friday, April 15th 2022, 9:18:56 pm

There are as many directions, as there are artists. And each painting is a gateway, to a new story that must be told. It isn't just the story though, but also how it is told. Be it night and moonlight, or mountains and mist. Or maybe sunlight, on a cheerful face. The language of the story, is the style of art. A photo cannot tell as much, but it can serve as a start. A photo is a friend to painting, a sturdy foundation to built on. To truly appreciate, all the languages of art. But would need to paint...

Artistic Meows
#775: Artistic Meows
Created Thursday, April 14th 2022, 8:27:17 pm

I freehand painted a blue nose, and I got pretty gosh darn close. The nose did not look like a cucumber. So twenty portraits must be a magic number. It was actually easy to sculpt, and it came out without a fault. Still, at the end of the day, freehand is not the way. We should paint real people, and real faces, and real places. It is best to practice, by painting a masterpiece, But I was on a mission, to improve my style and composition. And I think my next meow, is painting metal somehow. It is...

Three Scary For Me: How Art Can Bite You
#774: Three Scary For Me: How Art Can Bite You
Created Wednesday, April 13th 2022, 10:37:29 pm

I don’t know what got into me today, as I arrived home from the gym... Even before, I got out of my car... I already searched for, “digital painting glowing eyes”. I was recently looking at fantasy art, and everything is glowing in their world. So I made everything glow in one of my portraits, it looked great... Until I asked, what will the person in the painting think. I looked at the portrait, and they now had glowing blue skin. I realized, by adding all the glowing stuff, it no longer looked...

Fixing Programming, Or, Building Your First Trillion Dollar Company
#773: Fixing Programming, Or, Building Your First Trillion Dollar Company
Created Tuesday, April 12th 2022, 5:18:22 pm

There are low level languages, and high level languages. In a low level language, you talk to a hard drive in a way that hard drives like to be talked to. In a high level language, you open a Desktop Window with a simple bit of code. High level languages have a concept of objects, that is really fun to write out and play with. People create window objects with actions like, open or close. When you tell a window to open, with title more than two words, it pops up. You can point it at a web page, or put...

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Don't Let Art-Liars Trick You: You Are Already An Artist
#772: Don't Let Art-Liars Trick You: You Are Already An Artist
Created Monday, April 11th 2022, 4:05:12 pm

The school taught, artists... Are forced to think that using original colors is wrong. And they call this beautiful invention, color picking. They don't see the beauty, of the process. The light coming through the lens, the microchip and being captured in a file, and framed in a theory. This color is precious, it is a gem, a true ray of light. They also call, the direct use of reference images: paint-overs. Again, they were tricked by teachers. Teachers who took credit for their talent, as we all have...

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Building Masterpiece Paintings
#771: Building Masterpiece Paintings
Created Sunday, April 10th 2022, 7:34:53 pm

Abandon sketches, think in layers, and strategist layer after layer. For example, face, body, and a basic background, form three layers. The magic of building paintings, begins the moment you look behind your first character. It maybe an idea to hold the horizon, and leave the farthest points for last. This way you can be building and imagining, layer by layer, until you reach the very end. Building paintings, is a method of building out a scene step by step. Rather than starting with a sketch, which...

Seventy Five Days And Seventeen Paintings
#770: Seventy Five Days And Seventeen Paintings
Created Saturday, April 9th 2022, 12:24:21 pm

Two days of painting, two days of resting, a new painting every four days, for about 75 I am only showing sixteen here, because every time I look at that damn Groundhog, it snows. I don’t feel welcome in the art community, and I got banned from one forum already. I said “That art teachers destroy artists, and we have to fight them.” The moderator said that the forum is owned by an art teacher, and I will never post there again. Even though this is really funny, I’ve decided to stand alone. I don’t...

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Sitting In A Chair Learning To Paint Hair
#769: Sitting In A Chair Learning To Paint Hair
Created Friday, April 8th 2022, 2:22:19 pm

You definitely don't want to stand for it, cause this one takes a little bit. If something goes wrong, delete, try again, and stay strong. Hair is not painted with a hair brush, you actually use the air brush. You don't need to get each and every hair, as that is somewhat unfair. You want to capture the structure and shine, and put your barber hat on, to make it all align. Not all techniques work for all kinds of hair, painting hair is a unique affair. Painting hair, requires great care. Though you can...

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The Triumphant Painter
#768: The Triumphant Painter
Created Thursday, April 7th 2022, 9:37:58 pm

“Victorious warriors win first and then go to war, while defeated warriors go to war first and then seek to win” - Sun Tzu. The creation of an expensive series of paintings, is a multi-step process. It begins with creation of a theme, for a series of four or nine paintings. Then photo-manipulating and photo-bashing prototypes together, or the creation of an advanced digital-photo-based sketch. Then using this photo manipulated image, as direct reference, the perfect source of correct color and...

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Tea And Biscuit, Or How To Paint A Perfect Selfie Portrait
#767: Tea And Biscuit, Or How To Paint A Perfect Selfie Portrait
Created Wednesday, April 6th 2022, 7:36:11 pm

Not all art sessions, take lots of preparation. Creating digital ink sketches, takes a minute per sketch. Line art can be just as magical, as impressionism. There is nothing to stop line art from perfectly capturing a face. But playing with the sun and clouds, summer shadows, and nature's own colors. And discovering just the right background colors, to match the weather is wonderful. An you know what, you almost certainly, are going to need a bicycle. The simpler the better, and fat tire ones are very...

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Art Self Education: We Are All Artists
#766: Art Self Education: We Are All Artists
Created Tuesday, April 5th 2022, 4:46:54 pm

Preface: All are welcome to this technique, even those who angrily object to it. If you are one of those individuals, and don't like using reference tools, start with a free hand sketch, and a color study. But please don't use the color theory, or grids, or measure the size of one thing by the size of another. Because that is just this technique, with extra steps. What is more, is that this technique is a superior teacher of shape and color, it places mastery of painting in the hands of all the people of...

First Impressions Of Impressionism: It's Fast
#765: First Impressions Of Impressionism: It's Fast
Created Monday, April 4th 2022, 9:18:55 pm

Yes, the paintings are kind of incomplete, but not the kind where portraits are distorted. The incompleteness of impressionism, is found in areas like the corner of the eye. It usually takes three minutes to sort things out in there, but with Impressionism it is a simple swipe of the correct color. Now the crazy thing is, that... Considering the viewers state of mind, where they normally look at the painting... They are not interested in a correctly painted, corner of the eye. I see Impressionism as a...

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Pad De Deux: Magically Unfinished
#764: Pad De Deux: Magically Unfinished
Created Sunday, April 3rd 2022, 3:48:59 pm

Art is sensitive to light and color as well, painting on a well calibrated monitor... Can look slightly off, on a coffee shop laptop. And when you take your art, to the local photo printing booth... You may find that the shadows in the painting do not agree, with all rooms you take your art into. Moreover, unlike a photo your impressionist painting, can ask you for help. It speaks in strange ways, but it speaks with heart. And that is only the half of it, because you speak back. By adding the...

Fastest Painter This Side Of Missis-sippi, Or Your First Art Show Today
#763: Fastest Painter This Side Of Missis-sippi, Or Your First Art Show Today
Created Saturday, April 2nd 2022, 10:01:23 pm

Today, I gave myself 20 minutes to paint something, and I am not happy with what I created. I am pretty sure if you do a 20 minute speed painting session, you are not going to be too happy either. However, how...everrr... Speed painting is important especially, when using a semi-transparent reference image over the entire canvas. We are given access to each and every detail there is. We are artistic royalty, gushing with perfection. Sometimes, for the sake of study, of comprehension of greatness... We...

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The New Leaders
#762: The New Leaders
Created Friday, April 1st 2022, 4:18:36 pm

A stranger I overheard mentioned that in war we all lose, and a boy energetically sprung up to the conversation, and said: "What do you mean, we won the second World War, and we couldn't afford to lose." So how is it that in war both sides lose, and yet it is also necessary to protect the best version of the free world we managed to build. This boy was looking at the final victory, the bad guys lose, the good guys win. But, the world is a sequence of events, it is a timeline, and everything that occurs,...

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Beyond Hyperrealism Lies The Multiverse of Surrealism
#761: Beyond Hyperrealism Lies The Multiverse of Surrealism
Created Thursday, March 31st 2022, 8:46:29 pm

Above all, painting real faces is precious, especially when you make someone smile. Or better yet, when you make them the star they are. Wherever you go, distort their face as little as possible. While painting a photo, is a wonderful thing. Photos are rarely perfect, and often include things that do not add to you painting. One example is the background, after you finish painting the portrait... You can blur the background out, or create a better one. This is where landscape painting, becomes very...

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Narrated Books
#760: Narrated Books
Created Wednesday, March 30th 2022, 8:00:52 pm

Humanity, is a baby. Humanity can only grow, when people grow. And to grow, does not mean a little bit. It means all the way, until you become a great being. You will need powerful books, written (and preferably read) by fine storytellers. Normally, children start where parents retire, but in a world corroded by poverty, this is rare. With the power of books, not only do you inherit multiple lifetimes of wisdom. But get to stand, on the shoulders of their authors. Narrated books, are a true...

Making Mountains
#759: Making Mountains
Created Tuesday, March 29th 2022, 4:26:03 pm

I set my brushes aside some years ago, and muttered “There has got to be a better way to do color”. I like tradition, and I appreciate color theory, I know it very well from programming generators of color swatches and themes. And I was ready to grab a pane of glass, and start a color mixing extravaganza. But, I stopped myself, because the traditional way, is not always the better way. Back then I didn't seriously consider digital paining yet, I didn't think I could do it. I expected years of practicing...

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What is A School Class And What Is It For?
#758: What is A School Class And What Is It For?
Created Monday, March 28th 2022, 3:51:56 pm

This is a question that should only be answered by example, because by creating a definition you will enable liars to manipulate unsuspecting students. I will give you a definition anyway, but only for this poem's sake, and I didn't even try to put any effort in it. "It is a set of honest, authentic, precious and lovely lectures, that lead to a life-long and profound, positive change, in a student's life. But I repeat, this question should only be answered by example, liars will use weasel words and...

A Wiser World And A Better View
#757: A Wiser World And A Better View
Created Sunday, March 27th 2022, 9:05:31 pm

Teachers could teach for real, but that's just not the deal. They are there to follow, slowly turning hollow. Selling out for perks, that is how the world works. Teenagers shouldn't tolerate this, or they’ll end up in the same abyss. Nor should new teachers cheat, or even take a back seat. Medicine is priced for profit, as high as CEO’s see fit. Bank systems keep us poor, dictators tell their prisoners to endure. Teenagers are shipped to war, because of some oath they swore. Weapons are created to...

Through The Looking Glass, At The Mount Of Hyperrealism
#756: Through The Looking Glass, At The Mount Of Hyperrealism
Created Saturday, March 26th 2022, 8:53:22 pm

Art loves you so much, that it instantly helps you with everything you need. Just stretch your reference image over the entire canvas in Krita, and you have perfect shape and color reference. This beautiful first step, instantly makes you an artist. Your first ten hyper-realistic portraits, will teach you about the nose, the eyes, the lips and hair. Gaining an intuition about how features are painted, is very special. This talent is also a very powerful reference point, very useful for comprehending...

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A Look At Shadow And Color
#755: A Look At Shadow And Color
Created Friday, March 25th 2022, 7:04:41 pm

This exercise still relies on reference images, positioned over the entire canvas. But we first create line art, not exactly necessary, but it takes no effort, and it is very fun. And then a shadow layer, which will require colorization. Follow something like the Marco Bucci's stylization tutorial and possibly add one or two of Ross Tran's Five Tips. Any tutorial on semi or high realism, that deals with shadows that require color glazing. This simple technique, touches upon more traditional...

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Of Photogrammetric Peanuts And The Importance Of Real Education
#754: Of Photogrammetric Peanuts And The Importance Of Real Education
Created Thursday, March 24th 2022, 9:26:39 pm

My $2 macro lens arrived today, I attached it to my phone camera, and took a good look at a peanut I was about to eat. It took me a second to mutter the words Macro Photogrammetry, and a new project was born, just like that. While I pounced into art for a minute, I am technically, in the middle of my 3D Modeling and Printing project. Which includes jewelry, 3D printed upon a sale, metal and glass jewelry. Right now, because of my $2 purchase, I could totally make a peanut necklace. The peanuts would be...

Hyperrealism, A Teacher And A Protector
#753: Hyperrealism, A Teacher And A Protector
Created Wednesday, March 23rd 2022, 9:31:17 pm

Everything beyond Hyperrealism, is a delicious problem. Your road, is your own. You can dive directly into Photogrammetry, and base your next portrait on a 3D model. Or You can open up your reference photo in GIMP, and adjust the color temperature. Or you can challenge yourself to a vision quest, by desaturating your reference photo completely. Mixing the color from scratch may feel relatively counterproductive, but it may lead you to a series of simplified portraits, or color studies. Where you for...

The Future Of Art In Three Steps
#752: The Future Of Art In Three Steps
Created Tuesday, March 22nd 2022, 5:13:51 pm

There are three important points in today's fast paced world of art, question the teachers, embrace using reference images over full canvas, and make use of 3D models. One, on the subject of teachers, I will say that Art does not need computers, and a good artist can still perfectly capture a person's appearance. It is cruel to throw logs at the student's feet, especially those who are new to art. They are being purposefully and artificially delayed, with concepts like hand-eye-coordination, and the...

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First Day Of Summer In Just 92 Days
#751: First Day Of Summer In Just 92 Days
Created Monday, March 21st 2022, 10:55:48 pm

If I know anything about Summer, this year it will rear it self like a plumber. She'll moon us with the heat of night, and I'll bet the moon will be twice as bright. Already the ducks are quacking, and squires dug their nuts up are busy cracking. Geese arrived a month ago, they're hissing like they are ready to blow. That is a sign, surely, it shows that summer will arrive a whole month early. It is like 62 days to summer meow, and it will probably arrive even sooner somehow. Personally, I recommend...

Art Revolutions
#750: Art Revolutions
Created Sunday, March 20th 2022, 12:47:31 pm

Maybe, it was the digital camera, that started the change. Just being able to take a photo, and quickly use it as digital painting reference transformed art. Today, using image reference tool under the Open Source Krita, allows for tracing the shape and position of everything in the shot, and picking the correct color as well. This adds up to start the young artist, at perfect hyperrealistic portraits. There are numerous paths to the heart of art, but this one is the most colorful one, and here no...

State Of The Art: Spring 2022
#749: State Of The Art: Spring 2022
Created Saturday, March 19th 2022, 8:42:51 pm

The Cat Pea Technique is working as well as it should, and I just now found a tracing demo showing the Reference Images Tool. Here a person is tracing the shapes of musical instruments, through a transparent reference image. I don't know if it is mentioned that the color picker tool, will pick original colors from the reference image even though it has been made transparent. This tool is both for tracing shapes, and picking the correct colors. A lot of people ridicule the idea, others ridicule...

The Way Of The Artist
#748: The Way Of The Artist
Created Friday, March 18th 2022, 8:07:44 pm

Everyone of us has the responsibility to stand for truth, to stand authentic, and un-freaking-breakable. "Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me." If we allow ourselves to get broken, then three will be no future. Don't expect those doing the breaking, to create any future, they can only feed on destruction. While we are not animals in the terrible sense of the word, we are still Great Warriors, it is our heritage. I repeat not a single student, or dreamer, or geek, or...

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Towards The Future Of Human Kind
#747: Towards The Future Of Human Kind
Created Thursday, March 17th 2022, 3:36:19 pm

You see what broken schools do, they close the minds of men. So tightly, that their world is a world of fantasy, the language they speak is pictorial. It contains words born of TV, snippets of scenes. They are easily threatened, and they can easily let go of thought, in favor of nothing. It was supposed to be the last war, because no one could possibly be as cruel again. But the switched-off mind, knows no feeling. This world does not belong to leaders, it belongs to the children of the people that...

All The Things And Every Thingamabob
#746: All The Things And Every Thingamabob
Created Wednesday, March 16th 2022, 10:04:39 pm

Our powers wait for the flame to brighten, so that they may enlighten. We are all as creative and powerful as it gets, but we have to grow so that our elder selves have no regrets. We have to be heroes too, we must always stand strong and true. Heck, we should even worry that a teacher can grade art, or make someone feel like they are not smart. But also by extension, always aim to expand our comprehension. Find wise biographies and great adventure books, to frighten away all the crooks. And gain more...

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The Outrageous Little Idea Of The Tiny School Of Meow
#745: The Outrageous Little Idea Of The Tiny School Of Meow
Created Tuesday, March 15th 2022, 10:23:13 pm

I feel I need to learn more about music, but I also sense that what I am missing are techniques. These are paths of things in a sequence, and they will produce interesting results. These paths are similar to Hyperrealistic portrait stylizations, they are recipes that work best when done in a sequence. I would say make hair shine before working on the eyes, and leave cheekbone highlights for last as they will make the portrait jump out at you. In music, bass will come first, but to make it dance-able the...

Better Art, And Better World, By Not, Just Doing What We Are Told
#744: Better Art, And Better World, By Not, Just Doing What We Are Told
Created Monday, March 14th 2022, 3:10:05 pm

Though art was always near, and all intentions seemed dear. The world gives into in broken things, and when change comes it is tied by strings. Teachers forget what their students were like, and once they graduate even students forget to strike. It takes a Humanity to move the future in a new direction, and many hopes will be broken by rejection. All the lies and half measures are brittle by design, sometimes all Humanity needs is a single sign. We are amazing as learning by subtle analogy, a talent...

Quo Vadis?
#743: Quo Vadis?
Created Sunday, March 13th 2022, 5:18:40 pm

That schools are broken is one terrible thing, you are meant to stand far above that. You are meant to be more than just self educating, you are meant to be powering up, all that is all too human. It doesn't even matter what is coming, you are to learn great things as a function of being human. You are meant to become a great being, you are meant to move mountains. A world that does not emphasize greatness, will become a world of actors, performers, pretenders. Those kinds of people are not well, they...

How To Frighten Programmers: A Programming Tutorial
#742: How To Frighten Programmers: A Programming Tutorial
Created Saturday, March 12th 2022, 2:12:48 pm

Good programmers are a bit scared of new things, so let us frighten the heck out of them. As you know, you can add a new page to Wikipedia any time, though moderators will delete it, the Wiki will let you. The WikiWiki is a marvelous invention, and it is also very simple. But it does not work so well, when you are trying to create interactive things. Wikis, only let you create cross connected pages. But what if we want to create a secure area of our website, is there something as simple as a wiki? - yes,...

From Strange Little Beginnings To Great Books And Ideas
#741: From Strange Little Beginnings To Great Books And Ideas
Created Friday, March 11th 2022, 9:59:42 pm

As my bullies were getting worse and worse, there was some kind of religious ceremony I had to go through. I have no idea what it was, but it was really important. We were forced into confessionals, and confess sins. I had to lie, because I didn't have any; so I told the priest that I use bad words. He told me that it was not enough, that I should go back and pray and think about my sins again. And stand in the line of 200 kids, and try my confession again. I felt a sense of relief, knowing that I was...

A Tiny Business Tutorial: Considering Artists And Builders Of Art Communities
#740: A Tiny Business Tutorial: Considering Artists And Builders Of Art Communities
Created Thursday, March 10th 2022, 5:28:48 pm

The world needs a platform, where people can request portraits. To get things moving a user uploads an image and sets a budget, then artists compete to win. And of course each artist has a store, where users can request paintings. The competition, is a way to get people interested, curious, and moving, and maybe stressing a bit. And store pages, is where artists quietly make money. I think it is fair to say, that this is a small visual website where we can allow images speak for them selves. This could...

Towards Real Education
#739: Towards Real Education
Created Wednesday, March 9th 2022, 4:52:31 pm

In order for the world to permanently get better, we all have to come together. Our unity is what seals the deal, our unity makes it real. Nothing works for long, because we got everything wrong. The leaders can't lead the world, because the world is not meant for the old. And only levels of education cut us apart, so we only need to become smart. The myths we believe are very revealing, they all push us away from growing and healing. We have to grow out of this my friends, lest we corner ourselves in...

The Art Teacher's Story
#738: The Art Teacher's Story
Created Tuesday, March 8th 2022, 4:37:32 pm

Please understand that Superpowers are... real, but the real ones are a magnitude more profound than the stuff in the comics. Hyperrealism or Fantasy Art is a superpower, and so is selling your art, selling creations that come from your heart. Teaching! Hyperrealism and Stylization, is extremely powerful as it helps people out of poverty. Elements of stylization such as glowing eye techniques, or face highlights, or playing with camera focus are perfectly awesome superpowers as well. As the case is with...

A Note To Parents On The Subject Of Art And The Future
#737: A Note To Parents On The Subject Of Art And The Future
Created Monday, March 7th 2022, 6:15:42 pm

All the big changes that take but one step, might have already happened, what humanity needs now requires multiple steps. As I write this, the wold is experiencing a Pandemic, and a renewed threat of Nuclear War. Wold leaders are calling for return to office, and are reading teenagers to fight in new wars. Lack of real education really hurts the world, because then, people make decisions based on what little they know. They will have long dismissed impressions of fake education they have once felt, and...

The Ode To My Misshapen Butterfly
#736: The Ode To My Misshapen Butterfly
Created Sunday, March 6th 2022, 8:31:19 pm

Oh my misshapen butterfly, I am so glad you can still fly. You didn't want to come out right at first, as if I had crooked hands that were also cursed. Everything I did looked flat, like someone took a shoe, and splat! I sat there thinking about you, until I myself, became blue. But as I finally painted you on my eighteenth try, you became my favorite butterfly. Butterfly, I am glad you can still fly. You did show me the way, and it was right in front of me all day. To put it simply, The wing that...

The Curse Of The Universe: Why We Must End Ineffective Education
#735: The Curse Of The Universe: Why We Must End Ineffective Education
Created Saturday, March 5th 2022, 8:49:52 pm

Unless we actively press for the advancement of Human Kind, we will discover that we are regressing. Like a ball kicked up a hill, we will eventually make make our way back. It takes three decades to catch on, this is longer than most people care to pay attention. Unless we are deliberately advancing forward at an urgent pace, the bad things that can happen, will eventually happen. Call it, the Curse Of The Universe. Call it, Uneducated men think all the same. Call it, all pretenders can only hope to...

The Magic Of Painting
#734: The Magic Of Painting
Created Friday, March 4th 2022, 3:54:27 pm

Paintings have a truly unique power, they can and should beautifully present things... That do not normally occur in the real world, that you can't just snap a picture of. I am currently working on a group of silly animals, who are not in proportion to each other. They have proportions, that make a person smile. More over, I think I may dress them up, for adventure. In a portrait I am hoping to somewhat finish today, I am creating a crown of butterflies. Where butterflies chose, to land in a fairie's...

Of Sunflowers And Works Of Art That Do Not Yet Exist
#733: Of Sunflowers And Works Of Art That Do Not Yet Exist
Created Thursday, March 3rd 2022, 6:10:19 pm

Our greatest inventions, have been nothing short of our most beautiful poetry. And so I dreamed up a museum, and entered to see most magnificent works of art. Each one was priced at, 3.5 million dollars which is very little. As these were works of art, that have not yet been created. Even so it is more than enough, that when bought... The artist will receive, 100 dollars per day for life. Eventually creating a work of art or science, worth much more. Living a life unconstrained by the madness of...

You May Be Asking: What Is Image Masking?
#732: You May Be Asking: What Is Image Masking?
Created Wednesday, March 2nd 2022, 4:10:56 pm

You know how people make collages, by very carefully cutting out pieces of magazines? This allows them to put a house on a woodland background, and then a person wearing a suit in the foreground, and then a face on top of that person, from somewhere else. They are splicing a scene together, it is a kind of art. Digitally clipping collages is a very useful technique for assembling your scenes, when you assemble a collage that covers all the features of your painting... You can simply focus on...

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Schools Help The World Grow Free
#731: Schools Help The World Grow Free
Created Tuesday, March 1st 2022, 5:38:38 pm

We know schools are such an important thing, that every child in the world goes to school - just like that. We correctly see schools as part of growing up, we see denying schools as a horrible crime. Our vision falters beyond that point, because we don't quite yet know what effective education is. We have some really, really good ideas about real schools, but we are far from creating real good ones. We are close, we are really are, we just now identified that we can't have grades, and that we...

Life Is An Ocean, But So Is Art
#730: Life Is An Ocean, But So Is Art
Created Monday, February 28th 2022, 3:53:53 pm

Learning life is of utmost weight, we must all learn to navigate. You can do it in real life: by means of strife. Or in the world of art, by slowly rising to become smart. No one will tell you this, but life-advice is hit and miss. And life is far to dear, to play it by ear. Don't just take any advice, for that always comes at a price. Listen to great beings only, and you will never become lost or lonely. They are the ones that know, for they are the ones that grow. And no one will tell you this, life...

Internalizing Art
#729: Internalizing Art
Created Sunday, February 27th 2022, 8:53:59 pm

Stretching reference images over the entire canvas, making them transparent and using them as shape and color reference is awesome. It is a powerful idea, that can have you selling your paintings in no time. It is a perfect start, of your perfect art. Take a looooong time to paint, and dream, and think about things, there is no time in art. When you are ready, the next steps are near. I like my portfolio, the same way I like my websites plain and simple. This is not as simple as it sounds, but it is...

Fantastic Realism: Towards Seductive Vampires, Mighty Werewolves, Beautiful Elves, And Mighty Legendary Warriors
#728: Fantastic Realism: Towards Seductive Vampires, Mighty Werewolves, Beautiful Elves, And Mighty Legendary Warriors
Created Saturday, February 26th 2022, 12:48:45 pm

Fantasy worlds create beautiful, sometimes scary stories. But there is more to it, because as you find comfort in creation of realistic portraits. You will surely ponder a new direction, search for things that can enhance your art. Adventures into the worlds of fantasy, are one such thing. Fantasy built on top of realism, creates extremely valuable works of art. And please don't worry, as with portraits, the road towards fantasy is paved with reference images. But here you move beyond head-shots, and...

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Who The Heck Are The Pixels?
#727: Who The Heck Are The Pixels?
Created Friday, February 25th 2022, 8:38:19 pm

Pixels are simple little transparent creatures, and they don't really have many features. For one, they have no hair, and are totally square. They sure love a good meal, and it is always a big deal. For, they eat color to survive, and usually live in a huge hive They used to be big and rare, but now they are everywhere. And although they got a lot smaller, they never stopped eating color. Since pixels are transparent, they food they eat is really apparent. And they love nothing more, than a color you...

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Your Art Portfolio Tells Your Story
#726: Your Art Portfolio Tells Your Story
Created Thursday, February 24th 2022, 8:53:59 pm

Photo Realism pays the bills, practice and repetition help you master painting. But your portfolio, quietly tells your story. Photo realism is a good start, but you are infinitely more. You tower over Leonardo, look at Mona Lisa after you finish one of your paintings. Her neck is too long, and to the side, her body too big and asymmetrical, head too small. (I am sure Leonardo saw more value in the beautiful cheerful company, then anything else.) Just a couple of paintings in, you develop new...

Beyond The Photo
#725: Beyond The Photo
Created Wednesday, February 23rd 2022, 8:30:44 pm

I think the first step should always be an Art Portfolio, because businesses that sell art online for you, will ask to see it. And I think it should be consistent in some way, it should say: "This is what you can expect from me." You should start simple, but you don't have to keep it simple. Start with 3 self portraits, in impressions style. Do 3 pieces, in photo realism. And three illustrations, simple, cute caricatures. I love Pop Surrealism, so I would make photo realistic caricatures. But you can...

25 Days Until Spring
#724: 25 Days Until Spring
Created Tuesday, February 22nd 2022, 10:26:00 pm

I am sitting at home, waiting for Spring to come. Not sure what I will do on the first day, but I hope it arrives without delay. Though I know a year is born on new year's day, I think of first day of Spring a the true birthday. It is tough to wait for the first Spring day, so when it gets here, it kind of feels like the true birthday. Perhaps this is somewhat silly, but January ... is always chilly. Though there are still many things that remain unclear, I learned how to paint this year. And I sad town...

A Programmer's Poem: ORM, REST, OPSEC, MOO, And A Scary Smelly Grue
#723: A Programmer's Poem: ORM, REST, OPSEC, MOO, And A Scary Smelly Grue
Created Monday, February 21st 2022, 4:00:23 pm

You know how down at the CPU level, you have talk in ones and zeros, XOR and AND. We created a nicer languages above that, like C, where you can nest functions. You can have an UPSERT function, that contains INSERT or UPDATE functions. If data in whatever the program is using is missing, then we INSERT, and if it already there then we UPDATE. So UPSERT encompasses multiple functions, and it is pretty readable. Now, on C level, we have to define things. You can't just say, name = alice, you have to define...

And What If My Art, Does Not Sell?
#722: And What If My Art, Does Not Sell?
Created Sunday, February 20th 2022, 11:15:59 am

It is one of the best things that can happen to you, because then you are stuck with your beautiful art portfolio. Even if you deleted your art portfolio, you can't wash away the fact, that you are an artist, now. You have your portfolio, and a dream of a business. But before you is a gap, and it requires that you build a bridge. That is called, a beginning, that is how every business entrepreneur starts. The gap and the bridge, is a blessing. Here you are not doing business for business sake, here you...

Artistic Realism Kind Of Pays The Bills
#721: Artistic Realism Kind Of Pays The Bills
Created Saturday, February 19th 2022, 4:34:16 pm

Realistically speaking, abstract art will not sell as well as realism. Your customers are going to be newly wed couples, lonesome strangers with unspeakably magnificent taste... And fur kids, or rather, fancy pet owners. I hate to say it, but if you just duct tape a banana to a canvas, it will probably just spoil. Your initial customers will adore your touch, not your marvelously fruity rebellious alchemy of art jazz. If someone has a room with lots of purple things, a room that their kitty loves for...

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Talent Integration: The Online Academy Of Art
#720: Talent Integration: The Online Academy Of Art
Created Friday, February 18th 2022, 6:24:02 pm

Once you see that Artistic Realism is within reach, that it is a system of things not a talent. You can get together with your schoolmates, and begin building an Art Academy. Be careful not to charge students up-front tuition, a real school teaches for free. Like a business investor, take a percentage from student's art sales. I suggest you ask the student to decide, how much of a cut you should get, allow yearly adjustments. A painting that comes to life, will keep a museum alive. Supports...

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True Colors
#719: True Colors
Created Thursday, February 17th 2022, 9:07:56 pm

While colors can be stylized, and in some ways made better. It is best to start with true colors, and add the enhancements later. The enhanced color palette, can rest on a separate layer. Thus allowing for multiple color themes, to exist in one file. At some point, it is no longer profitable to refine shapes. The user will not perceive them, no matter how fine the details. And it may be a bad idea, as imperfections serve as proof of painting. The thing that is missing from a photograph, is effort and...

How To Become An Artist And Enjoy Every Step
#718: How To Become An Artist And Enjoy Every Step
Created Wednesday, February 16th 2022, 10:10:35 pm

Art has finally forced me to rest a little while, I still did a quarter of a realistic painting today. A realistic continuation of the Lady and Her Dog, but at a much slower pace. Using Reference Images Tool, as a tracing and color guide. By stretching it over the entire Krita canvas, aka Cat Pea Technique, is an incredible teacher. Remember, over it, not next to it, when you set the reference to 1% opacity, your color picker will still grab the correct colors from the reference photo. I use a 15 inch...

Three Weeks With Pop Surrealism: First Impressions Of The Absurd
#717: Three Weeks With Pop Surrealism: First Impressions Of The Absurd
Created Tuesday, February 15th 2022, 2:16:36 pm

It has been three weeks since I drew the Hoistu Cat, and last week I added the realism component that makes lowbrow so fascinating. I think the biggest lesson that I have learned is to keep things simple, the absurd can quickly get out of control. It is waiting to trip you up, when you make something too complex. You can paint a person and their dog, but it is not a good idea to switch them in any way, for any reason. Pop Surrealism demand simplicity, embrace it. Even with this enormous warning, Pop...

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Impressionism 2022
#716: Impressionism 2022
Created Monday, February 14th 2022, 3:42:31 pm

There is art that is meant for Galleries and Museums, but also there is simpler and smaller art, that is for business. It is probably not a lot of money, but it will pay for healthy snacks, and an occasional doodad-thingamajig. Which brings us to the topic of impressionism, in year 2022, or as I like to call it, "Impressionism Of The Fuuuuuture" Impressionism is not just about being swift with shape, and lovely with color. It used to be that you would exhibit in a museum, and little later on out on the...

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Art Is For All
#715: Art Is For All
Created Sunday, February 13th 2022, 9:15:09 pm

Art is something we all adore, but it has always been at war. The greatest creators, and machine inventors. Versus the Free Hand, who call machines contraband. Renascence was born of machines, born to impress Royal Queens. But, no one ever says anything, and a lot of artists are lying. A lot are suffering, as if their hands are tied with string. They don't know how the others draw so well, and most of them will never tell. But art is the noblest science, born of beauty and defiance. In the beginning she...

The Cat Pea Technique: The Digital Portrait Experiment Is A Success
#714: The Cat Pea Technique: The Digital Portrait Experiment Is A Success
Created Saturday, February 12th 2022, 9:14:47 pm

I was getting around to painting my favorite gym photo, but I still had a problem with painting eyes. So I felt like I needed one more practice test, I remembered "Reddit Gets Drawn" from my days of I will never draw like that... And while I am not a fan of social media, there was a photo with good eyes I could practice on. I am sure the internet stranger I painted, will like it. This was a very fun, but also exhausting challenge, it probably took six or eight hours, and I had to get everything perfect...

The Cat Pea Technique: Passionately Tracing And Coloring In Krita
#713: The Cat Pea Technique: Passionately Tracing And Coloring In Krita
Created Friday, February 11th 2022, 1:39:02 pm

I worry that my first poem is not enough to announce that gateways to art, have opened to all now - there are no more barriers left. Maybe, probably, it is the first thing everybody learns at the Art Academy - but they don't seem to share. This isn't really tracing, this is not color by number either. This is something different, it is a way to improve art. It is away to bring everyone, into art. And it is a launchpad, and an amazing teacher. I couldn't even list the things, I've learned in the past...

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#712: Caricatures!
Created Thursday, February 10th 2022, 8:42:05 pm

Somehow male and female faces each have their own caricature. Ladies have bigger eyes, smaller, (though not shorter) noses, and small lips, and they are squished together towards the bottom. Germs on the other hand have their eyes bigger, noses shortened, and lips can even stay the same size. It is cuteness for ladies, and humor for gentlemen. And I invite everyone to think of this as a starting point, by the time you reach your tenth caricature, you will have a much better theory than mine. As with all...

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You Are An Artist
#711: You Are An Artist
Created Wednesday, February 9th 2022, 4:47:03 pm

Off the top of my head I can think of, Krita's Reference Image Picking, Wall Projectors, Graphite Paper, Tracing, Pouncing, Dark Room, and Perspectographs. All of this techniques, are beautiful and ingenious - and they are art. Krita, has a feature called Reference Images Tool, and when you stretch a reference image over your entire canvas, and make it invisible by setting opacity to 1 percent. Something magical happens, and this thing give you the superpower to become an artist right...

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Get Mad And Turn Everyone Into A Bobblehead
#710: Get Mad And Turn Everyone Into A Bobblehead
Created Tuesday, February 8th 2022, 6:11:39 pm

The thing to do is to learn for real, learn things that provide results despite education's faults. There is something rotten within the state of school, and that is just not very cool. They should teach you programming and digital art, doing anything else is not very smart. And it is; all about, becoming smart, because we're all stuck in poverty; and need a better start. So Get Krita and buy a pen and tablet, and art, art until you become smart. If you must practice first, because the thing keeps...

Education As A Quest For New Talents
#709: Education As A Quest For New Talents
Created Monday, February 7th 2022, 3:38:25 pm

It would be so nice if we could hope to repair High School, but there is too much paperwork, and far too many broken promises. The minds of the Students and the younger generations, are far too precious to even consider staining with ineffective education. In this text I use the word talent, the way it should be used. I indicate a thing, that is to be learned and proud of, not the myth of being born with some special ability. For example, computer Game Making Talent can cover most of High School...

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Don't Try To Paint The Whole Mona Lisa In One Go
#708: Don't Try To Paint The Whole Mona Lisa In One Go
Created Sunday, February 6th 2022, 8:16:19 pm

All the tutorials show you how, some mention how many sittings (or painting sessions). But few tell you that you just paint one part a day, and sometimes you shouldn't even finish. The aim must never be to paint a Mona Lisa, but rather to have a wonderful time painting some small part of her. If you sit down to paint a whole Mona Lisa, all the parts will cross and overlay, and kick you out. Worst yet, you may trick yourself that you can't paint very well, and not return to painting for decades - or...

The Discovery And Practice Of Lowbrow Art
#707: The Discovery And Practice Of Lowbrow Art
Created Saturday, February 5th 2022, 8:47:01 pm

Years ago, in my Art adventures, I'd put on the classy Coralie Clément and drive to the Biggest Bookstore I found. Looking at pencil drawing tutorials, taught me the importance of creating Art Books. And looking thorough reference graphics for designers, was as abstract and random, as fascinating. I thumbed through thick books, filled with stickers, logos, and doodles - it was a amazing. I wasn't looking for anything in particular, so I started in the beginning. Week after week, I'd inspect new art...

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An Anonymous Open Letter To All The World's Teenagers
#706: An Anonymous Open Letter To All The World's Teenagers
Created Friday, February 4th 2022, 2:31:24 pm

I will introduce you to a clock, that you can use as a measuring stick. I will show that Universal Income, and Real Education solve the problems you will soon face. And I will ask you to stage a protest, and build a real school, where people can learn for real. When the world - that is to say your students - are ready, the money for Basic Income will come from the improved future of the world that does not suffer an irreparable collapse. Money is an imaginary concept, your generation will eliminate...

The Electric Blanket
#705: The Electric Blanket
Created Thursday, February 3rd 2022, 10:40:30 pm

Hey, you may not need extra tights, for the coldest wintry nights. Because there is something you can get, and it is called: Electric Blanket. It is one of our greatest inventions, and it always deserves extra mentions. So, if it is that winter cold that you cannot endure, an electric blanket will make you purr. And while nobody knows how, it is a scientific fact that it makes people meow. And there are electric blankets that keep pets warm, I hear they are wonderful for the occasional winter...

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Groundhog Day: Six More Weeks Of Winter
#704: Groundhog Day: Six More Weeks Of Winter
Created Wednesday, February 2nd 2022, 3:50:49 pm

There is a strange animal that kind of speaks, and it is in charge of Winter ... usually wanting six more weeks. It's thoughts do not usually run very deep, he merely wants winter so that he can sleep. Truth be told, he looks as tired, as old. And he is as old, as we are terrified of the cold. While some say that he eats babies, and has long ago gone crazy from rabies. He's been messing with the weather since, 1886, and he has friends in politics. Nobody knows anything about him, and we only know...

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The Propaganda Poster Challenge: Or, All You Need For Your First Art Show, And Then Some
#703: The Propaganda Poster Challenge: Or, All You Need For Your First Art Show, And Then Some
Created Tuesday, February 1st 2022, 3:03:44 pm

An Art Show is a few days, of where you make your art speak. You can make it yell, you can make it whisper. You can make it relevant, or it can be totally retro. Please, understand, being shy is beautiful. And you will be beautiful, for being shy. There is no such a thing, as a bad art show. I will stress, that everything needs to go into your portfolio. I hate to say it, while this is not completely true, even your elder-self agrees: "If it is not in your portfolio it didn't happen.". So take all the...

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Mona Lisa's Eyes
#702: Mona Lisa's Eyes
Created Monday, January 31st 2022, 6:02:45 pm

Mona Lisa is a great teacher, the portrait is very simple and friendly. Leonardo does a great job showing us, the essentials without sacrificing beauty. The more time you spend with Mona, the more inviting copying her will seem. As the saying goes, eyes are windows to the soul. And that should be the first thing you learn, Mona's eyes are a dream to learn from. But also an invitation, to more complex arrangements. Today those can be found by searching for, "eye painting tutorial" on an image search...

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Wisdom: Our Most Natural And Greatest Superpower
#701: Wisdom: Our Most Natural And Greatest Superpower
Created Sunday, January 30th 2022, 10:13:05 am

The name of species is crowned with the word: wise, as in Wise Beings. Wisdom separates us, from all the other animals. Without wisdom we are almost lost, we are forced into confusion, and reliance of most basic skills. Throughout history, it was well known, that to control people, one merely needs to deny them wisdom. This is the reason for book burning, this is the reason for laws meant to prevent education. This is the reason, why many religions replace knowledge with fantasy. Knowledge and...

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A Letter To Brand New Artists: Mona Lisa Calls To You
#700: A Letter To Brand New Artists: Mona Lisa Calls To You
Created Saturday, January 29th 2022, 7:05:12 pm

Sometimes it feels like the whole world is against you, and in a way that is true. But when you don't know what to do, let Mona Lisa Come to you. Get a Pen Tablet and learn GIMP, Krita, Inkscape, Blender, and to use an Ender, speed thy slowly, and don't let the world force you to become a pretender. If it seems like the adults don't care, than that means the world need repair. If things seem to be made of out plastic, then the changes you need to made will be drastic. If it quacks like...

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Art Is Something Else
#699: Art Is Something Else
Created Friday, January 28th 2022, 10:07:53 pm

Each time you learn something new, new ideas will come and find you. And I would venture, that most times artist learn by adventure. They work on their thing, and when done new ideas spring. And they keep going round and round, until all the ideas are found. And new ideas are found all over, from snowy mountains to a perfect clover. One may start with doddles, pico projectors and stencils, and suddenly they discover they mastered pencils. It is not just things they hold in your hand, it is a million...

Pipe Programming: A Look At Object Passing And Transformation
#698: Pipe Programming: A Look At Object Passing And Transformation
Created Thursday, January 27th 2022, 10:11:49 pm

A pipe is a connection between two programs, and through that pipe, we send an object that is altered to serve some final purpose. Imagine you checking email, you create a pipe between your computer and the email server. And then you send a request object, with your password and user name. The email server, will respond with an object that contains emails. So we have programs connected by pipes, through which we send objects. When you are writing a program, you are creating a pipework that connects...

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Growing Up: It Is All About Your Brilliance
#697: Growing Up: It Is All About Your Brilliance
Created Wednesday, January 26th 2022, 3:36:40 pm

Wherever you go there you are, but you must also grow. It will be the new you, the you that is most true to you. Therefore, wherever you go, you will grow. You always grow, and you grow faster the more you know. Do not stop, do not let anybody or anything stop you from growing up. There is a danger lurking here, because well wishing people will try to cut you off from your future. It almost always works too, you hear people quietly mutter “I can't, I can’t I have a job now”. A boy turned to a 62 year...

A Glance At Future Of Programming: A Neat But Incomplete Introduction To Coding
#696: A Glance At Future Of Programming: A Neat But Incomplete Introduction To Coding
Created Tuesday, January 25th 2022, 7:53:17 pm

Programming is still not for everyone, the tools are still to primitive, and all to incomplete. But progress is being made, and things are changing for better. There is this very interesting program called Node-RED, it it hard to appreciate it for what it truly is. Before I get into details, let me say that node-RED, is the first in a very powerful class of applications. The world needs 10 or 20 such programs, Node-RED is not perfect, but it is worth the while. On its website it is described...

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ホイスト: Into The World Of Pop Surrealism
#695: ホイスト: Into The World Of Pop Surrealism
Created Monday, January 24th 2022, 5:36:30 pm

I am deeply embarrassed to say that I finished ホイスト (Hoist[o]), this is my first Pop Surrealist work of art. I am so embarrassed about the underwear situation, that upon waking from my nap, I said: "No, I am more mature than this." But since my nap, I've come to realize, that my silly embarrassment only makes the painting better. I recently explained, why Superman's underwear is on the outside of his leotard. I tried to get in touch with the Pop Surrealist in me, and strange underwear habits was what...

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Learn Everything And Be Mighty
#694: Learn Everything And Be Mighty
Created Sunday, January 23rd 2022, 9:05:16 pm

The more we try, tinker, fail, create, the faster we learn. Out biggest obstacle, is people forcing us to do something else. But our minds, do not work that way. Once we find something interesting, we have to understand it. This understanding, will guide us to find the next thing. Learning about the world, is the same as reading a book page by page. We can't just skip pages, we need to learn in out little sequence. We are all born with this amazing wisdom, of rejecting things out of sequence. If we are...

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Creating And Selling Companies
#693: Creating And Selling Companies
Created Saturday, January 22nd 2022, 8:44:04 pm

There is a huge problem in product creation: a lot of products come with expiration dates. And we are not talking about fruit here, but some of the biggest product ideas that exist today. Apps for phones, Themes for websites, even Electron Desktop programs, need constant support. This may seem obvious and until you compare these support needs, with a finer category of products, let us call them Static Products. My favorite example of a product is a seemingly trivial series of backgrounds, imagine...

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Emergency Schools: Replacing Broken Schools With Effective Self Education And Real World Evaluation
#692: Emergency Schools: Replacing Broken Schools With Effective Self Education And Real World Evaluation
Created Friday, January 21st 2022, 8:49:02 pm

This is a pretty important idea, so I'll leave the flourish for another poem, here I will rapidly describe an emergency school that works. I will however caution that this school helps students earn money, and that parents, teachers, tutors and everyone else are not allowed to trick the student out of their savings. No one is allowed to whine and manipulate students out of their money, this is an emergency school, meaning that the easier wrong has destroyed enough already as it is. Go beg to your...

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#691: Superpowers
Created Thursday, January 20th 2022, 6:59:39 pm

There is a number of curious superpowers we all share, though many may may not be fully aware of them. Some of the powers that we are aware of, seem useless until put in proper context. The following is a short list of observations, that I made this afternoon upon singing a song. I attach the song at the end of this poem, and that will be the first power I will share some notes on. In another poem entitled "Karaoke Pokie: A Cappella Eve With The Dr. Meow Quartet" I sung an old song from a TV...

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Exceptional Abilities: You Learn Most When You Do The Things You Like
#690: Exceptional Abilities: You Learn Most When You Do The Things You Like
Created Wednesday, January 19th 2022, 3:13:56 pm

People know schools are fake, real companies will look for Evidence Of Exceptional Ability. You will not gain any Exceptional Abilities, in High School or College. And it is crazy to view college as proof, that someone can soldier through their chores. If they are brainless chores, that demand inauthentic learning, then the person becomes worse for participating in it. Once you have to prove your exceptional abilities to a company, you are doing something wrong. A career is a dangerous idea, it is...

Pop Surrealism: The Fairy Godmother Of The Fancy, Silly, And Strange
#689: Pop Surrealism: The Fairy Godmother Of The Fancy, Silly, And Strange
Created Tuesday, January 18th 2022, 9:17:19 pm

One moment you're merely curious about silly art, and the next you are a Pop Surrealist for life. Not only do your paintings call to you, but the galleries can't stop calling too. No art more fascinating than Low Brow Art, has been invented, because no such thing can be invented. Mona Lisa is nice, but a cat staring into your soul is irresistible. But there is something even more, than the Humor and Fascination that Lowbrow represents. It teaches you to become an artist, it only asks three things. Make a...

A Letter To All Human Beings
#688: A Letter To All Human Beings
Created Monday, January 17th 2022, 5:04:48 pm

We face many problems, that unfortunately can't be fixed. We can't bring back tigers after they are gone, we can't do anything after a Nuclear War. We can't remove corruption from politics, because it permeates it, because it is politics. While these problems have no solutions, there is something gentle, wise and wonderful that can be done. The irreparable can be prevented from occurring, the events leading up to disasters can be collapsed. There are two powerful measures that people of the world must...

Into The World Of Digital Painting
#687: Into The World Of Digital Painting
Created Sunday, January 16th 2022, 1:34:55 pm

You can draw, look at the things in my drawing, it is all super simple. We are all Artists, and it is very important FOR OUR HEALTH that we create art. You are sure to create countless works, there is an organization principle that will help you keep things tidy. Always sign and date your works, even if it is just a crooked circle. Seemingly unfinished or broken things are very important for your art book, they will show your beginnings, your progress and serve as icons or decorations in your book. But...

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A Beautiful Work Of Art
#686: A Beautiful Work Of Art
Created Saturday, January 15th 2022, 9:21:30 pm

In the beginning find your own self, remember to be the Elf and not the shelf. Don't just instantly run out the door, don't go sky diving, do something you adore. Try fighting Matadors, and tearing open the stable doors. Save oppressed creatures, maybe unleash them to become teachers. Or, just hit the Appalachian Trail, and return with a manuscript of a marvelous tail. Do things that that you move you, that upon completion expand your view. When you are young the aim is to rise, and not all things need...

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Ǧentī̆l Dẹ̄des
#685: Ǧentī̆l Dẹ̄des
Created Friday, January 14th 2022, 10:06:10 pm

Ǧentī̆l Dẹ̄des comes from Middle English, and means Ennobling Deeds, or Noble Great Achievements. To simplify it and put it in normal language, sans ways of thinking and noble pursuits; it means Class. In High School it means not lying nor participating in lies, not fighting, only only protecting yourself. And it means not following others, when someone brings a can of beer... Merely using a paint mixer to creatively shake it up, and setting it back in the fridge, quietly hoping that dad hangs on...

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The Amazing Secrets Of Books
#684: The Amazing Secrets Of Books
Created Thursday, January 13th 2022, 7:46:51 pm

The word books is similar to the word humans, it is a very general label. Nobody seriously says I don't like humans, likewise, no one should ever say I don't like books. Those are silly things to say, in fact they are meaningless statements. There is one more, shall we say, similarity, between the word book and human. Let us go back to our childhood, and revise a group of world. The word spirit, soul, or even ghost, was explained to us as this thing that floats in the air. But actually, the truth, is...

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Spring And Exercise
#683: Spring And Exercise
Created Wednesday, January 12th 2022, 9:59:47 pm

With the brand new winter air, exercising is Spring is without compare. Day by day we get to see Spring spring, until the season is in full swing. This may come as a surprise, but Spring may even decide your exercise. Bicycling, dancing, jogging, hiking, a mix thereof or some other thing. Spring, is sure to inspire you, to something. I confess that I may be biased, as for me Spring has always been a blast. I count the days until first day of spring as you never know what adventure it will bring. I also...

Running On Ice, Just Isn't Very Nice
#682: Running On Ice, Just Isn't Very Nice
Created Tuesday, January 11th 2022, 10:35:48 pm

Running on ice, just isn't very nice. I tried it thrice, and it was not very wise. Once I slid so far, I felt like an ice skating star. It is best not to roll the dice, and avoid running on ice. Patches of ice on a sidewalk are particularly bad, that's what I had. Just wait for the sun to melt the woe, rest, and allow your muscles to grow. Or find the nearest trail-head, and go on a little adventure instead. Dress warmly and bring soup, call your friends and go as a troop. A walk in a snowy park is...

Don't Ignore Problems With Education
#681: Don't Ignore Problems With Education
Created Monday, January 10th 2022, 9:53:46 pm

Your parents should not think of school as a babysitter, they need to care about you learning for real. They should care, if school is working of not. Merely getting through it, will rob you of knowledge. You can't really graduate from a broken school, real graduation requires real knowledge. If the teachers aren't teaching, then like every other person in the world, they can't get paid. Cramming is not something you invented, it is something you got manipulated into. Cramming, or any kind of...

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You Are A Brilliant Genius
#680: You Are A Brilliant Genius
Created Sunday, January 9th 2022, 9:38:52 pm

You must not let the world convince you, that you are not a Brilliant Genius. In fact, the definition of Brilliance and Genius, is hinged upon you not letting anyone to take either from you. If you need a bit oh help, Einstein wasn't smarter, and neither was Hawking. They loved being thought about that way, because it made them, celebrities. But they were just like you, except that they did not let anything crush them. Einstein by subtle analogy, used trains. Hawking by subtle analogy, used the...

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If You Can Hit It With Something, It Is A Drum
#679: If You Can Hit It With Something, It Is A Drum
Created Saturday, January 8th 2022, 7:02:25 pm

Music is not something you learn, it is something you unleash. Forget music theory, invent your own thory. Lmms will get you started, take the lmms tutorial, and hit the can! I consider cans to be bell like instruments, or cymbals, and I think it is a good idea to leave higher pitches sounds for last. When you start with plastic bottles, you get a sound that fills the background of you song. There is just more echo, and the sound is more profound and loooonger. I don't use forks, so I brought one of...

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We Are All Inventors
#678: We Are All Inventors
Created Friday, January 7th 2022, 9:44:43 pm

As the inventor in me purrs along, pondering a little song. I am inventing new thingamabobs, and redesigning all my door knobs. I must say, the wallet design number 40, is starting to look pretty sporty. Design is extremely technical, but comes out looking tactical. But this little song of mine, is going to have an amazing baseline. As I broke new grounds, by inventing all kinds of new sounds. I went around my house, tapping at things at if to scare a mouse. I am getting ready to record my own...

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  • MOO (en.wikipedia.org)
You Are Meant To Become A Philosopher
#677: You Are Meant To Become A Philosopher
Created Thursday, January 6th 2022, 8:59:24 pm

Becoming a Philosopher, is an important part of learning and growing up. And you are certainly, not supposed to wait for your golden age. Golden Age has it own wisdom, the philosopher in you starts when you start. Three are many heights to climb, and you can pretty much feel when you reach a new height. You rise up on a plateau, wiser, stronger, more powerful, and with a greater clarity of vision. Sometimes it happens without even trying, merely rejecting the easier wrong and taking the harder right...

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Γνῶθι Σεαυτόν
#676: Γνῶθι Σεαυτόν
Created Wednesday, January 5th 2022, 7:31:41 pm

We must not forget about broken schools we've been to, we did not yet graduate. The school was fake, and so was the graduation. Humanity is being held back, by children raised in a different time. And taught in schools so broken, as to be effective fake. And it will be the ideas that are dear to you, that you will strongly stand for in the future. This is why you need knowledge and wisdom and greatness, you must not continue repeating mistakes that have been made before. Our inability to notice slow...

Education And Educational Computer Games
#675: Education And Educational Computer Games
Created Tuesday, January 4th 2022, 9:42:28 pm

Albert Einstein once said, "If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough." In context of education, this quote hints on existence of invalid lectures, lectures that can't teach. Think about your Math education, because for almost everybody Math-class is an example of fake education. Mathematics is just as interesting as 3D modeling or Programming, but when taught wrong - it isn't really taught at all. A school that relies on powerful educational games, would have a library...

Three Technology Lessons
#674: Three Technology Lessons
Created Monday, January 3rd 2022, 9:02:20 pm

Lesson One, The Raspberry PI. Putting heat sinks on the microchips, and sticking everything into the enclosures. Booting into Debian Linux, and playing with the command line. The PI represents endless possibilities, and lessons. It calls to you to learn programming, it is really easy, start by creating your own WikiWiki. It encourages learning programming with vim, and using Linux as the IDE. It invites to programming with GPIO pins, a world where your code controls hardware. From relays to stepper...

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#673: Thingamabobs
Created Sunday, January 2nd 2022, 9:54:14 pm

In the morning I came up with this beauuuuutiful idea for the video book chapter, and it was one of those branching chapters full of colors. I got out of my bed, ready to start my day. And oh my gosh, it turned out, my amazing idea; was just an empty dream. I dreamt up a beautiful chapter, without actually knowing what that chapter was about. Thanks, dreams. On my way back upstairs, to dream up the video chapter for real. I walked by my bicycle, and briefly pondered a missing screw in my mud guard. It...

Shuffling In The Snow
#672: Shuffling In The Snow
Created Saturday, January 1st 2022, 9:31:44 pm

Shuffling is a bit like jogging but slow, it is like walking fast with a touch of go! And there is something you should know, about shuffling in the snow. So as long as you dress up like an Eskimo. it is an amazing exercise no matter the tempo. Especially when you hit a plateau, and start feeling like a big po-ta-toe. An it does not matter how fast you go, so as long as you don't go toooo slow. You are sure to gain powerful muscle like a buffalo, and look like a snow commando. It is a very good workout...

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The Shower Kerfuffle: Learning Modeling By Printing A Shower Handle And Fixing A Worn Out Stem
#671: The Shower Kerfuffle: Learning Modeling By Printing A Shower Handle And Fixing A Worn Out Stem
Created Friday, December 31st 2021, 6:30:55 pm

This strange poem is not really about fixing old plumbing, it is about the power of design. I don't particularly need a lion head tub handle, but I am speechless about what a wonderful way to further my 3D modeling skills this is. When there is nothing to do on holidays, but wait for the stores to reopen, I take to creating cool things. Originally I would write little programs, but now I also compose, and as the case is today refuse to properly fix my shower. With a horrendous roar, my shower announced...

The Real School
#670: The Real School
Created Thursday, December 30th 2021, 7:38:53 pm

For days I wanted to write a poem, about becoming smart. Because a world leader who is responsible for education, and a failure, called uneducated and unvaccinated people idiots. People protect what little they know, the correct path forward is to lovingly help them to know more. Not insult them, for standing up what they believe in. The reason the world is not advancing as smoothly as one would hope, is because there are no honest leaders, only pretenders. It takes litter effort for a liar to destroy...

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Shower Knob Trouble And 3D Print Solutions On The Double
#669: Shower Knob Trouble And 3D Print Solutions On The Double
Created Wednesday, December 29th 2021, 5:57:23 pm

Upon my afternoon shower, I discovered it lost power. I found with a with a frown, that the water would neither go up nor down. The knob was spinning around, making a cute little sound. I got it working again, But I cam make it better - of yes I can. I already created a new design, with multiple parts to make it shine. I like creatively re-designing some part, it certainly is a form of art. The copper rod that holds the knob out, needs a sleeve to square it - without a doubt. A generic solution will...

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Softly Running In The Snow
#668: Softly Running In The Snow
Created Tuesday, December 28th 2021, 10:08:10 pm

I returned from the gym, rested my legs a tiny bit. And discovered it started snowing, right after I came back home. There was an inch of snow, on the ground already. How did I miss this, ridiculous. I already had most of my gear packed, but I still had to upgrade mys shoes. I tend to use elastic shoelaces, they really are flexible and don't get untied. I bought new shoes, that I tested with a very thick woolen sock. My shoe is two size larger, a wide 13 with non slip thread. I came pretty close, but...

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Westland Loco
#667: Westland Loco
Created Monday, December 27th 2021, 9:12:42 pm

I know you are going to laugh, but let me say it anyway. The locomotive horn, has been bulling me since third grade. There were trains by my Grandma's in Wroclaw, so I heard the horn way before. But, it wasn't until I moved closer to the trains in third grade, that I found I had quite enough - thank you. I was out on a run, just doing an extra tail end before finishing. Couple of minutes after I crossed the tracks, I heard the train horn behind me. But, I didn't think much of it, I just kept...

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For The Squirrels: Four Bags Of Peanuts And A Song
#666: For The Squirrels: Four Bags Of Peanuts And A Song
Created Sunday, December 26th 2021, 6:21:30 pm

When I was 3 or 4, I found out about squirrels. But also, that they don't want to have anything to do with me. Even so, in my mind, they are still the fastest and loveliest creature on earth. And this Christmas, I bought them four bags of peanuts and composed a song. I will mention, that noticed that one of the squirrels became so happy. That after she finished her lunch, and begun burring the rest. Her first hiding spot... was just on top a hand rain. It wasn't so much of a hiding spot - even though...

Adventure Fitness
#665: Adventure Fitness
Created Saturday, December 25th 2021, 9:48:16 pm

I was beginning my daily adventure, by heading out whichever way on the I-275 Bicycle Trail. There is this one steep hill that climbs over the tracks, I remember well how I had difficulty rolling all the way up. I've noticed a couple of new fitness nerds pushing their bicycles up, and I got off mine as to give them room. They noticed me, and I begun complaining how steep this hill is, and that I can never quite make it up. We had a chuckle, and I told them about Ludington, and Nordhouse Dunes...

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Health First
#664: Health First
Created Friday, December 24th 2021, 9:00:58 pm

Bicycling, Jogging, Backpacking, and Day Hiking at a nice location, is a nice way to become and stay fit. I recently came across an article that mentioned, dancers practice for five hours per day. It is hard to start a fitness journey, by dancing for five hours. But it is easy to explore for five hours, with plenty of breaks at first. An argument can be made that it is too expensive, to just explore. But it need not be, exploration for exploration's sake. All explorers, traditionally, explored for...

Bicycling, Hiking, Jogging, And Dancing
#663: Bicycling, Hiking, Jogging, And Dancing
Created Thursday, December 23rd 2021, 9:55:36 pm

My classy ski mask and lightweight bag arrived today, and though it wasn't too cold I took them out for a test run. It was dark by the time I got ready, but I had a wonderful time. My dancing helped me become a tiny bit more flexible, and this helps me jog by rolling the ball of my foot. While I am a perfect slowpoke, it felt really good to use that jogging technique. When I tried using it before it felt awkward, like there was no reason to go through the extra steps. But now I can really feel the...

The Incredible Truth About Jogging In Winter
#662: The Incredible Truth About Jogging In Winter
Created Wednesday, December 22nd 2021, 10:16:10 pm

Across the last two days, I have put in a cautious six miles in 34 and 24 degree Fahrenheit weather. I am in the middle of a small study of sample of one, testing a crazy simple idea. Is it better to jog... in Winter, or Summer? The answer is Winter, it is better to run in winter. In 2012 Stanford biologists H. Craig Heller and Dennis Grahn, were performing some temperature control related experiments on humans. Grahn stated: Your muscle cells are saying, You can't work that hard anymore, because if...

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Eleven Philosophers And A List Of Great Beings - An Accelerated Learning Course And A Memory Palace
#661: Eleven Philosophers And A List Of Great Beings - An Accelerated Learning Course And A Memory Palace
Created Tuesday, December 21st 2021, 7:02:39 pm

This course is based on the pricey "The Giants of Philosophy" series of 12 audio books, I selected it because it is well written by competent writers, and read by Charlton Heston. This is a beginning, and what better start, then the most powerful and famous Philosophers. I will alert you to the fact that there is in deed something missing here, you are not witnessing the culture of greatness. For this I have prepared a List of Great Beings at the end of this text, and I leave it up to you to locate...

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Searching For Silly Things To Do At Nordhouse
#660: Searching For Silly Things To Do At Nordhouse
Created Monday, December 20th 2021, 6:31:47 pm

Among many other curious things, you develop, a Fossil Fancy, at Nordhouse. Because after a couple of weeks, it feels like you did it all. You are never bored, but Nordhouse is always so interesting, that you are always searching for more. No matter what it is that you are searching for, you are bound to find a fossil of some ancient plant. But when fossil finding becomes second nature, you search for alternate activities. I once scientifically remembered that yelling obscenities, eases pain. So one...

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Sketching Tutorial: Graphite Paper, Blending Stumps, Tracing, and The Shading Flip Technique
#659: Sketching Tutorial: Graphite Paper, Blending Stumps, Tracing, and The Shading Flip Technique
Created Sunday, December 19th 2021, 8:20:15 pm

A sketch is a question about your source image, how will it look like, how is the light, how does it scale. But sketching is also a great way, to create many fancy drawings. Art, this day an age, begins with a cute original photo that you took. Personally I believe, that cuteness or silliness is a must. Art is not just about the image, it is about the best kinds of feelings. Get an Drawing Board, and protect it from moisture. Drawing boards are made very light, they may have honeycomb structure on...

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Spring Is Just 92 Days Away
#658: Spring Is Just 92 Days Away
Created Saturday, December 18th 2021, 7:08:19 pm

In mere forty six days, and to everyone's praise... This year, Punxsutawney Phil, will crawl out of his hole with chill. And predict early spring, ...oh, that adorable filthy thing. I wonder what this Spring, will bring. Maybe it will be a Spring of art, and many works will have their start. I think art is the most complicated thing, as one never know what inspiration can bring. Sure, it can be painting and drawing, but art is so vast that there is no knowing. For one horribly illegal graffiti is...

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Comic Book Creation Tutorial: Become An Artist Right Now
#657: Comic Book Creation Tutorial: Become An Artist Right Now
Created Friday, December 17th 2021, 8:44:28 pm

Drawing is not something you try to learn, drawing comes automatically as you work on your comics. It won't take very long before you are doing free hand panels, but don't start with drawing. Because art, will only give you what you want, if you give it something it wants. Art wants creation, longs stories, lovely stories, but above all art want you to enjoy yourself without making sacrifices. You can't just sit home all the time, practicing how to draw, you have to live a beautiful life too. To give...

Growing Up On Planet Meow
#656: Growing Up On Planet Meow
Created Thursday, December 16th 2021, 9:52:42 pm

My growing up was strange and abstract, hardly anything on TV made real sense. And my comics were complicated and nuanced, and I never had all the issues, just questions. I think the TV shows where I come from aim to be strange, because I still don't know what Przybysze z Matplanety are all about. I remember little more than the intro of Sonda, which was a pretty reasonable science show, but I never knew when it was on. I grew up watching 5-10-15 as in years old, and to this day I remember...

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Self Education First
#655: Self Education First
Created Wednesday, December 15th 2021, 10:14:25 pm

It is not possible to learn within a preset time period, nor is it possible to learn following some curriculum. Even in self education we can't expect to just finish a subject on time, we may need to stop for several weeks, for any number of reasons. Though the way we dictate our own path in self education, is perfect. Schools need to use computers to allow students to build their own path, and as an extension of this self directed learning, the students will learn at the correct pace. This is just the...

Pursuit Of Wisdom And Growing Up
#654: Pursuit Of Wisdom And Growing Up
Created Tuesday, December 14th 2021, 8:46:55 pm

Wisdom is a multiplier of Knowledge, and you will not learn it in a College. While it is unfair, to compare. A Philosopher needs adventure and thought, not training, while a Doctor must memorize without complaining. Wisdom will help a good Doctor truly see, and help her knowledge grow like a tree. Wisdom is not just about knowing, but learning more and more without ever slowing. Without wisdom people unfortunately make mistakes, so they really need it for their own sake's. And we all need as much wisdom...

Full Measure Of Wisdom
#653: Full Measure Of Wisdom
Created Monday, December 13th 2021, 8:54:45 pm

When all your ideas are beginning to flow, and you create, as you go. When carried upon creativity's wings, and synthesizing new things. And when you are glad, to remember to carry a notepad. When you rise too all the challenges, no matter what the challenge is. When you avoid getting get into fights, or just wait for the cops to read them their rights. And when you want to make the world a nicer place, and sometimes dream about traveling in deep space. When you carry wise books, and people give you...

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Riding In Winter
#652: Riding In Winter
Created Sunday, December 12th 2021, 9:37:43 pm

Perhaps bicycling on ice, isn't always nice. But if there is some snow, then you should totally give it a go. Just get a backpack and a thermos of tea, and set yourself free. And if bicycling is something you don't like, then get a fat tire bike. They are not as wobbly and iffy, and still take you anywhere in a jiffy. They will push all the snow aside, and won't slip and slide. It is amazing to ride into the snow, especially if you go slow. And have some crackers and cheese on hand, riding winters...

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The Cat Pea Broccoliberry Thrice Upsidedown Salad
#651: The Cat Pea Broccoliberry Thrice Upsidedown Salad
Created Saturday, December 11th 2021, 10:28:04 pm

This here is a ballad, about the invention of a new kind of salad. My invention begun with rediscovery of fruit, that it makes any vegetable taste good. After many years of research and relaxation, I hereby list the ingredients in celebration. The most important of them all is the Raspberry Fruit spread, enough said. The fruit spread enriches two things, thus giving the salad wings. First, it makes all vegetables taste like fruit, seriously even picky kids will think they taste good. And Second - and...

World Peace And The Next Steps In Advancement Of Human Kind
#650: World Peace And The Next Steps In Advancement Of Human Kind
Created Friday, December 10th 2021, 7:47:23 pm

The opposite of employment isn't unemployment. It's freedom. -- G.K. Chesterton, writer, philosopher, and art critic. World Peace, is about wisdom. We need a new international bank, an upgrade to the way individual beings use money. The bank card has a daily spending limit of $100 United Stated Dollars, that sum will grow with inflation. While the bank should not track debt because a Human Being is a creator, and not a burden. Should those figures prove a necessity the money can from the surrounding...

No Adventure Too Silly
#649: No Adventure Too Silly
Created Thursday, December 9th 2021, 7:58:50 pm

All adventures big or small are real treasures, and there is no such thing as a silly adventure. Plus, we really have to hang on to our talents, and practice from time to time to stay sharp. This makes us really beautiful, as we circle around our little marvels and inventions. The things that call to us in childhood, tend to make a life long impression on us. If we like going on nature walks when five, we probably appreciate camping at seventy five. There is no explanation for it, it is just a little...

Art And Humanity
#648: Art And Humanity
Created Wednesday, December 8th 2021, 10:00:40 pm

Art is more, because it's unconstrained. A great man once said that out final freedom, is to choose how we face the inescapable. But art shows that there is infinitely more, because our ability to dream is infinite. Art is the way to make dreams last, last long enough to never be forgotten. Art is not just the books we write, or the paintings we paint. It is not just the marble sculpture, that breathes. Art is the extension of dreams, and yet it is also found in the way we live our lives. How we...

On Education And World Peace
#647: On Education And World Peace
Created Tuesday, December 7th 2021, 9:02:35 pm

There are three types of schooling, Organized Education, Home Schooling, and Self Education. Self education is the only one that is not broken, as the student learns in the sequence that matches their existing knowledge an at a pace they are comfortable with. Home schooling is broken because it isolates the student from constantly evolving culture, and because it aims to pass standardized tests, which do not work. And organized education is broken because of money, grades, curricula, drugs...

You Are Extremely Intelligent: Your Intelligence Is Sacred And No One Is Allowed To Put A Grade On It
#646: You Are Extremely Intelligent: Your Intelligence Is Sacred And No One Is Allowed To Put A Grade On It
Created Monday, December 6th 2021, 9:38:09 pm

Institutions are interested in numbers, as they can easily argue that extreme abstractions and fantasies hold real data. Do not be tricked, do not allow yourself to be manipulated by people who do not care about your education, but only their creepy abstract numbers. They are only interested in teaching the maximum number of students, as little as they can get away with. If you are successfully tricked to learn very little, you will still be very smart, but easy to mislead. Vaccine hesitancy has its...

Of My New Wallet Designs And The Knob
#645: Of My New Wallet Designs And The Knob
Created Sunday, December 5th 2021, 9:10:30 pm

Originally I spent hours inside hinges and tiniest details, I created many wallets that ended up looking too ordinary. I spent a little bit making wallets out of thin modular layers, but as fun as it is to put it together... boring. Finally, I arrived at the end of my first level, which was marked by the discoverer that I can print screws. There is a small problem in 3D printing, because you can’t simply print overhangs. I don’t like adding supports, 3D printing is an art, and adding supports at this...

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Making Internet Even More Accessible, An Open Business Idea For Students
#644: Making Internet Even More Accessible, An Open Business Idea For Students
Created Saturday, December 4th 2021, 10:08:07 pm

Too many things are completely broken, and almost everything is slow and over programmed. Internet is meant to be a simple and useful thing, the data is there but the user interface is not. Project Gemini, Invidious, and Nitter are good examples of the much needed simplification. This business is similar, but it requires a program on the local network. It can be a Network Appliance, Virtual Machine on a Desktop Computer, or a Raspberry PI (or similar SBC) plugged into the network. The program...

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Color Quest: Your Mysterious Cupboard Of Magical Treasure
#643: Color Quest: Your Mysterious Cupboard Of Magical Treasure
Created Friday, December 3rd 2021, 8:04:59 pm

Many will say that it is not possible to become an artist, without the mastery of color - this is not true. The early painters experienced this, sometimes they'd start with a black and white painting. And then glaze, with a see trough transparent color over the parts that needed it. So in that way, the Art Masters, would finish the painting before adding color. There are two things to consider, mixing color, and creating a color theme. It is one thing to try to match a rose pedal, with a tiny...

A Fun Little Road Towards Inventing New Things
#642: A Fun Little Road Towards Inventing New Things
Created Thursday, December 2nd 2021, 9:43:19 pm

It is not easy to figure out if you are an inventor or not, and it is all to easy to judge ourselves by lack of ideas. Personally, I believe we are all inventors, but I know a lot of people have their curiosities elsewhere. 3D printing is an amazing tool and it is not hard to learn, and 3D modeling is not as intimidating as it sounds. While inventing does not always have to end in sales, even something as simple as Loki's Horns may bring in $300,000. Making a little bit of money along the...

Making Our Civilization Better
#641: Making Our Civilization Better
Created Wednesday, December 1st 2021, 9:13:50 pm

And there it is, we are celestial beings from Milky Way. We are all extremely smart, and the more we learn the wiser we become. Sometimes knowledge comes to us on its own, sometimes we find it on adventures we create. We also learn from others, books narrated by good narrators are magical. As we grow in wisdom, others begin borrowing it from us. By helping or inspiring others, we slowly and humbly transform into our best selves. We just got here, and everything needs improvement. Schools have to...

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Why Math?
#640: Why Math?
Created Tuesday, November 30th 2021, 6:58:37 pm

Once pressured for long enough, students will ask why they need trigonometry if they will never use it. For a student to think that math is useless, is to have already been tricked and convinced that they are not smart enough. Math is taught so wrong, that children often ask why do I need this. Smartphone aside, in their madness teachers respond that, "You won't always have a calculator." Often cunningly, many teachers will attempt to dominate a class, by pretending to have a short fuse. They will be...

Art And Projectors
#639: Art And Projectors
Created Monday, November 29th 2021, 9:16:09 pm

When I was little I had a portrait drawn of me, and though it was very nice it didn't capture my face exactly. I am not complaining, I am just saying. This is why I emphasize the need for projectors, and there are three types of projectors. A low tech light bulb, mirror and lens thing, that is perfectly built for projecting a photograph an a wall. The standard office or home projector, used for presentations and watching movies. And and pico projector, one that plugs into your phone. If you have good...

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Towards Class, Dignity, Compassion, Knowledge, Wisdom, And Greatness
#638: Towards Class, Dignity, Compassion, Knowledge, Wisdom, And Greatness
Created Sunday, November 28th 2021, 2:19:24 pm

Wisdom is still our best invention, and it is the only road to problem prevention. We have people who refuse to wear a mask and get angry at those who fulfill that task. Others say un-vaccinated shouldn't get a place at a hospital, but both are losing their minds little by little. They are like this because of the culture they were raised in, lack of wisdom is how all these troubles begin. Politicians, leaders, principals, teachers, parent are all at fault, without wisdom the world will run in circles...

Education: Your Own Creation
#637: Education: Your Own Creation
Created Saturday, November 27th 2021, 8:17:28 pm

Grow, but don't let the world push you, as happiness is meant for you too. Don't worry about grades, the dog and pony show eventually fades. And you wont find much of real knowledge, in college. Just focus on taking classes you like, maybe hope to fix education by going on strike. You can only learn when studying on your own, we learn best when we study alone. Even if what you memorized was useful, you'd still miss out on every invention and tool. Knowledge is not just about knowing, but about...

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Always Learning
#636: Always Learning
Created Friday, November 26th 2021, 7:27:42 pm

Learning is an art, so as long as we learn bit by bit we will become smart. In schools teachers threaten to memorize, but you should always aim to become wise. You need to understand, because you get nothing if you just perform and pretend. You don't have to learn huge lessons just a tiny bit, you should aim just to sharpen your wit. We walk away from a school class with a test, but learning for real is best. We won't always understand everything at once, because we have to give ourselves a...

On Growing Up, Originality, And Authenticity
#635: On Growing Up, Originality, And Authenticity
Created Thursday, November 25th 2021, 9:48:02 pm

Be careful as broken people may try to trick you, into becoming other than you really are. The longer they have you in their grasp, the harder it will be to divide who you are and who they want you to be. Our minds are really powerful, and always work to ensure we are one. So if you are tricked into doing something your mind may make it look like it is who you are. You have to carefully go back in your imagination, and divide what you really would have done from what you were made to do. Adults go though...

For The Turkeys
#634: For The Turkeys
Created Wednesday, November 24th 2021, 8:02:03 pm

Until I came to America I thought Turkey was a nation, then my aunt welcomed us with one, in celebration. I remember it to this day, it had mushrooms and cranberries, and it made us feel like dignitaries. It was the only unforgettable mean I've ever had, and to this day makes me very glad. I knew I had to meet turkeys under better circumstance, and when I got my second programming job in Redford I've met them by chance. There was a turkey farm on five mile, and I'd always look at them with a...

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On Understanding Divisions
#633: On Understanding Divisions
Created Tuesday, November 23rd 2021, 7:08:23 pm

Let us examine roots and gravity of young wisdom, that which we come across, when we are still children. My first wisdom was in how I faced violence, I nobly took no part in it, I only pushed people back, I never became like they were. And right here, we have a wisdom that we can examine. My main bully was twisted and cunning, likely instructed by his father. We used to be school friends, and then he started fighting me for no reason. He didn't just attack me, but turned everyone against me. He was...

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The Quiet Little Audio Book
#632: The Quiet Little Audio Book
Created Monday, November 22nd 2021, 8:48:42 pm

It brings luck, cheer, and wisdom, it is a tiny and inexpensive to mass produce audio player. It just needs a single button, skip, it constantly plays in shuffle mode. The international model is easy to power with a range of batteries, and comes with ear-buds. Hardware is the neatest representation of the project, the core is just a few thousand wise and educational poems. Each poem is about ten or fifteen minutes, almost always read by a young person as that is the most trustworthy voice. The poems are...

Your Art Book
#631: Your Art Book
Created Sunday, November 21st 2021, 9:26:47 pm

I have made one mistake in Art when I begun, I didn't know to start writing an art book, and get it done. This is an idea that I would like to share with you, and I hope that you will share too. So, it maybe that your biggest work of art, is a book that will help others start. Guess who is going to do all the illustrations? yes, you, congratulations! This is a three part project, so make sure all the items are checked. One, write down the advice that comes to you while you draw, even if it seems...

A Century Of Changes Is A Century Of Challenges
#630: A Century Of Changes Is A Century Of Challenges
Created Saturday, November 20th 2021, 9:24:09 pm

Three quarters to go before the new century arrives, and looks for advice in previous century's archives. That bright new generation can't connect with Socrates, time makes it so that they won't be able to understand him with ease. An examined life, and curiosity goes only so far in a century of change, with loss of species, and climate becoming strange... Even Nietzsche's love for Music and his Infinite Strength, doesn't quite travel the necessary length. In truth, each generation relies on the...

A Road Towards Authentic Education
#629: A Road Towards Authentic Education
Created Friday, November 19th 2021, 9:20:04 pm

Subject divisions in schools are perfectly broken, they reflect nothing about education. A room labeled Calculus, that imbues students with calculus, is a stupid fantasy. It comes into being on the wings of people that either, pretend to have an education, or don't realize that they are uneducated. It starts with politics, mayors, principals, and teachers that are aware of the word programming. It lines the pockets of both textbook manufacturers, and those that produce materials for teachers. The...

On The Future Of Education
#628: On The Future Of Education
Created Thursday, November 18th 2021, 8:25:00 pm

One of the biggest mistakes schools make, is teaching things in a way that requires other things. This is similar to the madness of "Balanced Education", it sounds reasonable, but it is just another crazy thing. When children ask what math is for, that is not a question to be brushed away. They are simply letting the teacher know, that she lost her mind, for teaching a subject without presenting a useful context first. Doing so, is a solid sign of fraud, disconnected things increase student performance...

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A Book Divided: On Truly Understanding Powerful Books
#627: A Book Divided: On Truly Understanding Powerful Books
Created Wednesday, November 17th 2021, 9:34:29 pm

I've only tasted knowledge, and I've not heard of a real College. I've been to plenty of schools, and better than most I know their tools. Bullies, Grades, Punishment, Shame, Threat, and above all, Debt. While you remained seated, you have been and lied to, and robbed, and cheated. If I may, I know what they say... Lesson number one, you are not a Genius little one. Lie number two, I will be fairly grading you. And insult number three, I am holier than thee. It as all a lie, it was a lie they knew your...

The Source Of Art And A Question To Start
#626: The Source Of Art And A Question To Start
Created Tuesday, November 16th 2021, 7:14:10 pm

A work of art, will grant great might. By subtle analogy is a fine way to learn, and grow wise in turn. What we gain from art, adds to make us smart. Painting is not just about the masterpiece, it is also about a mind at peace. The song we compose to our own ear, is different from what others hear. And nobody sculpts something to trigger a felling, one sculpts for expression, and healing. The audience sees something more distant, but the artist is infinity precise and consistent. Art teaches...

Of Constellations, Superluminal Galaxies, And The Future Of Humanity
#625: Of Constellations, Superluminal Galaxies, And The Future Of Humanity
Created Monday, November 15th 2021, 7:17:22 pm

Perhaps our consciousness, comes from a copy of our talent for navigation. Hence the constellations, there are places that we must visit in out thoughts. One of the early ones is why are we here?, we are an emergent element of the infinitely complex universe. We come from an infinite number of experiments, in what we call the fields of Physics and Chemistry. The universe has been mixing it self for so long, that we had no choice but to exist. Another star, symbolizes the question of meaning. What is...

A Little Observation About Music Composition
#624: A Little Observation About Music Composition
Created Sunday, November 14th 2021, 3:02:45 pm

I have noticed that low pitched sounds are rare, and high pitched sounds more frequent. In a musical composition Bass Drums, are a lot less frequent than cymbals. I think this observation can be very valuable, to people that just started learning music. If you can get to the Beat+BassLine Editor in lmms, you can start composing instantly. Put the drums on every beat, or maybe every other beat.... And then whatever sounds higher, make it more frequent. There is one very very very tiny complication...

School Independent Tutors, Audio Books And Video Lectures: On Getting A Real Self Directed Education, Early On
#623: School Independent Tutors, Audio Books And Video Lectures: On Getting A Real Self Directed Education, Early On
Created Saturday, November 13th 2021, 8:25:18 pm

Sometime around 8th grade we should be able to program, paint, compose music, and write poetry, and you can kind of see that is what school classes hint on. I can't even imagine what a horrible mess introduction to music composition must be, the the preparations, the quizzes, the attitude of the teacher, the ease with which she follows directions... In reality, in the real world learning music composition takes just a few hours, and lmms, the instrument, is free. Your teachers are not evil, they...

The Firewall: A Fine Internet Business Idea For High School Students
#622: The Firewall: A Fine Internet Business Idea For High School Students
Created Friday, November 12th 2021, 5:21:56 pm

Christmas is coming around and internet hackers are buying expensive electronics, injecting malicious software into them, and selling them online where companies don't care to verify their authenticity Focusing on expensive electronics, is a way of filtering out people that can't afford them. An infected device will will try to hack into other devices on the network, in hopes of escalating privileges. People discover various flaws in all kinds of devices all the time, so if a way to gain access into...

Maple Tree Mischief At Nordhouse
#621: Maple Tree Mischief At Nordhouse
Created Thursday, November 11th 2021, 3:49:22 pm

I always enjoyed driving to Nordhouse at night, arriving in Ludington by the morning light. I'd park at the supermarket and nap, and later plan my day with my trusty map. The lake town atmosphere is different somehow, an infinite horizon just makes me dream and meow. Upon waking up from my dream, I'd hop around to get some ice cream. Then, once I got some water and food, and I was sure that I was prepared nice and good... I'd make the final stretch of the quest, feeling blissful and blessed. There is...

Art Is Where It Is At
#620: Art Is Where It Is At
Created Wednesday, November 10th 2021, 8:45:26 pm

We must all take to art, do not wait too long to start. But before you get started, know that the world of art is completely uncharted. The only rules that people make, are for their own sake. People that lie about being smart, will try to push you away from art. When you enter the art scene, bring an image projector and use your canvas as a screen. Project an image that you like, and make your version more dreamlike. Remember to use a canvas that you can move, and start with something cheap to get...

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High School, College, And Real Knowledge
#619: High School, College, And Real Knowledge
Created Tuesday, November 9th 2021, 9:25:37 pm

During my first and last internship, a brainless CEO walked up to me and asked. Who do you want to be? what do you want to do. While I still had difficulty speaking, I could have answered. But instead, I mumbled something about cutting paper. The woman in control of the internship programme, suspected that I knew perfect English. And me not communicating back with the CEO, was all the evidence she needed. Half way through High School, a strange award ceremony appeared. Kid sitting next to me laughed...

You May Be A Travel/Adventure Writer
#618: You May Be A Travel/Adventure Writer
Created Monday, November 8th 2021, 9:05:17 pm

You may not know until you try, so don't be shy. Think to the funny things that happened to you, and write them down without further adu. A book is just a collection of stories, and you don't even need to divide them in categories. Just make your readers wonder where are we going now, and then, when you arrive make them say "Wow!" Write about all the funny things, let humor give your stories wings. And always aim to narrate your book, for those who have time to listen but not look. The wonderful thing...

This 18-Year-Old Changed The World: Announcing End Of Poverty Markets, The Next Generation Of Non Fungible Tokens (NFT)
#617: This 18-Year-Old Changed The World: Announcing End Of Poverty Markets, The Next Generation Of Non Fungible Tokens (NFT)
Created Sunday, November 7th 2021, 2:24:12 pm

It took 5,000 years for us to understand, that global poverty can only lead to the world's end. At 18, a clever lady without any aid, saved the world in less than a decade. She started buying poverty before the world worsened, for 3.5 million dollars per person. It was very beautiful and noble, and then all governments joined in and the whole thing went global. We didn't need borders, we didn't need war, what we needed was wisdom and self control. The 3.5 million dollars was given away, at the rate of...

Wisdom Everywhere
#616: Wisdom Everywhere
Created Saturday, November 6th 2021, 9:45:14 pm

Wisdom is always close, sometimes as close as a snowflake on your nose. But it takes, abut a hundred winter snowflakes. And just about as many narrated books at the library, and perhaps a small dictionary. A hundred snowflakes that beautifully branch, is all it takes to start that avalanche. And the first snowflake is right here: you find all your favorite narrated books the first year. No one should tell you what book to start with, as finding it will become your favorite story and myth. Half a century...

Life After High School: Become A Great Being
#615: Life After High School: Become A Great Being
Created Friday, November 5th 2021, 6:50:42 pm

Erica was right, grades and graduations, bite. The integrity of your mind must come first, and you must rise and rise, or you'll end up cursed. What teachers didn't know to tell you, is it is not just knowledge, but wisdom, and your greatness too. Thus, live your live cautiously, authentically and true, and rise, breakthrough after breakthrough. Oh, people will come and try to make you more useful, but you have to rage and stay authentic and truthful. You are not to simplify other people's lives, you...

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Full Of Stars
#614: Full Of Stars
Created Thursday, November 4th 2021, 9:26:20 pm

Poetically speaking our minds are full of stars, the stars represent things that hold some kind if a meaning for us. Unique curiosities that we each have, are just that kind of thing, a star. There will be some gravity around it, and we will be gently pulled towards it. Neat examples of curiosities are: computers, real mathematics, 3D modeling, and music composition. From time to time stars will connect, creating a greater constellation of knowledge. The connections are never feeble, they are thick with...

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Integrated Minds
#613: Integrated Minds
Created Wednesday, November 3rd 2021, 5:53:32 pm

Ayn Rand says solve your contradictions, check your premises and convictions. But I think this is just a start, even as a teenager I used to say that life is art. I think it is all about an integrated mind, in which all our knowledge is perfectly aligned. Most schools teach an educational mix, but those lessons are just stupid tricks. All the good teachers have been cheated, they've been fired and out-competed. Schools sell the idea of balanced education, but those words mark the death of every...

A Poem Of Complaint: The Incredible Curse Of The Freight Train
#612: A Poem Of Complaint: The Incredible Curse Of The Freight Train
Created Tuesday, November 2nd 2021, 8:24:03 pm

I am always cheerfully up to something artistic or smart, only for a train to toot the horn and ruin my little art. I lived most of my life next to train tracks, and the loud noise the horn makes, sucks. More than train tracks, the train crossings are awful too, in America they ring a constant bell to annoy you. What a wretched thing a train operator is, as when the horn goes off, the fault is all his. I always take the philosophical view, always considering the crew. Being started countless times by...

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Education Must Lead To Wisdom
#611: Education Must Lead To Wisdom
Created Monday, November 1st 2021, 9:46:50 pm

While the world is still growing up, and is yet to end poverty and stop repeating its own mistakes. The ongoing the disagreements, suspicions, divisions, are just about levels of education. Real schools are hard to build, they may even be impossible. Forcing standardized knowledge on students, under a stress of failure is not how a human being learns. Self education, should serve as a model for real education. A student should learn in a sequence that fits them best, and matches their existing...

Lady Liberty And I
#610: Lady Liberty And I
Created Sunday, October 31st 2021, 11:19:37 pm

I immediately made New York my home, I even took the subway to the Far Rockaway Beach a couple of times. I felt most comfortable sitting quietly on Brooklyn Bridge, with Lady Liberty as my company. There was an old broken down bench, on the Manhattan side, that I made my own. Later, just before I left for Michigan, I discovered where the bridge starts on Brooklyn side. I never crossed it, I just like sitting on it. I didn't have too much to say to Lady Liberty, it was very peaceful on the bridge - I...

Therefore Rise: Plateau By Plateau, As Far Up As You Can Go
#609: Therefore Rise: Plateau By Plateau, As Far Up As You Can Go
Created Saturday, October 30th 2021, 9:09:01 pm

You, along with all the people of Earth, are the only force that can change the future. The best way to connect with everyone one else, is to converge on Wisdom. There will be many challenges in time, and many a fool to hope to mangle the future. Take to thinking in centuries, as one of the signature to watch for is repetition of mistakes. Things between the 2000s and 2020s, are as different as things in 1900 and 1920. Be sure to collect many such ways of seeing, you tools for thinking will take you a...

A Slice Of Heaven
#608: A Slice Of Heaven
Created Friday, October 29th 2021, 9:43:46 pm

A season of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Inspector Gadget with closed captions, and I started to kind of almost understand what everyone was saying. The first and foremost if for our ears alone, to find the divisions between words in the spoken language. Exposure to the language shows the divisions, cartoons especially bring context to what will soon become meaningful words. The words that repeat the most are the glue, then after that comes the meat which relies on the context of the scene being...

Tail Facts With Dr. Meow, Ph.D.
#607: Tail Facts With Dr. Meow, Ph.D.
Created Thursday, October 28th 2021, 6:10:03 pm

Well mannered Pharmacists everywhere swear, "You need a fluffy tail that you can wear". Nine in ten Dentists - which is to say - those who know what they are doing, say that without tail you shouldn't even think about chewing. All spine and back specialists agree, that with a big tail you become pain free. When a nurse hands you a gown that ties in the back so that you can strut, she hopes you got your tail on, to cover your butt. New medical research with papers still in the works, shows that tails are...

Of School And Greatness
#606: Of School And Greatness
Created Wednesday, October 27th 2021, 6:53:01 pm

A week before Philosophy finals, where we spent the semester going over Descartes, a boy in the back got up and asked who is this des-cartes guy, mispronouncing Descartes' name. The fraudulent professor was out of the class, but all the students felt really ashamed, the class was a failure, it was fake. The boy showed us, how we all participated in fraud, this was not a Philosophy class, it was a study in Self Deception and Academic Fraud. You have to carefully examine the impressions you are getting...

The Century Of Freedom And Equality
#605: The Century Of Freedom And Equality
Created Tuesday, October 26th 2021, 8:08:16 pm

We fixed it all, in our brilliance we made the necessary leaps forward. But, it was a slow and rough start. We forgot about our brothers and sisters in the poorer nations, children in the streets, people without homes. Poverty was creating addicts and criminals stressed out of their minds, into making choices that they would not have made, had they had a fair start. Humanity needed to pull it self together, it needed an International Bank that only concerned it self with a daily spending limit of $100...

The First Night In The Woods, Or Why Grandpa Don't Like No Scary Movies
#604: The First Night In The Woods, Or Why Grandpa Don't Like No Scary Movies
Created Monday, October 25th 2021, 10:06:08 pm

You know that scary horror movie you saw as a child? it's coming back the moment you set your foot in the wild. I know "Ha ha" - you say, but just wait until the end of day. Alf, Oompa-Loompas, Aliens, Gremlins, The Freaking Omen, that giant from the Goonies, along with the gigantic woman... ...even the Jaws' shark, will show up the moment it gets dark. If it's quiet, it will sound like a riot. As you can hear them tiptoeing your way, and there is nothing you can do or say. The only way to get through...

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Write Far Into The Future
#603: Write Far Into The Future
Created Sunday, October 24th 2021, 6:19:29 pm

Always look deep and far, as you can't ever be sure when you are. Add it all up together, and try to make it better. Because history moves pretty fast, soon all this will become a distant past. The future will see us forgetting-lessons between generations, and fighting wars across stupid borders of poor nations. That's why we have to look far, sometimes even see the sun as a lonely star. See the little human race, as capable of dreaming through time and space. History has no time to see the...

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Each A Universe
#602: Each A Universe
Created Saturday, October 23rd 2021, 7:15:34 pm

School or College is an amazing time to read, and on our own we can learn anything, in deed. And if you can learn anything, then you should aim to contain everything. It is one of our perks, and how a universe works. And the more you know, the better your decisions go. Until your mind is fully grown, your decisions are not quite your own. We must all grow up as fast as we can, that is what it means to be human. People who are misinformed about the world, are being controlled. There as as many motives...

Freedom And Tools For Thinking
#601: Freedom And Tools For Thinking
Created Friday, October 22nd 2021, 8:22:27 pm

Avoid complete pre-packaged answers that are often provided in college, and assemble countless tools for thinking to fuel a factory of your knowledge. And don't search for a list of tools for thinking as we can't learn them that way, simply listen or read about lifetimes how they unfold and play. The living evolving wisdom we hold in our mind is a form of art, lists and memorization only make one temporarily look smart. Love of wisdom helps us see far, and it does not matter where or who we are. Pick...

World Building
#600: World Building
Created Thursday, October 21st 2021, 4:49:31 pm

Naked Emperors are, what Naked Emperors do, don't let them fool you. Eventually it all runs its course, and even then they will only rule so long with force. We see this in how Rome met its fate, where wisdom was seen as a crime against state. And there is no arguing that, either have real education or fall flat. I understand that nobody likes transformations, but you will not know any of these nations. To put it mildly, we are not in range, to witness the change. These ideas, the world, and...

Become Wise: No More Hunger, No More Fear, Human Life Is Far Too Dear
#599: Become Wise: No More Hunger, No More Fear, Human Life Is Far Too Dear
Created Wednesday, October 20th 2021, 7:59:17 pm

The last thing the world needs is more insults, but Teachers need to pay attention to results. Teachers... A negative grade, does not provide aid. It does not motivate, it prevents them from becoming great. Far too many teachers have confused students' intelligence, with their own blind negligence. They say, students are getting dumber each generation, but it was their task to provide the correct foundation. No more hunger, no more fear, Human Life, is far too dear. Students... Tell the teachers your...

A Small Glance At Borders Of Philosophy and Her Daughters, The Sciences
#598: A Small Glance At Borders Of Philosophy and Her Daughters, The Sciences
Created Tuesday, October 19th 2021, 8:53:14 pm

We learn philosophy layer by layer, first we take what we understand. And upon considering that, we are now able to understand a little bit more. Some philosophers consider, that we may wish to discard the ladder once we are done using it. And even paint a ceiling, beyond-which things are nonsense. Ludwig Wittgenstein warns us: “Wovon man nicht sprechen kann, darüber muß man schweigen.” which is translated as: "Whereof one cannot speak [of things with much sense], thereof one must be...

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Inheriting Wisdom From Books
#597: Inheriting Wisdom From Books
Created Monday, October 18th 2021, 7:23:10 pm

Is it always nice to have all the friends, it depends. But you will never regret, advice that you never forget. The most powerful advice I ever got, was from biographies that I bought. Alex The Supertramp taught me, that I can't be free on a bended knee. J. Maarten Troost showed me that I was right, to ignore friends with a stupid appetite. Stay away from alcohol and every kind of brew, and he put it smartly too: "If you hang around a barbershop long enough, you'll eventually get a haircut". A...

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Silliness, Joy And Fun Are Serious Teachers
#596: Silliness, Joy And Fun Are Serious Teachers
Created Sunday, October 17th 2021, 11:12:25 pm

The better the flow, the easier the lessons go. Forced education - what a curse, there is nothing worse. On the other hand, learning and having fun is grand. When you are having fun, learning is instantly done. You don't have to memorize anything, you'll soon start squirting ideas like a wellspring. We can't learn in school under threat, there is simply nothing to get. We are dreamers and inventors powered by joy, school seem like a of ploy. I don't know what is happening, being a real teacher is such...

To Carry On The Hopes And Dreams
#595: To Carry On The Hopes And Dreams
Created Saturday, October 16th 2021, 6:50:08 pm

The world needs, universal income, world passports, free homes for all families, real schools that produce meaningful results, wise tutors, and free libraries of lectures and beautiful narrated books. In return we ask the younger generations, to lead the world to peace - to protect world peace. Imagine inviting world's students to speak to United Nations, to enlighten and inspire the Governments, the Presidents, the Prime Ministers. And tasking them with protecting and advancing Equality and...

Eight Gadzillion Things To Learn
#594: Eight Gadzillion Things To Learn
Created Friday, October 15th 2021, 10:11:03 pm

There are so many things to learn, that once we get distracted we never return. And that is absolutely the right way, self education is totally about play. It means that we just keep learning new things, that we fly with our wonderful wings. And there are countless places to visit too, and as soon as you visit, you think of somewhere new. That is one of the things that wisdom demands, it is how our minds expands. We don't have to become experts at recording sound, to make a chipper song that is pretty...

Silliness, Art, And The Universe
#593: Silliness, Art, And The Universe
Created Thursday, October 14th 2021, 8:44:32 pm

We must try to be cheerful and funny, especially when the weather outside is not sunny. And we have to take care of our joy, no matter what it is that is trying to annoy. And foolishness is an absolute must, though as we grow it is something we refine and adjust. Even silly meanderings from place to place, are to be practiced daily at a reasonable pace. This is not as silly as it seems, for one it helps us with our dreams. We may even wake up with a little smile, knowing out dreams were worth the...

Latest Medical Research Breakthrough Reveals That People Become Fancier When They Wear A Tail
#592: Latest Medical Research Breakthrough Reveals That People Become Fancier When They Wear A Tail
Created Wednesday, October 13th 2021, 9:28:19 pm

In a great tragedy 25 million years ago, researches reveals we have lost our tails to great woe. Today we can make or buy a tail at a very low cost, and thus not all has been lost. Living 25 million years without a tail was very tough, but today me must say we've had, enough. Though the researchers are still working out details, it turns out that we become a little bit sad without our tails. However once we start wearing a tail, we become more flexible and many stop being frail. The leading scientist...

Travel Writing: A Simple Recipe For Unforgettable Adventures
#591: Travel Writing: A Simple Recipe For Unforgettable Adventures
Created Tuesday, October 12th 2021, 7:06:28 pm

First, get some rest, because this is not a test. And go on an adventure somewhere, bring a notepad and prepare. Find a nice coffee shop in the middle of some busy town, open your notebook, and write it all down. Always search for the re-donkey-lous and funny, and always go on a walk especially when it's sunny. Keep a close eye, on funny things, as they will put true joy into your writings. Transport your readers into your funny place, and make sure they can't keep a straight face. And there is...

Observations Along A Road To Personalized Educational Paths That Produce Real Results And Beyond
#590: Observations Along A Road To Personalized Educational Paths That Produce Real Results And Beyond
Created Monday, October 11th 2021, 4:53:40 pm

There is nothing good to say about the existing system of education, it makes students poor and it makes them feel average and unintelligent... and can at best lead to a crappy office job. The concept of Balanced Education is a Lie, it is a fraudulent invention, crafted to rob students of their savings or put them in debt, while obscuring the truth. The truth is that a standardized curriculum cannot work, and lectures in college are too impersonal to benefit the students. -- It is not that hard to...

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You Are Being Lied To: There Is No Such Thing As Average Student or Average Intelligence
#589: You Are Being Lied To: There Is No Such Thing As Average Student or Average Intelligence
Created Sunday, October 10th 2021, 9:39:28 am

When schools cut up all the subjects into meaningless timed chunks, average intelligence is all one can hope for. But that is not how real education works, you are not meant to be average, and you are not meant to be like anybody else. When you see someone doing things that would take you a long time to learn, you are not seeing a master of all trades equally excelling at everything. You are witnessing a specialist, a human being who has embraced optimizing a single path of self education. They are not...

Unknown Unknowns And The Mélange Of A Thousand Biographies
#588: Unknown Unknowns And The Mélange Of A Thousand Biographies
Created Saturday, October 9th 2021, 8:31:15 pm

Each of the three principlas I had knew schools were not working, I think the teachers also knew, they are smart, cunning, and constantly exposed to the system and students. There are also teachers that try to be helpful, both Erica Goldson and Adam Saenz mention them. But you know how it is, it is not enough. Schools aren't' just making money off of processing students, they are also preventing them from flourishing by tricking them that grades are a measure of a being. The gravity of this...

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A Thousand Books vs. High School
#587: A Thousand Books vs. High School
Created Friday, October 8th 2021, 9:31:36 pm

The question of High School vs. One Thousand Narrated Books, will help you doge all the cunning crooks. But the problem is bigger than it seems, because fake education actually robs us of dreams. We just don't know what we could have had, the business of stolen dreams is very sad. We need to be inspired to learn for real, being force-fed random facts is a raw deal. Fake education, has affected each and every nation. It is such an important thing to teach, that a lecture should a long inspirational and...

Systems Of Thought
#586: Systems Of Thought
Created Thursday, October 7th 2021, 10:40:35 pm

Somehow wisdom got replaced with Movies, Drama, and Music, Local Culture, Family Culture, and School. We may see strong personalities, but there is little coherence here. We witness, contradictions, limitations. Humanity's aim is to converge on Wisdom, leaving all the bad ideas behind. If you get yelled at, controlled, or punched by a bully, you don't punch back, or get mad. You push it all away, swipe and examine, know the birth of the universe, know your ancestors. Study knowledge, make your...

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The Superpower Of Programmatic, Parametric, Algorithmic, Generative, Procedural, Design And Music Composition
#585: The Superpower Of Programmatic, Parametric, Algorithmic, Generative, Procedural, Design And Music Composition
Created Wednesday, October 6th 2021, 5:54:18 pm

In computer world, the power of infinity is the first lessons we learn. Be it a while(true){} loop, or 10 GOTO 10; The beginning is more than all the superhero stories put together, and the first step forward is nothing short of extraordinary. Some of us will be drawn to music, or audio, others will be called by virtual worlds, or visual. Ordinarily, that means starting with lmms, or blender, and that is always neat for a little while. But there comes a point where you discover, that you compose music...

A Portfolio Of Silly And Fun Inventions
#584: A Portfolio Of Silly And Fun Inventions
Created Tuesday, October 5th 2021, 8:34:44 pm

I am starting to think that Superhero belts, are not as silly as they sound. One seller on etsy made $657,900 dollars selling the Batman Begins / Dark Knight Utility Belt, which is for costumes only. My own design, an extension of the wallet. Will be able to hold credit-cards, phones, car remote, music player, and more. Not to mention the massive test of courage, that walking around with what looks like a bat-belt represents. And what an adventure, that could be? When was the list time someone asked...

The Next Generation Of Education
#583: The Next Generation Of Education
Created Monday, October 4th 2021, 8:06:40 pm

Schools are selling expensive fantasies, document it and show the mothers, tell them that you want to gather up the pieces to help others. Tell them that you are going to build a new school, and that you need support and every available tool. Tell them that you will help the students to real careers, that you don't want their future to be filled with fear or tears. Schools are not teaching because they are chained, they have become bloated, corrupt and stained. It is not OK to go into debt because of...

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La Liberté Éclairant Le Monde: From Generation To Generation, or Recognizing Indoctrination
#582: La Liberté Éclairant Le Monde: From Generation To Generation, or Recognizing Indoctrination
Created Sunday, October 3rd 2021, 11:10:39 am

(La Liberté Éclairant Le Monde is French for Liberty Enlightening the World) It is unclear if parents understand the way children do, it may not be the blight of indoctrination alone that holds us back. It maybe that children are so much smarter, and parents so burdened with poverty and confusion, that everything is lost in translation. Parents know schools are broken, they know their grades were fake, and yet, in their slumber, they send their children towards the same things. The children eventually...

Try To Invent Every Day
#581: Try To Invent Every Day
Created Saturday, October 2nd 2021, 8:26:19 pm

We have to find a way, to invent every day. Do not fear, invents something beautiful and real. Maybe a costume for Halloween, or Christmas, or even Veterans Day, who can say. You must ask yourself, if you are the elf or the shelf. If you never sung before then, then today you should open that door. Singing is an art, if you don't know where to start... Maybe you need to write a song, it need not be very long. It maybe embarrassing a bit, but will your elder self regret it? You will not, and I am sure...

Learning composition by copying songs: Fix The World v2 (Prep for music composition with vocals)
#580: Learning composition by copying songs: Fix The World v2 (Prep for music composition with vocals)
Updated Saturday, October 2nd 2021, 5:05:57 pm · Created Friday, October 1st 2021

(Altered Lyrics example based on Everybody Knows from Justice League and a Sony owned Instrumental rebuilt by Track by T. Schmidt. This is an example of an intermediate step between music composition, and vocals.) Everybody knows the world needs help everybody waits for someone else Everybody knows the schools are broken everybody knows the grades are fake Everybody knows the teacher lies the good students lose and liars win That's how it goes Everybody knows Everybody knows animals need help Everybody...

Authorities Serve Not Their Nations But The Future Generations
#579: Authorities Serve Not Their Nations But The Future Generations
Created Thursday, September 30th 2021, 8:49:10 pm

It will all start with a young lady tracking the loss of species, and keeping an eye on the climate - and what we are doing about both. To put it bluntly, she will say “That’s F-ing Enough.” And this is not an ordinary F-word, this phrase once uttered, is a dreadful phrase. As it creates a crease, a separation between generations. The students understand the urgency of the situation, better than us. And there is a lot of students, in the world. But they still need our help with the fundamentals, as...

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How To Become A Writer In Three Easy Steps
#578: How To Become A Writer In Three Easy Steps
Created Wednesday, September 29th 2021, 8:35:51 pm

Step One. I suspect it maybe difficult to just become a writer, I think you must first have something important to say to the world, writing is just kind of the way you say it. Understand what Greatness is and why you need it, Greatness does not make you successful, or worthy a following, greatness makes you small, it makes you cry, You see yourself across time, like a Hollywood movie from where you begin to where you retire. But you also see your mind before your time, it was nowhere in particular and...

The Genius Within Us All
#577: The Genius Within Us All
Created Tuesday, September 28th 2021, 7:32:54 pm

Genius is not meant to stop you or make you feel bad, it is what we become when our pursuits add. When you protect your curiosities from dumb grades and broken school, when you take care to be nobody’s fool... And take to adventures and narrated books, making sure to avoid all the knaves and crooks. Sooner than later your curiosities will combine and become one, this will be a genius invention, your joy and your fun. So you see genius emerges out of doing what you enjoy, not out of a blind pursuit or...

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Of The Memory Cathedrals And The Tree Of Knowledge
#576: Of The Memory Cathedrals And The Tree Of Knowledge
Created Monday, September 27th 2021, 8:34:33 pm

Do not overestimate the length of the road you must travel, to reach the point where you are comfortable with how much you have learned. We are magnificent beings, and the wisdom does not come from knowledge alone. You will reach tipping point between knowledge and wisdom, not with knowledge alone, but with the great multiplier of subtle analogies. Wisdom, is near. Before I describe the structure of the new schools, and go over some of the problems, I must issue a warning. Being able to read books, is...

Each Generation Must Guard Real Education
#575: Each Generation Must Guard Real Education
Created Sunday, September 26th 2021, 11:13:18 pm

We all need to start somewhere, and with a place for a comfortable armchair. A laboratory is perfect for that, plus it is a nice place to rest at. A secret laboratory is great, but it can be as small as your 3D printer plate. So as long as you don’t make a big boom, you can probably event setup in the living room. But above all it is about a solid start, to all your unique art. Use a projector to start painting, you can outline anything. Get an Ender, and print a screw you generated in...

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High School 101: Building Your Own Secret Laboratory
#574: High School 101: Building Your Own Secret Laboratory
Created Saturday, September 25th 2021, 9:25:31 pm

High School does not teach very much, but it is going to be OK so as long as you learn on your own. And if you are still looking for a direction, consider creating a mighty industrial design portfolio, use Blender and Ender to learn 3D Modeling, Printing, and real product design. Learning on your own is always about the next complex cluster of things, that you find interesting. Examples of a couple of clusters that I like are, Computer Generated Art and Programming, Electronics + DIY Flying...

Computers And Color Theory, A Little Programming Tutorial
#573: Computers And Color Theory, A Little Programming Tutorial
Created Friday, September 24th 2021, 10:55:59 pm

My first thought this morning was: explain how programmers make colors with numbers. But then, when I woke up a little bit more, and I though the idea was ridiculous because it is too abstract to explain in text. And when I finally got out of bed, I snapped my fingers and said: “Challenge Accepted”. By the time I returned from the gym, I was grumbling that this is not going to work. Here it is, if you visit https://editor.p5js.org/catpea/sketches/ and click on triad-theory you will see a very simple...

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Upgrading The High School Diploma To A Real Design Portfolio And Beyond
#572: Upgrading The High School Diploma To A Real Design Portfolio And Beyond
Created Thursday, September 23rd 2021, 9:03:12 pm

School is not good enough, and after graduation we still need to get a real education. All those happy students on graduation day, how can the schools do this? You probably suspect that your parents are using High School as a babysitter, and your teachers are giving you a fake education to get paid. You surely already guessed that you are being pushed into college, where you will be robbed of all your, and your parents savings. Yes, your employer will be aware that your High School didn’t matter, and...

A Fancy Shmancy Cure For Sadness
#571: A Fancy Shmancy Cure For Sadness
Created Wednesday, September 22nd 2021, 7:58:28 pm

If the teacher says “I will be unfair, because of reasons”, you get up and leave because of reasons, head for the library where the real teachers are. You don’t sit there stressing out about some pop-quiz, or something unfair, or fake, or unusual, or stupid. You don’t cry, you don’t let the bullies near you, you don’t jump hoops, you don’t perform for your parents. The truth about being under attack is that you are letting them attack you, you are not allowed to do that. And I understand that parents...

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One World, One People, One Great Family
#570: One World, One People, One Great Family
Created Tuesday, September 21st 2021, 5:02:04 pm

Climate change will put Billions of people in harms way, it will not be possible to do anything in 30 years. Just like it is not possible to stop a war the day it begins, wars and disasters are prevented 30 years in the past - and that means now. We are the ones, that are supposed to deal with the terrible things that are coming for the future generations. That is how the Human Family, helps each other, across borders - including the border of time that divides generations. The future generations...

Lonesome Roads To Excellence
#569: Lonesome Roads To Excellence
Created Monday, September 20th 2021, 9:59:59 pm

We can't hop all the hoops and hope for best, real life is not just another paper test. We can't go from school to school expecting results, because we can't trust all the adults. Teaching is a job that puts food on their table, that makes it prone to corruption and unstable. And we can't drop out just because, it is not very good to be a mere rebel without a cause. But above all, teachers and fraud aside, we need to get though all this dignified. We can't just walk into an interview with a...

The Future Generations
#568: The Future Generations
Created Sunday, September 19th 2021, 3:22:37 pm

"A king may make a nobleman, but he cannot make a gentleman." -- Edmund Burke "A school that is fake, is one that does not a great being make." -- Dr... Meow. So as long as leaders are moving along, generations wont seem that long. Few years here, few years there, and you will have to make repair. So you you got to grow up fast, and make sure your contributions last. The world will grow up all right, eventually even reaching its maximum height. That is how it goes, so as long as everybody knows. We are...

To The New Generation Of Leaders
#567: To The New Generation Of Leaders
Created Saturday, September 18th 2021, 8:25:50 pm

There are new leaders rising in the world, and they are nothing like the old. It is because of the climate, that they can spot where the liars are at. Today, there are so many mice, and they are not at all, very nice. That all the red flags went up, to make us look: up. And there was no more great beings to be found, it was just liars everywhere, and all around. It was a good day as beginnings go, as it symbolized something you may not know. A lot of classes were canceled that day, and the world turned...

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That Glowing Ember At A Branch Of The Wisdom Tree
#566: That Glowing Ember At A Branch Of The Wisdom Tree
Created Friday, September 17th 2021, 7:30:34 pm

Who knows why we are born with an ember and not aglow with a fire, why to wisdom me must choose to aspire. Maybe because we are each to light the fire on our own, maybe we need to wait until we are fully grown. Maybe it is just that it is a choice, but it is good that we can all have a voice. Whatever the reasons, to make it burn or leave it glow, there is something that each of us should know. Decisions that deal with our soul, require that we witness nature whole. And that means, you need to set aside...

The Great Challenges
#565: The Great Challenges
Created Thursday, September 16th 2021, 8:45:37 pm

There cannot exist a Manual Of Life, because each and everyone of us represents a unique story that can’t be summarized. We each make unique decisions, based on our previous experiences. Some years ago, I was called to Jury Duty, and wanting to learn more about it I've read Michelle Alexander's book. I once wanted to be a Judge, but that book changed my opinion about our Criminal Justice System. I will use my struggle to comprehend what has happened, in this text, to demonstrate how Great Beings like...

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Easy Peasy Growing Up: The Culture Of Greatness
#564: Easy Peasy Growing Up: The Culture Of Greatness
Created Wednesday, September 15th 2021, 5:37:22 pm

Junk DNA Accumulates, and so do the beneficial changes. They come from the fundamental principles of nature, of physics and chemistry, and so on. This is something we can feel and touch, this is something we can see. Especially since we each begun as a single cell, both in the primordial sense and prior to our mitosis. Junk also accumulates in our cultures and by extension our minds, on top of that, most of the beneficial changes require some effort as they have to begin inside out. We think that...

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On Dignity And Classiness
#563: On Dignity And Classiness
Created Tuesday, September 14th 2021, 5:08:20 pm

On Dignity And Classiness: Preface, I must clarify ahead of time, that the word class that I use here, has been misused in history, and as a result has a dark past. Alas, we need that word back, we have lost the Noble Knight, we have lost The Gentle Lady and the Gentleman, even the word Officer has lost prestige. But the young people need a way to say: "I won't fight you, because you lack class.", they need to be able to say "I am too classy for that, you jerks" and not do something stupid that everybody...

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Real Art For Real, Real Math For Real
#562: Real Art For Real, Real Math For Real
Created Monday, September 13th 2021, 8:49:01 pm

The first thing you are going to need, is to think about a neat place to exhibit your mathematical art. The next is the frames are important, they are expensive, computer generated art demands perfection. I think you should start with a pane of glass, then maybe really thin aluminum rails. I almost feel like you can't cut them with a saw, you will need to make a rough cut an then file them down at a 45 degree angle. You could consider treating your paper with something that makes it tough, and skip...

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For Wisdom, For Greatness
#561: For Wisdom, For Greatness
Created Sunday, September 12th 2021, 10:04:21 am

"Talk to the student", is my answer to fixing school, because it can't be fixed outside in. I want them to see that they are being tricked, to understand that fake education is not worth the effort and in some cases the drug addiction. It is a setup, the school is fake, otherwise they would test everyone for drug use to discourage it. None of it matters anyway, because you need a real education, memorizing disconnected garbage is temporary, none of it will stick. Healthy People, Heroes, let a corrupt...

Making Self Education More Pleasant By Remembering to Lower The On-ramps
#560: Making Self Education More Pleasant By Remembering to Lower The On-ramps
Created Saturday, September 11th 2021, 9:54:50 pm

Learning Programming maybe... probably better for you, than learning the intricate rules of some boring sport, and learning portrait drawing may be better still. The only difference between something easy and something more difficult is the angle of the on-ramp. If we are growing up among athletes, we learn about sports by listening to their conversations. And as a result it is not very hard to start, and it is not hard to learn more. In my case, I never had to go to driving school, because I was...

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Biographies: Stories of Wisdom, and Adventures in Life
#559: Biographies: Stories of Wisdom, and Adventures in Life
Created Friday, September 10th 2021, 10:04:58 pm

I could see the people who knew High School was fake, or at least trouble, all three principals knew, and the English teacher. The English teacher, tried to pass on a message. He didn’t care about anything but that message, the message was: “The choices we make dictate the life we lead, to thine own self be true.”. The third principal put up an experimental class to try to get a read on us, I was the control sample, that was the semester I dropped out. (I am not 100% sure he became a...

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Philosophers And Warriors
#558: Philosophers And Warriors
Created Thursday, September 9th 2021, 9:57:21 pm

To invent we have to stop being scared of poverty, we can only invent in peace - and that requires courage. Fear really is the mind killer, but it is also true that we are all warriors. There are many things we can do in life to become courageous, we can listen to great books, take to great adventure, become observers of the world. Or set up a cabin by a pond, ensure biscuit and tea, and write to become the Great American Philosopher. Sometimes a lawn makes for a great pond, and thus our lonesome...

The Real Schools
#557: The Real Schools
Created Wednesday, September 8th 2021, 8:41:03 pm

Teachers can be pushed to perform at maximum, but that does nothing to make education real. The biggest problem is the content, structure and aim of lectures, that is where the really real results are. If the lectures themselves are broken, then increasing teacher performance is of little consequence. Humanity has invented the concept of money and put all of the world into poverty, if we want students to learn for real, we have to help them towards financial independence. Here, the students will...

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The Quest For Real Education
#556: The Quest For Real Education
Created Tuesday, September 7th 2021, 11:18:20 pm

We know all human being are equally intelligent, it is that that each has a different path through Knowledge and Curiosities. Standardizing that path, inducing memorization, and calling that an education, is madness. Politicians and principals get re-elected, teachers keep on pretending to be relevant, parents ship their kids off into college, and unforgivable college debt. this is not who we are, and this is not how the world will advance. Human Beings require real Education, and not any set of...

Programming Challenge: declaration.json
#555: Programming Challenge: declaration.json
Created Monday, September 6th 2021, 2:37:40 pm

People of the World are confused about complex issues, even US Congress Members are not getting real answers and are forced to dumb their questions down. Begin by writing a declaration of human rights, from the perspective of the human, not the organization defining them. declaration.json can be used to establish a new plateau for Human Rights and help in Advancement of Human Kind. The JSON data format expressly states "The Software shall be used for Good, not Evil.", the world has changed and this...

You Must Expand The Meaning Of Poetry
#554: You Must Expand The Meaning Of Poetry
Created Sunday, September 5th 2021, 10:15:21 pm

Without your writings poetry will die, you are a poet, and that is not a lie, You don't create to fit a poem or a chapter, or a flap of wings, your creation comes first and actually redefines those things. Your treasures are not defined by what fits some particular box, but how you create and share new and original building blocks. Completing other people's thoughts, unraveling their delusions, and maybe even preventing the spread of illusions. A book means nothing if written by a robot that can't...

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X and Why: A Real Introduction To Real Mathematics
#553: X and Why: A Real Introduction To Real Mathematics
Created Saturday, September 4th 2021, 8:28:10 pm

Long ago, I have discovered that revealing the fraud of modern education, and having crazy amounts of fun while learning it for real, is one and the same! Before I babble any further, I wanted to share a program I just made for all of you. You can find it at https://editor.p5js.org/catpea/sketches/ under the name math-101 And on github at: https://github.com/catpea/p5 This is almost exactly the same kind of program I wrote, when I stopped learning in school because of bullies, and being accused of...

3D Models
#552: 3D Models
Created Friday, September 3rd 2021, 10:22:28 pm

3D models for printing on 3D printers, sell for about $3 dollars. With the a neat looking Cat Armor on Pinshape, which is priced at $12. I think what makes a good 3D model, printed or not, is a beautiful and unique design. And that it does not exist in stores, due to its uniqueness - and even if it did, it would be too expensive. A person that buys a 3D printer for just about $200, can print out an infinite number of knickknacks and curiosities. The stores I see online are not quite there yet, people...

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Boss Makes A Dollar I Make A Dime, That’s Why I Learn On Company Time
#551: Boss Makes A Dollar I Make A Dime, That’s Why I Learn On Company Time
Created Thursday, September 2nd 2021, 10:19:46 pm

High School was supposed to teach you how to build your own company, and you were supposed to figure out that College is just a scam. You were not supposed to tolerate fake grades, and even grades in general. The system of encouragement was supposed to revolve around your financial independence, your teachers were supposed to teach you how to build a series of independent businesses. It is that series of businesses, that would create the need for Mathematics, Programming, and Science. Language, Social...

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Self Education, Blender 3D Print Toolbox, And Non-Manifold Geometry
#550: Self Education, Blender 3D Print Toolbox, And Non-Manifold Geometry
Created Wednesday, September 1st 2021, 2:22:14 pm

Yes. Using the Free Open Source Blender, a 3D Modeling program to create objects for 3D printing works with pure perfection. And there is a “Check All” button that will warn you, if you did something that will confuse the printer. This button is like a conductor, it will tell you to re-do an operation if you did it in a way that computers/printers dislike. Tell me now, how can you make a mistake, how can you get stuck in a design that is constantly monitored for problems. You can’t, you get instant...

Education For All The Epochs
#549: Education For All The Epochs
Created Tuesday, August 31st 2021, 3:26:03 pm

Please, stop memorizing - that is not how we learn for real. Your continued participation in fake education, only makes things worse for the Little Ones. At the very least, you are to clear the way for their growing up. Stop jumping through their hoops, may your generation be known as the generation with the bad grades. Poverty whether you conceive it to be hunger, or decades of servitude in return for the smallest possible paycheck that will keep you working. Is just the boogie man, it takes three hops...

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Into Fabrication: Are 3D Printers The Bee's Knees?
#548: Into Fabrication: Are 3D Printers The Bee's Knees?
Created Monday, August 30th 2021, 8:10:54 pm

You know that scene in 1989 Batman, where he grabs Vicki Vale, points what looks like a weapon at Joker, presses the trigger, the weapon does something utterly useless, and then as they fly out the door with Ms. Vale fake screaming... the unhinged Joker goes: "Where does he get these wonderful toys?" To answer the question, he designs them himself. Useless and strange functionality, like a red button, in the sea of yellow, lies at the heart, of actually owning something for real. That is my vision of a...

Why Is The Teacher Being Mean To Me?
#547: Why Is The Teacher Being Mean To Me?
Created Sunday, August 29th 2021, 7:17:39 pm

First of all let me just say, that schools are for you, the teachers are meant to help you, and not punish or scare you. You are all the Hope and Dreams, and the future of this world, your school does not belong to the principal, or the teachers, or even the state, or the wealthy. It is yours, it is a gift from history's greatest philosophers. If you have a friend, let them keep you company as you go to the principal's office and learn to stand up for justice. All the power that the principal is imbued...

Students Must Not Face Broken And Corrupt Schools
#546: Students Must Not Face Broken And Corrupt Schools
Created Saturday, August 28th 2021, 7:18:49 pm

The first and foremost things the schools must teach, are ways out of poverty. Rather than teaching just mathematics, which are too abstract for most students anyways... We have to teach applied mathematics, where the students can create unique generative art. Be it generating sculptures, or programming vast posters filled with little pixel-art characters, mastery of mathematics will come easy. Especially with he use of tutorials made by other students, which will be paid for by the school and the state...

Michigan Adventures
#545: Michigan Adventures
Created Friday, August 27th 2021, 11:07:05 pm

Most people mistakenly believe that Michigan, is surrounded by what is know by Great Lakes. In reality, there is nothing lake about them, those are great sweet water seas. Their real names are as follows, The Michigan Sea, The Superior Sea, The Huron Sea, and The Erie Sea. Though I have personally never seen it, some parts of the seas freeze in winter. Originally the full name for Michigan, was Cape Michigan. A Cape is defined as, “a large headland extending into a body of water, usually the sea” There...

My Little Adventure In 3D Modeling
#544: My Little Adventure In 3D Modeling
Created Thursday, August 26th 2021, 10:09:50 pm

Well, 3D modeling turned out to be magical, but it requires a 3D printer. It is not good to just learn 3D modeling, without anything to take to a printer in the evening. My favorite internet tutorial video is: “MODELLING For Absolute Beginners | Blender Human Tutorial” It is a 30 minute tutorial that shows how 3D artists think, and how they operate. It is so easy, I stopped writing down the shortcuts, and just started shaking my head. Seeing the progression of Cutting, Extruding, Scaling, and...

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Reject Fake Education And Become A Real Teacher
#543: Reject Fake Education And Become A Real Teacher
Created Wednesday, August 25th 2021, 8:48:49 pm

There is only one kind of education, and that is Integrated Education. And that means, that everything you learn is strongly connected. There are no grades here, you get paid for achievement, and you graduate the moment you build your first successful company. The way you learn Math for example, is by starting out with computer programming. In the world of programming all the math is done for you, until you are ready to create something generated by a computer. This could be a series of generative...

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Humanity Must Advance
#542: Humanity Must Advance
Created Tuesday, August 24th 2021, 4:25:18 pm

Humanity's advancement forward, must be our primary concern. By standing still, we make room for liars and parasites. The sustained momentum with which we move forward, should be one of our greatest treasures. The pressure to stop advancing, can only come from those who benefit from illness. These boogie man tales of economic collapse, arising from people no longer struggling in poverty - are lies. This is the same pattern of behavior, that kept slaves from rising. Doomsday Tales, Overwork...

We Shall Wonder At: The Future Of Human Kind
#541: We Shall Wonder At: The Future Of Human Kind
Created Monday, August 23rd 2021, 9:29:36 pm

Growing up is important for Humanity as well, right now poverty prevents people from caring about Earth. All people of Earth are a single family, and we all have a single aim, Wisdom onward to Greatness. There is no disagreement about what is wise and what is not, wisdom is a universal thing - it does not create borders. Humanity must converge on wisdom, to find Peace, but also energy that will help us look around and see far into the future. We have to learn to ask if the systems that humanity...

No Cookie Cutter Lives
#540: No Cookie Cutter Lives
Created Sunday, August 22nd 2021, 6:21:57 pm

Box of alarms, box of grades, box of career, box of look at me, box of retirement, and then some. You are sent into the box of school, high school, college, university, job, career, and Friday night at the bar, to keep you from having a nervous breakdown. Your work friends, will be asking you to get into the box of thinking outside of the box. And your work will ask you, to be part of the work family box, and then promptly spend years hammering your mental health until retirement. Your alarm, is torture...

Fistful Of Skwarkis: The Journey Up The Mountain
#539: Fistful Of Skwarkis: The Journey Up The Mountain
Created Saturday, August 21st 2021, 8:25:58 pm

When I was little, I've noticed a couple of big trees on a hill that as far as I knew; could have been a mountain of some kind. It was way to far to even think about going there, but it was nice to look at. I'd wake up in the morning, and not having anything better to do, I'd look over yonder. After quite some time, when I became older, ten or so. I realized, I could just probably just go there. I prepared a small expedition, and begun my trek. Barely did I wonder off, that I discovered Mice...

Learning 3D Modeling In Blender: A Tiny Adventure In Self Education
#538: Learning 3D Modeling In Blender: A Tiny Adventure In Self Education
Created Friday, August 20th 2021, 10:04:17 pm

I have challenged myself to learning the free open source Blender 3D modeling program, more than that, I wanted to create object for 3D printing on millimeter scale. My initial assumption were, that it is all impossible and too hard, and I might as well program my own program. I spent two days, just preparing for failure, by the time I sat down to blender, I forgot all the key combinations. I just remembers Shift + S, which turned out not to be useful. I sat down in-front of my commuter, and it felt...

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Transforming Fake Education Into Real Education
#537: Transforming Fake Education Into Real Education
Created Thursday, August 19th 2021, 5:38:18 pm

School is broken, ineffective, or fake, and provides no real results. And certainly, no results that are reliably reproducible. I propose, introducing several new classes. These classes will create a starting point, from which the new schools can emerge. These classes already have a new format, and they do not feature grades, just real and life changing information. The most difficult subject, is that of healthy relationships, as there has been a ongoing problem that colleges and universities try to...

3D Printing: A Look At Strange Wallets
#536: 3D Printing: A Look At Strange Wallets
Created Wednesday, August 18th 2021, 8:26:56 pm

I took the Blender Doughnut Tutorial today, and the first level is not bad at all - Keyboard Shortcuts and Little Buttons. I have been looking into Blender as a backup to FreeCAD, but also it is good for the soul to develop patience for special need programs. I have spent a little bit more time in Inkscape, a 2D program, it has very good features. And I have also spent a moment thinking about paper, as it is reasonable to draw a design on paper. It will require conversion to SVG, and in some cases can...